chair Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1002416180222 22-Feb-2018 20-Apr-2018 Spain Furniture
1077416180222 22-Feb-2018 03-Mar-2018 India / Punjab Production cost as mentioned in the including: Stage, backdrop, light, sound, Genset, transportati
1079716180222 22-Feb-2018 12-Mar-2018 India / DELHI SITC of split / window type air-conditioners for DR (Estate), In-Charge Engineering, Office
1082716180222 22-Feb-2018 28-Feb-2018 India / Delhi Supply of Chair Plastic
1106716180222 22-Feb-2018 03-Mar-2018 India / Uttaranchal PURCHASE DENTAL CHAIR
1129316180222 22-Feb-2018 28-Feb-2018 India / Chandigarh CHAIR FOR TV ROOM
1138716180222 22-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 India / Maharashtra Repairing of Patient Chair
1213416180222 22-Feb-2018 26-Mar-2018 Germany Office furniture
1228016180222 22-Feb-2018 26-Mar-2018 Czech Republic Furniture
1237416180222 22-Feb-2018 26-Mar-2018 France Armchairs
1274516180222 22-Feb-2018 30-Mar-2018 Ireland Cleaning Services
1278216180222 22-Feb-2018 19-Mar-2018 United States Term Contract for Hecules Folding Chairs and Chair Carts Mandatory
1284816180222 22-Feb-2018 09-Mar-2018 United States Elevator Maintenance Repair
1367016180222 22-Feb-2018 26-Feb-2018 Finland Electrically adjustable and hydraulic shower chairs and beds
1476216180222 22-Feb-2018 08-Mar-2018 India / Rajasthan RENOVATION OF CHAIRMAN OFFICE WITH FURNISHING AT SINCHAI BHAWAN
1538016180222 22-Feb-2018 06-Mar-2018 India / Maharashtra Providing Seating Chair at Vadvali gaon, Panjarapole, Anu, Trombay
1710516180222 22-Feb-2018 08-Mar-2018 Brazil PURCHASE OF OPEN TENTS, TOILETS, AND SET OF TABLES AND CHAIRS
1733316180222 22-Feb-2018 01-Mar-2018 Brazil Hiring of company for the supply and distribution of chairs and armchairs
1751616180222 22-Feb-2018 14-Mar-2018 India / Kerala Dismantled roof tiles Roof tiles-ridge piece Aluminium door Wooden reaper Valley(GI sheet) Wooden
1861716180222 22-Feb-2018 27-Feb-2018 India / Maharashtra supply Computer Chair with Arms the Workshop Dept

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