disposal Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
227718171215 15-Dec-2017 18-Dec-2017 India / Haryana Selection Of Agency For Setting Up Of Integrated Solid Waste Management Project For Collection, Tr
327618171215 15-Dec-2017 03-Jan-2018 India / West Bengal Disposal Of Fly Ash From Silos Through Railway Wagons By Installing Bagging Plants And Necessary R
417418171215 15-Dec-2017 28-Dec-2017 India / Delhi Disposal Of Uncleared Unclaimed Imported Cargo
463318171215 15-Dec-2017 21-Dec-2017 India / Gujarat Disposal Of Water Damaged Stock Of Readymade Clothes - Water Affected Material At Laser Collection
507516171215 15-Dec-2017 22-Dec-2017 India / ORISSA Improvement of Dewatering of Pond Clearing and Grubbing Road land including uprooting rank vegetat
516616171215 15-Dec-2017 05-Jan-2018 India / ORISSA Dismantling /demolition of existing structure /buildings
594416171215 15-Dec-2017 04-Jan-2018 Philippines Procurement of Ten (10) Heads of PureBreed Brahman Heifer for Livestock Disposal Program
600816171215 15-Dec-2017 08-Jan-2018 South Africa Removal, treatment & disposal of health care risk waste at health sites (points of entry)
602316171215 15-Dec-2017 10-Jan-2018 South Africa Service of UPS at clinic, supply of fog/smoke machine with liquid/fuel, cleaning of kitchen extrac
610816171215 15-Dec-2017 17-Jan-2018 United States Collection, Transportation & Disposal of Sludge
614416171215 15-Dec-2017 12-Jan-2018 United States Removal and Disposal of Debris and Wreckage Caused By Natural And/or Manmade Disasters.
615116171215 15-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 United States Minor Pond and Common Area Repairs on a Task Authorization Basis
644216171215 15-Dec-2017 29-Dec-2017 United States Processing Services for Covered Electronics Equipment
652616171215 15-Dec-2017 19-Dec-2017 United States Water Treatment Sludge Hauling and Disposal
670116171215 15-Dec-2017 14-Dec-2017 South Africa Waste Transportation and Disposal from Ganzekraal Holiday Resort
671716171215 15-Dec-2017 15-Dec-2017 United States Hazardous Waste Disposal Drums
683316171215 15-Dec-2017 20-Dec-2017 South Africa Provision, disposal, servicing and removal,cleaning & return of exisitng sanitary bins in area 2 w
687016171215 15-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017 Bangladesh Renovation, Rearrangement and Reconstruction of Toilet Block including Renovation of Disposal Syst
706016171215 15-Dec-2017 12-Jan-2018 Ireland Upgrade of existing pitched roofs at National School
709716171215 15-Dec-2017 29-Jan-2018 Japan Disposal of industrial wastes from the facilities of the City

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