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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
451318181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 Canada Roundabout Modifications
511416181018 18-Oct-2018 15-Nov-2018 Norway Refuse disposal and treatment
590916181018 18-Oct-2018 16-Nov-2018 Sweden Refuse and waste related services
599416181018 18-Oct-2018 27-Oct-2018 India / Kerala SIDE PROTECTION WORK OF COLONY
652516181018 18-Oct-2018 08-Nov-2018 United States Secured On-Site Document Destruction/Shredding Services
673016181018 18-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018 Malaysia NDT SERVICE & HEAT TREATMENT
673016181018 18-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018 Malaysia NDT SERVICE & HEAT TREATMENT
695916181018 18-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018 Pakistan Procurement of Field Telephone Sets
696316181018 18-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018 Pakistan Procurement of TDME for ATCR and PAR System
707016181018 18-Oct-2018 08-Nov-2018 India / WEST BENGAL Procurement of Integral Cell/Battery Impact Crush Nail Penetration Machine
712716181018 18-Oct-2018 27-Oct-2018 India / KERALA Providing Transformer AB Installing AB in existing DP under Annual plan work 2018 -19 , Electrical
713116181018 18-Oct-2018 27-Oct-2018 India / KERALA Fitting and erecting line AB Installing an AB after constructing DP (line pole existing) with stay
723916181018 18-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 India / TELANGANA Forged, Machined and Ultrasonically tested billets of MDN 250 Gr to seamless tubes
836016181018 18-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 India / Delhi Improvement by SITC of Ultrasonic Water level Indicator at BPS.
847018181018 18-Oct-2018 27-Oct-2018 India / Maharashtra Non Destructive Testing NDT of brake path and welded flange of winder pit No 04 electrical winder
911218181018 18-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 India / HARYANA SUPPLY OF EGGS FRESH (HEN) AND FISH FRESH
984016181018 18-Oct-2018 29-Oct-2018 India / HARYANA Annual repair estimate for D.P Residence, 9-J Type Houses (40 Nos.) in PGIMS Rohtak for the year 2
993018181018 18-Oct-2018 22-Oct-2018 India / KARNATAKA Ultrasonic digital Thickness guage
1012118181018 18-Oct-2018 26-Oct-2018 India / GUJARAT MCB DOUBLE POLE, 16 AMP 240V,10 KA, C-CURVE, CAT NO. BB20160C. LEGRAND 16A DOUBLE POLE DP / 2P MCB
1028016181018 18-Oct-2018 24-Oct-2018 India / Uttar Pradesh Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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