single phase energy meters Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
336018170725 25-Jul-2017 29-Jul-2017 India / UTTAR PRADESH Installation of single phase energy meter to outside the premises of rural consumer & their ledger
168318170719 19-Jul-2017 10-Aug-2017 India / ANDAMAN & NICOBAR Lot No: 1 Lot Name: 1KW MW NEC Transmitter consisting of panel, Voltmenters, etc.,
921116170717 17-Jul-2017 31-Jul-2017 India / TAMIL NADU Purchase of AC Single phase energy meter.
1509316170717 17-Jul-2017 04-Aug-2017 India / TELANGANA LAB EQUIPMENT : Francis Turbine Test rig, Reciprocating pump test Rig, Kaplan turbine test Rig Bom
1119116170704 04-Jul-2017 02-Aug-2017 India / Uttaranchal Supply & Installation Of Single Phase Energy Meter Against Idf & Mechanical Meter Connections Acro
188318170725 25-Jul-2017 01-Aug-2017 Kazakhstan Inventories (household equipment 2)
709718170725 25-Jul-2017 26-Aug-2017 India / Jammu & Kashmir Supply of Three Stage Locking Polycarbonate Seals for Energy Meters along with seal tracking and r
509018170725 25-Jul-2017 27-Jul-2017 India / HARYANA Lot No: AQ-4/64 Lot Name: Single phase electronic meter scrap
845218170725 25-Jul-2017 24-Aug-2017 United States Elementary School Sidewalk Phase VII
1108916170725 25-Jul-2017 31-Jul-2017 India / madhya pradesh Horizontally Single mounting single phase of 220/250 Volt 50 Hz AC operated Electrical Siren with
1490016170725 25-Jul-2017 30-Aug-2017 Germany Market research services
89918170725 25-Jul-2017 15-Aug-2017 United States Combined Support Maintenance shop
337818170725 25-Jul-2017 27-Jul-2017 India / UTTAR PRADESH Works of supply & Installation of Single Phase Electronic energy meter (05-30A) (along with pilfer
1639016170725 25-Jul-2017 11-Aug-2017 Brazil acquisition of ORTHOS, PROSTHESES AND SPECIAL MATERIAL (OPME)
1056116170725 25-Jul-2017 18-Aug-2017 India / west bengal Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 25 kV, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC, Electrificati
1615516170725 25-Jul-2017 03-Aug-2017 Brazil Contracting of a Common Engineering Service for the purpose of adjusting the electrical installati
508918170725 25-Jul-2017 27-Jul-2017 India / HARYANA Lot No: AQ-3/64 Lot Name: Single phase electronic meter scrap
1472016170725 25-Jul-2017 11-Sep-2017 France Fuels
1613716170725 25-Jul-2017 03-Aug-2017 Brazil acquisition of HEMODYNAMIC CARDIO MATERIALS
1639116170725 25-Jul-2017 11-Aug-2017 Brazil acquisition of Consumables and Permanent Materials

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