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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
193051150620 20-Jun-2015 Barbados 0 blended agroforestry renewable energy project (barep) View Project Detail
383051150618 18-Jun-2015 Barbados 0 best practices in sustainable organic agriculture at the deighton griffith school View Project Detail
354051150610 10-Jun-2015 Barbados 0 building capacity for public policy enhancement View Project Detail
165051150530 30-May-2015 Barbados 0 national tourism program project View Project Detail
172051150530 30-May-2015 Barbados 0 road rehabilitation and improving connectivity of road infrastructure View Project Detail
175051150530 30-May-2015 Barbados 0 strengthening human and social development in barbados View Project Detail
183051150530 30-May-2015 Barbados 0 support to barbados water authority development plan View Project Detail
2000718140530 30-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 The project will target rural areas in Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent in an attempt to improve land View Project Detail
2124218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 6175 Restoration of key biodiversity, climate change and international waters exhibits from the NGO "Vil View Project Detail
2124318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 6294 This project is a phase 1 extension of project number BAR/SGP/OP4/YEAR2/CORE/09/10 which will begin View Project Detail
2124418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 8000 This project will use the north-east coastal area of Grenada as a research and outdoor learning lab View Project Detail
2124518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 8225 This project will result in the development of a case study which will identify the lessons learned View Project Detail
2124618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 800 This project aims to reduce the quantity of chemicals used in agriculture by replacing them with bi View Project Detail
2124718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 9704 This project specifically addresses the capacity of CSOs to design and manage projects which meet t View Project Detail
2124818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 9750 Planting of 2,000 trees as part of an ongoing reforestation programme of the National Parks Trust R View Project Detail
2124918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 9900 Project Goals/Objectives: - conserving Biodiversity and mobilizing community in the effective conse View Project Detail
2121018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 4308 A national consultation on the GEF/SGP and the GEF thematic areas aimed at increasing community und View Project Detail
2121118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 4375 This planning grant will assist the St. Vincent National Trust to lay a platform for building its c View Project Detail
2121218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 4500 The project aims to increase the efficiency of processing of honey through the use of alternative e View Project Detail
2121318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 40000 This project will carefully document the endemic and endangered species of Antigua and Barbuda, est View Project Detail
2121418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 40000 This project aims to intervene in a fishing community where the fishers are experiencing a declinin View Project Detail
2121518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 40875 The goal of the project is to demonstrate the use of community organic farming as a catalyst for su View Project Detail
2121618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 42754 This project comes from a small village in the interior of Barbados where a group of community peop View Project Detail
2121718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 43352 Demonstration of sustainable agricultural technologies and processes (soil and water stewardship, b View Project Detail
2121818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 44081.30 The overall goal of the project was to highlight the importance of wetlands - mangroves and associa View Project Detail
2114218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1000 Preparation of a business plan for the Scotland District Renewable Energy Park to be used as a reso View Project Detail
2114318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1277 This planning grant will help the Barbados Network of Grantees to plan and organise a workshop for View Project Detail
2114418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1281.48 This project focuses on achieving four main outcomes, id est: (i) establishment of a national mecha View Project Detail
2114518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1408.52 The objectives of this project are to: (i) establish a National Focal Group and appoint a National View Project Detail
2114618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1733 The purpose of the planning grant is to help the Hewanorra Organic Agricultural Movement (HOAM) to: View Project Detail
2114718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1825 This planning grant will assist the JEMS Progressive Community Organisation in developing a full pr View Project Detail
2114818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1925 This is a demonstration project which is attempting to establish the first viable plastics recyclin View Project Detail
2114918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 1962.54 The current degradation of coastal habitats in conjunction with diminishing mangroves in Carriacou, View Project Detail
2115018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 10200 This project is the first in a series of capacity development projects which will help build the ca View Project Detail
2115118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 10500 This project will build the capacity of an NGO on Union Island which is part of St. Vincent and the View Project Detail
2121918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 448.50 This project is one of nine projects being approved by the Subregional Steering Committee for impro View Project Detail
2122018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 45000 Noting the reduction in population of the European Honey Bee due to the varroa mite and further not View Project Detail
2122118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 45585 This project focuses on the restoration of a mangrove ecosystem in south-eastern Grenada within the View Project Detail
2122218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 45625 The grantee will work with the Union Island Environmental Attackers (UIEA) - a CBO - " to develop a View Project Detail
2122318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 45654 This project focuses on one significant component of sustainable cities, i.e., greening cities as a View Project Detail
2122418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 45988 This project was developed through an intensive public participation programme in Carriacou and Pet View Project Detail
2122518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 46310 This project will significantly reduce the impact on the natural environment and human life (throug View Project Detail
2122618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 47117 The overall goal of the OFComp project is to enable the Oistins Fisherfolk Association (OFA) carry View Project Detail
2122718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 47616 As a local community-based effort, the project seeks to identify critically threatened coastal habi View Project Detail
2122818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 48000 This demonstration project is based in the Freetown community in Antigua and targets fishers and th View Project Detail
2122918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 48470 This project will establish a permanent monitoring system for selected coral reefs in St. Kitts whi View Project Detail
2123018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 49539 Promoting the survival of Caribbean sea turtles via facilitation of population monitoring, range st View Project Detail
2123118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 49868 This project focuses on conservaiton of soils and the production of natural dyes through an agorofo View Project Detail
2123218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 49979 This project is Phase 1 of a two phased project which will ultimately end with the reintroduction o View Project Detail
2123318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 5000 The Nature Fun Ranch Environmental Park project that will result from this planning grant focuses o View Project Detail
2123418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 5956 The project will assist the organisation in establishing a National Focal Group; select a National View Project Detail
2123518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 50000 The Grenadines Islands, which are administratively divided between St. Vincent and Grenada, are not View Project Detail
2115218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 10925 This project seeks to assist the communities of Praslin and Mamiku to address certain strategic nee View Project Detail
2115318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 12500 The goal of the project was to raise the awareness of the natural resources in the area, clear and View Project Detail
2115418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 14326 This project combines rabbit rearing with vegetable production which is then linked to teaching, cu View Project Detail
2115518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 14977 The overall project goal is to increase awareness of POPs and to significantly improve the manageme View Project Detail
2115618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 15000 This project sought to develop a natural history specimen collection at the Barbados museum. It was View Project Detail
2115718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 15500 The Turtle Conservation Project seeks to ensure the survival of the globally threatened sea turtles View Project Detail
2115818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 150000 The Community Based Solar Cooled Greenhouse Research Project focuses on climate change mitigation w View Project Detail
2123618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 50000 The project will seek to: (i) increase appreciation of the region s natural resources, including ho View Project Detail
2123718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 50000 This project is part of a larger project which aims to improve the management of a proposed trans-b View Project Detail
2123818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 50000 Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute of Barbados which focuses on using Permaculture to addres View Project Detail
2123918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 50000 The Organic farming-At the Crossroads: Barbados project focuses on preventing land degradation via View Project Detail
2124018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 50000 The River of Life Organic Farm project focuses on using organic farming to address land degradation View Project Detail
2124118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 50000 Rotary Club of Antigua-Sundown will implement a recycling program in Antigua for used beverage cont View Project Detail
2115918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 150000 Sustainable utilization of local natural fibers and seeds by craft artisans for new product develop View Project Detail
2116018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 150000 The BARBADOS - Regional Entrepreneurship & Agriculture Program (REAP) project focuses on promoting View Project Detail
2116118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 150000 The Greening Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Coastal Communities in Barbados p View Project Detail
2116218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 16533 This project targets caregivers of less abled people who often live close to or below the poverty l View Project Detail
2116318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 17657 This project will develop and implement conservation and sustainable livelihoods plans for turtle n View Project Detail
2116418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 18000 This project will address the dwindling support for the Pitons Management Area World Heritage Site View Project Detail
2116518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 This project is presented by the Antigua Fisheries Alliance Inc. in partnership with the St. John s View Project Detail
2116618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 This project preparatory grant will assist the grantee in developing a Full Grant Project Proposal View Project Detail
2116718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 This project is concern with the long-term protection of coral reefs at selected sites in Barbados View Project Detail
2116818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 The purpose of the planning grant is to design a project which will begin a reforestation programme View Project Detail
2116918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 The planning grant was awarded to the BMT to design a project which will reduce the negative enviro View Project Detail
2117018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 This project will help the grantee to identify ten poor and marginalised farmers (50% men and 50% w View Project Detail
2117118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2000 The village of Content is one of forty four (44) villages in the parish of St. David s. It is consi View Project Detail
2117218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2080 This planning grant will assist the grantee in designing and developing a community composting prog View Project Detail
2117318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2100 This planning grant will help the grantee to determine the feasibility of using plant waste to prod View Project Detail
2117418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2181 This Planning Grant will help the Young Women Christian Association of Grenada to introduce organic View Project Detail
2117518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2451.85 This planning grant will help the grantee to undertake research on the best methods of reforestatio View Project Detail
2117618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2500 The project will help Antigua to fully establish a NFG; appointed a National Focal Person; Train me View Project Detail
2117718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2778 The Mauby plant (Colubrina arborescens) has been grown and harvested for its bark in St. Vincent an View Project Detail
2117818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 2800 This project belongs to a genus of projects in capacity building which the Sub-regional Steering Co View Project Detail
2117918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 20000 This project aims to encourage visitors arriving in Barbados to offset their carbon emissions by pl View Project Detail
2118018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 20000 This project seeks to establish an organic farming programme to reduce pollution of the rivers and View Project Detail
2118118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 20000 The project aimed to establish model pasture management units (enclosed areas in which livestock wi View Project Detail
2118218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 20000 This project focuses on the conservation of biodiversity in a forest ecosytem while simultaneously View Project Detail
2118318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 20165 This project creates a partnership between the grantee, one of the largest but less well known Seco View Project Detail
2118418140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 21000 The project will establish a monitoring system to determine the water quality and its impact on coa View Project Detail
2118518140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 21913 This project will "contribute towards the conservation of soil and water resources of Grenada and d View Project Detail
2118618140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 21970 This project will entail a series of public consultations and a national consultation on the GEF/SG View Project Detail
2118718140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 21976 The goal of this project is to "equip Saint Lucian farmers with the tools of organic and sustainabl View Project Detail
2118818140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 22402 This project makes a strong connection between sustainable farming and national wellness. The nexus View Project Detail
2118918140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 26930 This project was developed to respond to environmental, poverty and social issues in the communitie View Project Detail
2119018140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 26936 This project aims to improve the viability of a fledgling seamoss industry on Union Island. St. Vin View Project Detail
2119118140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 27445 The planned project activities are as follows: - A number of workshops, consultations, cultural wak View Project Detail
2119218140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 27480 This project is an attempt to heighten public awareness of the importance of coastal ecosystems, th View Project Detail
2119318140515 15-May-2014 Barbados US$ 27595 This project will establish a sustainable training programme for poor and marginalised persons inte View Project Detail

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