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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
364051150704 04-Jul-2015 Brazil 0 low carbon development country studies View Project Detail
368051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 regional development, climate change and biodiversity adaptation strategies View Project Detail
302051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 tourism developmente program - rio grande do norte state View Project Detail
307051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 strengthening social inclusion and services networks - proredes fortaleza View Project Detail
312051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 santo andre urban sustainable mobility program View Project Detail
326051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 integrated development program of campo grande View Project Detail
283051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 sucden: sugar & bio-energy lending credit facility View Project Detail
342051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 sucden: sugar & bio-energy corporate finance loan View Project Detail
345051150530 30-May-2015 Brazil 0 urban requalification program of the western region of aracaju View Project Detail
365051150525 25-May-2015 Brazil 0 cross-border migration: strengthening the capacity of the brazilian federal government View Project Detail
400051150518 18-May-2015 Brazil 0 caribbean large marine ecosystem (clme+) View Project Detail
2001718150420 20-Apr-2015 Brazil Not Specified The project consists in the construction and operation of a telecommunication infrastructure networ View Project Detail
2001118150420 20-Apr-2015 Brazil Not Specified The proposed investment is a senior loan, of BRL42 million (approximately US$16 million), to Foxx U View Project Detail
2002118150415 15-Apr-2015 Brazil Not Specified The proposed investment is a senior loan, of BRL42 million (approximately US$16 million), to Foxx U View Project Detail
2004118140922 22-Sep-2014 Brazil Not Specified Delta`s three mills are located in a geographically concentrated cluster in the "Tringulo Mineiro" View Project Detail
2004118140916 17-Sep-2014 Brazil Not Specified With a network of 23 hospitals totaling more than 3.7 thousand beds and 30 oncology treatment units View Project Detail
2006318140916 17-Sep-2014 Brazil Not Specified The proposed IFC Loan entails providing a tranched corporate facility of US$ 80 million with final View Project Detail
2003718140916 17-Sep-2014 Brazil Not Specified AfferoLab is a privately-held professional services company focused on training, personnel developm View Project Detail
2003818140916 17-Sep-2014 Brazil USD 80 million Affero Lab Participacoes S.A. (Affero Lab or The Company), a Brazilian education company and the le View Project Detail
2008818140916 17-Sep-2014 Brazil Not Specified The Project ( Finvest FIDC ) supports Finvest Servi os Financeiros S.A. s plans to launch a fund to View Project Detail
2005918140916 17-Sep-2014 Brazil Not Specified The project company X5s objective is to construct and operate up to 10 datacenters in around Brazil View Project Detail
2002918140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 50000 Consolidation of results achieved by the project Participative Methodologies for Indigenous Project View Project Detail
2002818140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 16415 Capacity building for small farmers on sustainable soil management and handicraft production with C View Project Detail
2002518140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 25042.22 Institutional strengthening of CCAMA affiliated cooperatives through the establishment of a network View Project Detail
2003118140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 21333 A socio-environmental assessment will be carried out in the Lim o-Verde indigenous village. Alterna View Project Detail
2003018140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 26797.76 Water, Seed and Biodversity: Alto Jequitinhonhas free fair of knowledge View Project Detail
2002718140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 29550.84 Rescue and preservation of native seeds of Inhamuns region View Project Detail
2003218140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 29422 This project has the formation and qualification of community agroforestry agents working toward di View Project Detail
2003318140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 33613.24 This project aims to protect the genetic heritage of traditional seeds in smallholder farms in the View Project Detail
2002618140530 30-May-2014 Brazil US$ 20000 Structure and organization of production processing of native Cerrado fruits. View Project Detail
2028118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22444.44 Continuity of environmental education and agroecological activities with agrarian reform settlement View Project Detail
2028218140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22444.44 Consolidation of a transition process from the traditional production system to the agroecological View Project Detail
2028318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22559.22 This project seeks to assist babassu palmnut crackers in the state of Maranh o to maximize their re View Project Detail
2028418140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22621.40 Implementation of the Clearing Without Burning system in three indigenous villages (Rio do Ouro, Tu View Project Detail
2028518140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22622.22 Encouraging best practices of medicinal plant species management and identification of species to p View Project Detail
2028618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22643 Best practices for regional sustainability will be demonstrated in this project, by complementing I View Project Detail
2028718140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22648.08 This project will take place in S o Miguel do Tocantins, state of Tocantins. The regional rural wor View Project Detail
2028818140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22706.39 Food security for the Krah Indigenous people will be improved through beekeeping and solar dehydrat View Project Detail
2028918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22715.48 This project has the installation of a processing plant for a threatened Cerrado species - baru (Di View Project Detail
2029018140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22727.27 Implementation of agroforestry systems and strengthening of existing agroecological experiences in View Project Detail
2029118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22784.34 This project seeks to bring environmental education to the Paracatu (Minas Gerais state) rural comm View Project Detail
2029218140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22792.68 Sempre viva flowers are native Cerrado species tiny in size and are traditionally dried and used fo View Project Detail
2073118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 50000 The Small Eco-Social Grants Program (PPP-ECOS) was the pioneer and remains as the only program with View Project Detail
2073318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 25948.56 This project seeks to promote knowledge interchange among traditional populations and migrating one View Project Detail
2073618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 1264.33 White-lipped peccaries will be studied and evaluated in order to determine whether current hunting View Project Detail
2180218140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 20902 70% of the community is made up of Cerrado soils, with significant presence of the Pequi tree (Cary View Project Detail
2180318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 21300 This project will take place in the Bico do Papagaio region, in the state of Tocantins. The purpose View Project Detail
2069918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 26135.80 The region of Ribeir o Preto is one of the areas with highest agricultural production in the state View Project Detail
2072318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 26234.57 Women s groups will receive support for social organization and sustainable production. Strengtheni View Project Detail
2017318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 30000 This project will take place in Montes Claros, state of Minas Gerais. A Cerrado Fruit Processing Un View Project Detail
2001518140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 29992.61 The current project aims at implementing a center for promotion of communication and mobilization f View Project Detail
2193918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 30000 This project seeks to rescue, preserve, and promote traditional popular medicine traditions in Midw View Project Detail
2194018140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 30000 This project will take place in S o Jo o d Alian a, in the state of Goi s. The goals are recovery o View Project Detail
2194118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 30000 The Bico do Papagaio region has traditional production of babassu (Orbignya phalerata, Arecaceae) p View Project Detail
2194218140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 30000 Project aimed at offering cpacity-bulding for 60 families in productive activities with agroecologi View Project Detail
2194318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 30000 the project is aimed mainly at strengthening the Prata Community Association of Wild Collectors and View Project Detail
2051918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23948.71 Environmental capacity-building to be developed between CERMO and small farmer organizations is the View Project Detail
2055918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 30000 Debates will be promoted with the community and proposals will be presented for recovery of degrade View Project Detail
2056618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 29666.64 Cerrado conservation and maintenance of its biodiversity have proved to be an effective means of ke View Project Detail
2056918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 2069 The objective of this project is to identify and list the caves in the state of Tocantins, taking p View Project Detail
2028018140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22325 Emu (Rhea americana) management will be developed in this project, in partnership with the Mato Gro View Project Detail
2065018140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 27295 Stingless native beekeeping advantages will be disseminated by this project, discouraging predatory View Project Detail
2067118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 21285 This project will support the preparations for the 1st Cerrado Peoples Fair, which will take place View Project Detail
2068418140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 27978.69 This project seeks to conserve the genetic stock of native Cerrado bee species in northeastern Mara View Project Detail
2068618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 19179.46 Income generation from natural resource conservation is the main goal of this project, which is par View Project Detail
2180418140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 21330.23 Expanding large scale agriculture (soy, cotton and sugarcane) presents immediate threats to the are View Project Detail
2180518140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 21620.21 It is no longer possible for Xavante women to collect fruit as they used to in the Tanguro Village, View Project Detail
2180618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 21825.30 Verticalization of the activities in the Cunha Agrarian Reform Settlement is sought through the con View Project Detail
2180718140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22000 This project aims to contribute to sustainable development of family farming in the Mid Northern Ma View Project Detail
2180818140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 22119.34 Due to extensive cattle ranching, babassu groves in Maranh o state are destroyed for creation of pa View Project Detail
2180918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23020 Discussions will be carried out with regional socio-environmental NGOs, small farmers, indigenous p View Project Detail
2181018140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23048 Promotion of agroforestry in the Cerrado is the main objective of this project, which will take pla View Project Detail
2181118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23173.91 This project is comprised of lectures on the subject of environmental education in six different ru View Project Detail
2181218140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23304.36 This projects seeks to recover degraded areas by reforestation of native forest and fruit species f View Project Detail
2181318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23445.58 The Upper Jequitinhonha region has grave problems of poverty and low Human Development Indices. Wid View Project Detail
2181418140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23536.60 Golden grass (Eriocaulaceae family) is a perennial plant used for handcrafts in Jalap o, state of T View Project Detail
2181518140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23697.91 Female production in plant nurseries and Cerrado fruit and flower orchards in strategic points in t View Project Detail
2181618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23703.70 This project aims to strengthen and add value to the terena handcrafts form the Cachoeirinha Indige View Project Detail
2181718140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23712 This project will take place in Western Goi s State, in the Upper Araguaia River Region, in the Mun View Project Detail
2181818140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23737 This project seeks to bring together a group of agroextractivists from the Riach o Valley, in North View Project Detail
2181918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23737 This project aims to stimulate and disseminate sustainable practices for natural resource managemen View Project Detail
2182018140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23737 Families of native fruit suppliers in 38 communities in 14 municipalities in Northern Minas Gerais View Project Detail
2182118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23737 Social and ecological sustainability of communities re-settled by the construction of a dam in the View Project Detail
2182218140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23737 Agroecologic use of native fruit species with economic value is the subject of the qualification co View Project Detail
2182318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23737 This project seeks to add to the activities implemented by other organizations working toward conse View Project Detail
2175518140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 10000 O projeto visa a constru o e equipagem da loja do artes o de Mateiros, para promover a melhoria nas View Project Detail
2175618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 10526 The development of a simple methodology for evaluation of the effectiveness of biodiversity conserv View Project Detail
2175718140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 11912 Handicraft production using native seeds and women s organization in the southwest of Bahia. View Project Detail
2175818140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 12670 This project will take place in the municipality of Alto Para so, state of Goi s. An improvement in View Project Detail
2175918140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 13009.05 This project is a community initiative seeking to gather different species of plants in a medicinal View Project Detail
2176018140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 14000 Developing conservation activities and environmental education processes related to wild collection View Project Detail
2176118140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 14177.10 An ecotourism operation will be implemented in the Nova Esperan a Indigenous Village, having a set View Project Detail
2176218140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 14200 This project will take place in Serra do Cip , in the state of Minas Gerais. The local community wi View Project Detail
2176318140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 14222.22 Implementation of a system for technical-managerial problem solutions for small farmers and wild co View Project Detail
2176418140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 14714.16 Native beekeeping is the main objective of this project. To ensure success, fruit trees will be pla View Project Detail
2176518140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 14737 ABIPA currently has 120 associates, who have succeeded in dissuading farmers to use fire, increased View Project Detail
2176618140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 148400 Studies and activities to help Cerrado small enterprises, supported by SGP, to reach appropriate ce View Project Detail
2176718140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 15432.10 Recovery of the Pequi River (S o Francisco river tributary) sub-basin in a region with serious envi View Project Detail
2176818140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 16390 The Lim o-Verde village`s Kaiow Indigenous Community currently lives in a restricted area with a hi View Project Detail
2182418140515 15-May-2014 Brazil US$ 23737 Production, certification and commercialization of Cerrado plant species is the goal of this projec View Project Detail

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