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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
302051150713 13-Jul-2015 Dominican Republic 0 institutional strengthening and craftsmanship of cacao View Project Detail
411051150707 07-Jul-2015 Dominican Republic 0 strengthening comprehensive solid waste management in the municipality of las charcas View Project Detail
466051150702 02-Jul-2015 Dominican Republic 0 electrification by installing micro hydro system in the community el chorro View Project Detail
448051150625 25-Jun-2015 Dominican Republic 0 construction of improved stoves for rural families borough career mare, municipality of las matas o View Project Detail
379051150625 25-Jun-2015 Dominican Republic 0 knowing and appreciating our natural resources View Project Detail
404051150624 24-Jun-2015 Dominican Republic 0 composting center from the recycling of organic waste in the municipality of mao and mao jaibon View Project Detail
456051150624 24-Jun-2015 Dominican Republic 0 ecotourism committee of local initiatives, "sky" duverge View Project Detail
341051150612 12-Jun-2015 Dominican Republic 0 establishment of a micro-hydroelectric community View Project Detail
298051150530 30-May-2015 Dominican Republic 0 tourism development program in the colonial city of santo domingo ii View Project Detail
308051150530 30-May-2015 Dominican Republic 0 using icts as a tool for financial inclusion View Project Detail
346051150530 30-May-2015 Dominican Republic 0 banco popular dominicano: partial credit guarantees for letras hipotecarias View Project Detail
370051150530 30-May-2015 Dominican Republic 0 strengthening human capital accumulation of the youth`s program of prosoli View Project Detail
2002518150415 15-Apr-2015 Dominican Republic Not Specified The proposed project consists of a local currency fixed-rate loan of up to DOP 2,150 million (appro View Project Detail
2009718140916 17-Sep-2014 Dominican Republic Not Specified The project consists of the combined cycle conversion of DPP Los Mina Power Plant, one of the two g View Project Detail
2009818140916 17-Sep-2014 Dominican Republic Not Specified The project consists of the combined cycle conversion of a gas-fired power plant owned and operated View Project Detail
2010118140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 32000 protection of natural resources (water and forests) head Guaraney river, in the vicinity of Jos par View Project Detail
2010618140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 8500 Identification and inventory of medicinal plants through education and training in the community Ji View Project Detail
2010218140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 4245 Promoting rational management of palm forest with participation of four communities including train View Project Detail
2010318140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 3000 Having studies demonstrating the potentialities Source community water Miguel Ca ada in Hondo Valle View Project Detail
2010418140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 10000 Create awareness amongst women on the dangers of pesticide misuse through courses, workshops, and c View Project Detail
2009718140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 50000 Access to electricity to 134 families in rural border areas through the establishment of two genera View Project Detail
2009818140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 21666.67 Lift needed for the development of community activity ecotur guitar in Cient fica Quita Reserva spu View Project Detail
2010018140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 32650 promotion of mechanisms for the use of waste solids and s conversion to improvements in soil and fe View Project Detail
2009418140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 39000 Strengthening agricultural means of production line by establishing 40 units of production and dive View Project Detail
2009218140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 10000 A Farmer s Association decided to preserve a large tract of their own dry forest through honey prod View Project Detail
2009918140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 8500 Production, promotion and marketing of aromatic plants, including the establishment of a greenhouse View Project Detail
2008618140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 25000 aumentar la poblacion de un grupo selecto de especies end micas y con muy baja capacidad natural de View Project Detail
2008818140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 36520 Update and expand the collection of existing data on the situation of the West Manat (Trichechus ma View Project Detail
2008918140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 18837.37 Increased forest cover in the upper reaches of the river and half Nizao with the establishment of f View Project Detail
2009318140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 49000 Providing energy to communities delas 160 families and communities Vallecito Montazo clean energy w View Project Detail
2008718140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20200 Creating coral nurseries as a tool to preserve and multiply corals, especially those threatened by View Project Detail
2008518140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 3000 feasibility study for use of a water source to electrify 59 families of the community Chingelo, San View Project Detail
2010518140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 25000 Improving conditions econ micas 30 farmers by maintaining forest cover in the upper and middle basi View Project Detail
2009618140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 35000 Improving the conditions of biodiversity and natural resources of the great lake boba By Rio to pla View Project Detail
2009118140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 25907 restoration of coral Acropora cervicornis through the Creation of at least 5 nurseries in the DR an View Project Detail
2009018140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 10500 Support production and sustainable use of 21 native wood species through demonstration plots and tr View Project Detail
2009518140530 30-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 35000 Raising the standard of living of the producer to the Branch 7 of the Province CONACADO Ram rez S n View Project Detail
2009618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 44023 Installation of a community HYDROELECTRIC electrical system and construction of an aqueduct n to pr View Project Detail
2009118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 16392 Conservation and Sustainable Management of Watershed Joaquin Ojeda Ros and Los Patos View Project Detail
2000018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 9500 Reforesting watersheds of your Yabacao and Capita, using timber and fruit trees. Train community pl View Project Detail
2007418140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 31088 Installation of one HYDROELECTRIC Micro ctrica energy to give aa 109 homes in three communities wit View Project Detail
2007518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24611 Improve the quality of life of the 25 families living in the community of Loma n Maim, through the View Project Detail
2019718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 15840 Execution of an inventory and description of arecifal n ecositema the National Marine Park of La Ca View Project Detail
2006518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 25714.29 Development and diversification of traditional coffee growing in conversion of n org niques coffee View Project Detail
2006618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 3000 Realization of a feasibility study for the use of a water source to electrify 304 families in commu View Project Detail
2012718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 19246.86 Org nico produce high quality compost to trav s vermiculture , leveraging mechanics org waste gener View Project Detail
2012818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24125.45 Biodiversity and Biological Restoration in the watershed of Arroyo Alonzo through Selo Agroforestry View Project Detail
2012918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27201.45 recovery of degraded areas with the certification of 4,662 jobs 71 producers, the installation of a View Project Detail
2013018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 34251.20 attainment of ethanol from juice ca low fermentation system n anaer bic. Distils at 90-95 degrees L View Project Detail
2013118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27141.13 Ffortalecer sustainable management of forests in the Central Cordillera by establishing forest mana View Project Detail
2013218140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 21428.57 Improving living conditions through increased revenue generation n trav s of diversification with f View Project Detail
2013318140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27142.86 Enablement n a coffee -processing infrastructure with ecological benefited logical to consolidate t View Project Detail
2000218140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 10000 Integrate communities Basin ro n Bajabonico the recovery thereof to trav s of the reforestaci cr n View Project Detail
2005118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 28358.21 Strengthening of infrastructure to improve marketing of n b music harvesting and postharvest coffee View Project Detail
2009518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20694 Sanitation environmental pollution in poor communities n Aldenanas the Ozama by implementation- ro View Project Detail
2002218140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 7725 Installation of one small ctrica HYDROELECTRIC The Arroyazo in the creek, which rises in the Green View Project Detail
2007918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 28497 Installation of three ships 240m2 to benefit YOUNG aj as mounted in coffee View Project Detail
2000818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20000 In this phase , reproduction and establishment of small plantations of Oz and the improvement of di View Project Detail
2007618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 31088 Implementation of recovery plan n forest cover ro slaughter as transboundary basin View Project Detail
2007718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20000 Rehabilitacion de 40 parcelas de caf y frutales maderables y forestales en reas de 125 tareas cada View Project Detail
2007818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24611 Rehabilitation diversification ny n 800 tasks with coffee fruit and forest producers that benefit 4 View Project Detail
2000918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 6180 Reforestation with native tree species, apiary management in protected reforested areas for generat View Project Detail
2008018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 23316 Installation of a photovoltaic system to electrify a community and bring clean energy to 40 familie View Project Detail
2008118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 45337 Installation of a Micro-HYDROELECTRIC ctrica with capacity of 18 Kw to give energy aa 38 homes View Project Detail
2000518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 16950 The second step of this project is an attempt to increase project areas, as well as a means of gene View Project Detail
2001918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 25780 Reduction of pollution by the use of gas and Kerosene improving the conditions of the inhabitants o View Project Detail
2006718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27142.86 Promote the conservation of biodiversity in agriculture rides through the conversion of n productiv View Project Detail
2013418140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24285.71 recovery , production and marketing of the local coffee industry n certified to reverse the severe View Project Detail
2013518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20200 Implementation of a comprehensive adaptation strategy ny Clim tico response to change from the pers View Project Detail
2013618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 23800 Implementation of a comprehensive adaptation strategy ny Clim tico response to change from a local View Project Detail
2013718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20200 the amenada reduction of disease in the caf plataciones associated tico climate change , through th View Project Detail
2013818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24996 Reducing the levels of contamination by accumulation n s waste solids , establishing a processing p View Project Detail
2013918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 17453 Implementation of agroforestry systems in vulnerable or unprotected areas View Project Detail
2000718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20000 In this second phase , it emphasizes Cag ey reproduction (the woody cactus unique to the Caribbean View Project Detail
2006818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 30269.68 boost production in a controlled environment , to improve productivity and sustainable land managem View Project Detail
2014018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 17438 Improving living conditions and reduction of pollution environmental n n (CO2) by that of kerosene, View Project Detail
2014118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 15313 implementation a comprehensive plan n reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases from the eliminati View Project Detail
2014218140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 14512.88 Environmental Protection ny concienciaci n by n reduction of the use of fossils fuels like gas f an View Project Detail
2014318140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20468.75 Realization study to evaluate the possibility of FIXING Carbon , to facilitate access to financing View Project Detail
2014418140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 16173.91 Improvement of living conditions of the community and environmental protection to trav s n of n ele View Project Detail
2014518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 13187.94 reduction of the effects of global warming to trav s the use of a renewable energy source for their View Project Detail
2014618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 11250 Implementation systems n ecol cal production , comprehensively solve the problem of reduction of pr View Project Detail
2014718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24278 Rehabilitation ny improving systems caf t peak in border communities of the municipality of Hondo V View Project Detail
2014818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 19325 promotion of agroforestry development as a strategy for recovery of soils and n n reforestaci invol View Project Detail
2000618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 30000 In this second step , plant production and promotion of 11 native forest species is continued as a View Project Detail
2002018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24776 Improving the living conditions of the citizens in the community of Los Motacitos , the maximum pr View Project Detail
2006918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 36030.89 Promote the development econ mico home , making productive use of micro ctrica HYDROELECTRIC throug View Project Detail
2014918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 1875 Improving the process of essential oil destilaci n and medicinal plants, through the replacement of View Project Detail
2015018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 17188.50 Improvement of living conditions and the reduction of n n environmental pollution through the use o View Project Detail
2015118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 23648 Promotion n of n conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and improving income of small View Project Detail
2015218140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 7666.67 attainment of a mill for making wax l low cost mines and a study on the effectiveness of different View Project Detail
2015318140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 28000 Implementation- n of this project is to preserve and prop sito waters of the basin have decreased i View Project Detail
2015418140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 15000 Integration of 20 to honey beekeepers apiaries Through Their productions . The beekeepers who benef View Project Detail
2015518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 15000 Promotion and development of women s Community Organizations ; diffusion of personal development ac View Project Detail
2015618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 10500 Making communities conscious about the need to protect the environment from pesticide pollution whi View Project Detail
2015718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 26000 Involving 60 small farmers who are naturalized Establishing Systems with coffee agroforestry and na View Project Detail
2015818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 12000 Installation of three micro-hydroelectric turbines to supply electricity to the community of Los Da View Project Detail
2006318140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 28571.43 Rehabilitation ny n diversification of coffee with the introduction n of fruit and forest species, View Project Detail
2007018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 33021.46 Boost to t n agroforestry techniques and diversification of farming areas as a means of income gene View Project Detail
2007118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 3000 Perform feasibility study for use of a water source to electrify 50 families of the community of Ma View Project Detail

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