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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
385051150707 07-Jul-2015 Lebanon 0 forest protection in qobeiyat View Project Detail
399051150707 07-Jul-2015 Lebanon 0 forestation program of medicinal, aromatic and edible plants View Project Detail
396051150703 03-Jul-2015 Lebanon 0 provide water for fire engines of civil defense for nabha and neighborhood View Project Detail
394051150703 03-Jul-2015 Lebanon 0 establishing a rainwater harvesting pond for "kaa el reem farmers" View Project Detail
455051150702 02-Jul-2015 Lebanon 0 e-support training program by shareq View Project Detail
412051150625 25-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 conservation of almond trees through restoration of degraded orhards and adoption of sustainable ag View Project Detail
414051150625 25-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 conservation of biological and ecological diversity in horsh armoun View Project Detail
376051150625 25-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 connecting children with biodiversity View Project Detail
388051150624 24-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 carob grinder for kaitouly village View Project Detail
400051150624 24-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 center for segregated waste collection in tannourine View Project Detail
448051150624 24-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 combatting burning of tires to reduce emissions of pollutants and gases View Project Detail
191051150620 20-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 blawza solar pumping project View Project Detail
362051150612 12-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 a pilot project for the protection of running water and mediterranean sea water from waste frying o View Project Detail
353051150603 03-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 emergency education system stabilization View Project Detail
356051150603 03-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 lebanon-water supply augmentation project View Project Detail
360051150603 03-Jun-2015 Lebanon 0 lb-environmental pollution abatement project View Project Detail
386051150525 25-May-2015 Lebanon 0 developing national capacity for integrated border management View Project Detail
2003318140916 17-Sep-2014 Lebanon US $ 60 million The proposed project consists of US$60 million equity investment in Bank Audi s.a.l, (the Bank). IF View Project Detail
2015518140614 14-Jun-2014 Lebanon US$ 50000 Save our soil aiming to deal with the Organic portion of domestic solid waste problem directly thro View Project Detail
2005918140614 14-Jun-2014 Lebanon US$ 49458 The main aim of the project is to increase the engagement of civil society organizations and munici View Project Detail
2352018140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 18951 Recycling and composting of household organic waste in bebnine-Akkar The proposed project aims at t View Project Detail
2352118140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 40000 Alternative energy production project to support farmers in Orsal The proposed project aims at Incr View Project Detail
2352218140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 49000 Solid Waste Management in Aitaroun The proposed project aims at reducing Dioxine emissions from sol View Project Detail
2352318140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 15000 I. PROJECT BACKGROUND Deir El Ahmar is located in a remote Mountainous deforested area. There is an View Project Detail
2352418140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 14350 The project consists of reforestation and forage planting in Ansar village. The main objective of t View Project Detail
2352518140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 50000 Construction of waste water treatment pond in Tyr Natural Reserve. The Project aims to get rid of t View Project Detail
2352618140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 49707 I. BACKGROUNG AND OBJECTIVES The semi-arid region (Jurd) of Hermel is one of Lebanon s most beautif View Project Detail
2352718140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 4000 I. AIM OF THE PROJECT The aim of the Project is to do reforestation (800 cedar trees) of 50 dunum l View Project Detail
2352818140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 30000 I. BACKGROUND The South of Lebanon is considered as one of the most unprivileged regions in Lebanon View Project Detail
2352918140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 43000 I. BACKGROUNG AND OBJECTIVES The project concerns the region of Mayrouba (Keserouan- Mount Lebanon) View Project Detail
2353018140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 50000 The use of solar energy as an alternative energy to meet the needs of students in heating and hot w View Project Detail
2353118140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 21840 I. AIM OF THE PROJECT The Project aims at raising awareness, networking, reviewing policies and dis View Project Detail
2353218140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 31100 I. PROJECT BACKGROUND In the South of Lebanon, burning waste is a common practice. Any person stand View Project Detail
2353318140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 11200 The recycling of olive oil waste to replace fire wood in Nabha village. The project aims to decreas View Project Detail
2353418140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 50000 POP in Jbeil Caza: identification of hotspots and raising awareness campaign. The Project aims To m View Project Detail
2353518140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 24212 I. PROJECT BACKGROUND Bint Jbeil is located in a remote semi-arid area in the South of Lebanon. It View Project Detail
2353618140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 13300 I. PROJECT BACKGROUND The Project is situated near the village of Ras Baalbeck in North Bekaa. This View Project Detail
2350618140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 23000 I. BACKGROUNG AND OBJECTIVES Tyre village is situated in the Qaza of Bint Jbeil. It is 117 km far f View Project Detail
2350718140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 35500 The Project main purpose is establishing of an agricultural educational center for a sustainable ag View Project Detail
2350818140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 19500 I. OBJECTIVE The Project aims at establishing a nursery on an area of 5000 square meters for the pr View Project Detail
2350918140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 39500 Processing and marketing of Medicinal/Aromatic plants and Carob of Arabsalim aiming at protecting t View Project Detail
2351018140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 44000 I. BACKGROUND The area of Tannourine is constituted of a principal village and 17 small villages. T View Project Detail
2351118140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 40700 I. OBJECTIVES The Project aims at the establishment of a natural barrier of fast growing trees with View Project Detail
2351218140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 30500 I. OVERVIEW OF THE RESERVE The Shouf Biosphere Reserve was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2 View Project Detail
2351318140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 12250 I. BACKGROUND Fakeha Al Ain is part of the marginalized villages in North Bekaa. The village was we View Project Detail
2351418140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 25800 I. BACKGROUNG AND OBJECTIVES Al Waara forest was a native natural Oak forest in Rmaish area Souther View Project Detail
2351518140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 35000 I. OBJECTIVES The Project aims at protecting the forest which is the nearest to Beirut through achi View Project Detail
2351618140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 22000 I. OBJECTIVES The Project aims at establishing a pilot plant nursery in order to support small scal View Project Detail
2351718140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 31950 A project which aims at discouraging the introduction of non native plant species to nurseries and View Project Detail
2351818140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 42000 Renewable Energy: Introduction and use in Arab Salim. The Project aims to the launching of a scient View Project Detail
2351918140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 40800 I. PROJECT BACKGROUND Bantael Reserve was the first reserve to be declared in Lebanon. Since its es View Project Detail
2353718140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 24000 The project is mainly an emergency reforestation plan for burnt areas in Lebanon. Including awarene View Project Detail
2353818140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 49000 Rehabilitation of degraded lands in Aanjar town of Bekaa and enabling of economic development aimin View Project Detail
2353918140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 40000 Thyme propagation at Yuhmur and surrounding The proposed project aims at Protecting thyme plant whi View Project Detail
2354018140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 30000 I. OBJECTIVES Improving rangeland management through cumulative experiences and improving feed qual View Project Detail
2354118140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 31075 I. BACKGROUNG AND OBJECTIVES Kawkaba village is located in Rashayia area in Bekaa valley. The area View Project Detail
2354218140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 15000 I. OBJECTIVES Conservation of natural resources (International water, Underground water, Soil and B View Project Detail
2354318140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 50000 Filter organic waste from the Litani River at shhour Village, before downstream in the Mediterranea View Project Detail
2354418140519 19-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 18549 Biodiversity conservation National Awareness Program and Capacity Building aiming to 1) educate and View Project Detail
2015518140515 15-May-2014 Lebanon US$ 23100 I. BACKGROUND The environmental associations in Cedars region Bsharri, have been working for 20 yea View Project Detail
2005718140513 13-May-2014 Lebanon Not Specified Technical assistance to support promotion of social dialogue in Lebanon View Project Detail
2000818140507 07-May-2014 Lebanon Not Specified Supply of equipment for the SSP programme View Project Detail
2007818140213 13-Feb-2014 Lebanon Not Specified ENPI Gender equity and empowerment of women in Lebanon View Project Detail
2003518131213 13-Dec-2013 Lebanon Not Specified Recycling equipment View Project Detail
22216130323 23-Mar-2013 Lebanon 0 ENPI Upgrade of the MoAs ICT main server, communication, passive networking, and supply of ICT equ View Project Detail
22918130228 28-Feb-2013 Lebanon 0 ENPI Deployment of a school information management system (SIMS) View Project Detail
23318130228 28-Feb-2013 Lebanon 0 ENPI Support to public finances management reform to the Government View Project Detail
95218130221 21-Feb-2013 Lebanon 0 ENPI Supply of a training facility and a call centre for the Ministry of Finance View Project Detail
95718130221 21-Feb-2013 Lebanon 0 ENPI Supply of equipment for the Lebanese customs View Project Detail
325918121005 05-Oct-2012 Lebanon 0 ENPI technical assistance to the strengthening of strategic planning capacities in selected minist View Project Detail
174116120811 11-Aug-2012 Lebanon 0 ENPI support programme for infrastructure sector strategies and alternative financing (Sissaf) View Project Detail
351916120623 23-Jun-2012 Lebanon 0 ENPI support to reforms environmental governance View Project Detail
421516120621 21-Jun-2012 Lebanon 0 strengthening human resources management capacities View Project Detail
303616120619 19-Jun-2012 Lebanon 0 ENPI technical assistance for the provision of capacity building in the framework of the AFKAR III View Project Detail
247516120612 12-Jun-2012 Lebanon 0 support to parliamentary development in Lebanon View Project Detail
328116120523 23-May-2012 Lebanon 0 ENPI technical support for the modernisation of the public procurement in Lebanon View Project Detail
394316120522 22-May-2012 Lebanon 0 install and set up a data centre, back-up/disaster recovery centre, telecommunication, network inf View Project Detail

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