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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
456051150609 09-Jun-2015 Mozambique 0 construction of a 120mw hydroelectric power plant on lrio river View Project Detail
486051150606 06-Jun-2015 Mozambique 0 strengthening civil society participation in policy dialogue for development View Project Detail
488051150606 06-Jun-2015 Mozambique 0 support to electoral process improved electoral civic responsibility at decentralized level View Project Detail
489051150606 06-Jun-2015 Mozambique 0 strengthening parliamentary oversight and law drafting View Project Detail
490051150606 06-Jun-2015 Mozambique 0 strengthening access to justice, the rule of law and human rights protection View Project Detail
491051150606 06-Jun-2015 Mozambique 0 adaptation in the coastal zones of mozambique View Project Detail
346051150528 28-May-2015 Mozambique 0 construction of lng plants with 2 lng trains with 5mmtpa capacity View Project Detail
342051150528 28-May-2015 Mozambique 0 natural gas processing facility project at palma e mocimboa da praia View Project Detail
346051150526 26-May-2015 Mozambique 0 construction and management of hydropower plant View Project Detail
2000018150418 18-Apr-2015 Mozambique 364,775 EUR Previous projects have identified a series of areas where additional support is needed to ensure ad View Project Detail
2000718150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 3616967 EUR ADPP Farmers` Clubs for Wealth Creation among smallholder farmers in Mozambique. The objective is t View Project Detail
2002118150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 269200 EUR PRETEP - PLUS - Support to Technical and Professional Training Reform System in Mozambique. The ini View Project Detail
2004118150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2617440 EUR Coordination Maputo (Phase 01.01 to 31.12.2015). This fund is used to pay internal costs of managem View Project Detail
2001018150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 499966 EUR Focussed contribution to the health system strengthening. On peripheral health facility level, the View Project Detail
2002518150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 500000 EUR Support Strategic Plan of Cabo Delgado Province. Apoio ao PESCD View Project Detail
2004718150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 3220064 EUR Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Control. Objective -Improving the implementation of the National AIDS Strate View Project Detail
2000118150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 896665 EUR Building institutional capacity at INS to strengthen the evidence base of the public health system View Project Detail
2001318150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Ligada - DFID Mozambique Support to Adolescent Girls and Women. To identify, test and ensure uptake View Project Detail
2002918150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 443404 EUR Rural development and Balama Montepuez. Microagentes economic support Montepuez and Balama View Project Detail
2001818150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2500000 EUR Right to health - Promoting PRIMARY HEALTH CARE (copy) (copy). Convention of 4 years of support pub View Project Detail
2003618150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Family Planning PSI. To contribute to improving sexual and reproductive health (SRH) by strengtheni View Project Detail
2000018150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Maputo Airport runway Lane Rehabilitation View Project Detail
2000418150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 500000 EUR New project: Adaptation to Climate Change Objective - tbd. Approach - tbd. View Project Detail
2000518150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 464912 EUR Building Political Will and Generating Trust to Implement the Forest and Wildlife Participatory Law View Project Detail
2003518150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 849296 EUR Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness. The overall goal of this UN joint View Project Detail
2002718150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2000000 EUR Support Centre for Research in Health Manhia. Subsidy to bilateral View Project Detail
2001918150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2500000 EUR Support for CISM research activities vaccination malaria and other diseases. Support Centre for Re View Project Detail
2001218150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Economic Development Policy Grant 2014-2019. To strengthen effective delivery by the Government of View Project Detail
2004418150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2000000 EUR Support to PROSAUDE 2014. To support succesful implementation of the government of Mozambiques heal View Project Detail
2004318150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 200000 EUR The pecific objective is that pregnant women, attending DREAM centres in Maputo, Matola, Beira, Man View Project Detail
2002318150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 242925 EUR Of trains to agr glue program in the districts of Balama, Montepuez View Project Detail
2004518150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 1000000 EUR PROSAUDE 2014. Support sector pool fund View Project Detail
2002418150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 164000 EUR Support to Forum Mulher. The role of Forum Mulher is strategically meaningful is strengthening awar View Project Detail
2001718150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 500000 EUR Support to the Community Projects. Lack of basic infrastructures disincentives people retention in View Project Detail
2003718150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 140000 EUR Promotional Good Governance. Strengthening civil society - Mining View Project Detail
2003018150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 234900 EUR Fortalecimendo NGO Rede Food Sovereignty View Project Detail
2000918150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Support to Justice Sector - Direct Payments Direct payments to suppliers and technical assistance View Project Detail
2001118150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 10729436 EUR PRODEZA I: Support to Rural Development in Zamb zia Province, Mozambique. This project is set in th View Project Detail
2002818150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 91496 EUR Support farmers Cabo Delgado. Clubs peasants: Extension View Project Detail
2004818150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 438446 EUR Financing of studies for technical assistance projects. Financing of small projects within bilatera View Project Detail
2002218150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Support to Anti-Corruption Initiatives. To support a more conducive environment for longer-term ant View Project Detail
2004218150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 390000 EUR Plano Agricultural Hydraulics for Cabo Delgado. DPA View Project Detail
2003418150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 82607 EUR Capacity Development on the Integration of Gender Analysis in Water and Land Tenure Management (cop View Project Detail
2000318150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 31871 EUR Development of risk management strategies for cotton producers in Mozambique. The project objective View Project Detail
2001618150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 500000 EUR Support Strategic Plan of Cabo Delgado Province. Support CESDP View Project Detail
2001518150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 185947 EUR Human Right to Health: health staff training of the National Public Health System. (copy) Training View Project Detail
2003118150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 110000 EUR Specialized medical formacao. Formation in service for doctors, MOH View Project Detail
2000218150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 305250 EUR Building institutional capacity at INS to strengthen the evidence base of the public health system View Project Detail
2003218150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Support to Health Sector. Direct payments - Technical assistance, audits, etc View Project Detail
2003818150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified Rehabilitation of thermal power thermal power Ressano Garcia View Project Detail
2002018150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2500000 EUR Creaao sustainable economic opportunities. Support for civil society, economic development and gove View Project Detail
2004018150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 1000000 EUR PROSAUDE 2015. Support to Health Common Fund PROSAUDE II for year 2015 View Project Detail
2003918150414 14-Apr-2015 Mozambique 1037264 EUR Children, Food Security and Nutrition in Mozambique. Then main objective of this project is to prov View Project Detail
2000218150411 11-Apr-2015 Mozambique 3799907 EUR Support TehcnoServe for seed multiplication. The overarching goal is to help small commercial seed View Project Detail
2000318150411 11-Apr-2015 Mozambique 196015 EUR Improvement of aviculture and power to act of the women farmers belonging to the farmers associatio View Project Detail
2000018150411 11-Apr-2015 Mozambique 50000 EUR Assessment of Country Strategy Austria- Mozambique 2010-2013 View Project Detail
2000418150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 1921203 EUR Cooperative enterprise development for agricultural commercialisation in central Mozambique View Project Detail
2001818150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 15876400 EUR Social marketing of public health commodities. See also previous activity 23001 and 17101 View Project Detail
2000518150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2166980 EUR MAP Land use and tenure Communities and other stakeholders including private investors making full View Project Detail
2000118150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 5200000 EUR MoU for the support to the Food Subsidy Programme (PSA) View Project Detail
2001318150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 6308000 EUR Support to Prorustica Limited and Africa Agricultural Development Company (AgDevCo). The BAGC innit View Project Detail
2000718150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 26639967 EUR Co-funding with ORET of investment phase for upgrading Chimoio, Manica and Gondola water supply syt View Project Detail
2004718150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique Not Specified The proposed project will assist in increasing access to financial services to small and medium-siz View Project Detail
2002718150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 830000 EUR MAP Social Accountability for Social Protection Grant for implementation of social accountability f View Project Detail
2001218150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 1610563 EUR Support to Cooperative Enterprise Development for Agricultural and Agro-industrial Commercializatio View Project Detail
2000318150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 63000000 EUR MAP Budgetsupport 2009-2012 Budgetsupport 2009-2012 An amendment to the arrangement was signed on 9 View Project Detail
2001418150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 1768330 EUR Support to Prorustica Limited and Africa Agricultural Development Company (AgDevCo). The BAGC innit View Project Detail
2001518150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 90000 EUR This is follow up study with the objective to support Mozambican government in developing a more re View Project Detail
2000218150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 47500 EUR Public Service agreement signed with a consultant to provide TA to INAS DAF Department from June 20 View Project Detail
2002018150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 8000000 EUR Support to INAS strategic plan 2010-2014 View Project Detail
2000618150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 70040 EUR Scoping mission based on the request by MICOA for NCEIA to plan a Strategic Environmental Assessmen View Project Detail
2002618150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 6703200 EUR Support to the National Directorate for Land and Forestry and increase coordination among key stake View Project Detail
2002218150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 4755000 EUR Improve water management for development in the Zambezi River Basin, following IWRM principles, sup View Project Detail
2002818150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 2850000 EUR Contribute to health behaviours among young mozambicans by delivering innovative community based pr View Project Detail
2002418150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 13765721 EUR Finance ADVZ program proposal plus specific key interventions related to the EKN MASP 2012-2015, su View Project Detail
2001718150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 10000000 EUR The REACT programme is aimed at renewable energy and adapation to climate change. AECF seeks to exp View Project Detail
2000918150409 09-Apr-2015 Mozambique 1000000 EUR The activity aims for strengthened transparency and accountability on the provision of social and e View Project Detail
2002318140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 123552 EUR Loan Guarantee to support MSEs in Mozambique View Project Detail
2002218140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 11700000 EUR Support to a civil society program where an important number of CSO receive support so they can con View Project Detail
2001118140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 13140000 EUR Support to social protection initiatives with the aim to target resources to the most vulnerable gr View Project Detail
2002418140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 546000 EUR Contribution to financing of a mission for elections observation in Mozambique, through EU EOM View Project Detail
2002618140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 300000 EUR Technical Assistance SOCREMO Guarantee 2014-2020 View Project Detail
2001518140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 3420000 EUR Public private development partnership (PPDP) with Green Resources and UNICEF to fund an electronic View Project Detail
2001218140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 5400000 EUR Support to ProDEL programme aimed to complement ProAgri through promotion of economic local develop View Project Detail
2001918140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 19200 EUR The objectives of the project is provide small scale grant for activities aiming to strengthen chil View Project Detail
2001718140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 42000 EUR The project concerns minor contributions related to development and follow-up of the on-going resea View Project Detail
2002818140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 2400000 EUR Strengthened role and capacity of NOGs in Mozambique to monitor and control the forestry sector in View Project Detail
2001818140922 22-Sep-2014 Mozambique 1800000 EUR Enhance the quality of planning and performance evaluation at the state owned power utility (EDM) i View Project Detail
2006418140916 17-Sep-2014 Mozambique 1950000 EUR Tax Common Fund, Mozambique Revenue Authority 2015-17 View Project Detail
2000118140916 17-Sep-2014 Mozambique 1230000 EUR Mozambique still faces a severe generalized HIV epidemic that taxes the fragile health system and h View Project Detail
2000018140916 17-Sep-2014 Mozambique 4313200 EUR The overall objective of the project is to foster sustainable socio-economic local development thro View Project Detail
2008918140916 17-Sep-2014 Mozambique Not Specified IFC`s proposed investment is to participate in the first phase of an ongoing greenfield eucalypts p View Project Detail
2000218140916 17-Sep-2014 Mozambique 5060862 EUR National Programme on Food security - (EU-MDG Initiative - Agriculture, food security, rural develo View Project Detail
2004318140916 17-Sep-2014 Mozambique 51576 EUR Sweden will assume the Chair for the Programme Aid Partners (PAPs, also known as G19) GBS coordinat View Project Detail
2004418140916 17-Sep-2014 Mozambique 540000 EUR Programme Development Funds for 2014 View Project Detail
2023318140614 14-Jun-2014 Mozambique US$ 18600 Agro-silviculture practices of Chicumbane communities in partnership with local entrepreneurs View Project Detail
2023718140614 14-Jun-2014 Mozambique US$ 21000 Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Nhansoto View Project Detail
2024118140614 14-Jun-2014 Mozambique US$ 19600 Inhaminga Florestense - Control of Bushfires around buffer zone of Gorongosa National Park towards View Project Detail
2023518140614 14-Jun-2014 Mozambique US$ 20580 AKAZI - Poupa Lenha (Decrease of harvesting of fuelwoods through reforestation forest native trees View Project Detail
2021118140614 14-Jun-2014 Mozambique US$ 3500 A project that aims to publicize the GEF Small Grants Programme and the GEF focal areas to potentia View Project Detail

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