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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
371051150610 10-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 strengthening the effectiveness of first level health care - asse View Project Detail
344051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 business strategies for financial inclusion via banking correspondent View Project Detail
347051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 casablanca and giacote solar pv View Project Detail
356051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 lng regasification for energy security and diversification View Project Detail
333051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 strengthening the effectiveness of first level health care asse View Project Detail
337051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 campo palomas wind project View Project Detail
408051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 support to a territorial management model View Project Detail
412051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 financing productive development line for uruguay View Project Detail
403051150601 01-Jun-2015 Uruguay 0 lng regasification for energy security and diversification offshore View Project Detail
2014618140614 14-Jun-2014 Uruguay US$ 34460 The project aims to contribute to improved ecosystem drico h Arroyo Colorado Basin through regenera View Project Detail
2020418140614 14-Jun-2014 Uruguay US$ 19566 Org is to consolidate horticulture and unique use of solar energy in the families of neighborhoods View Project Detail
2003418140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 14957 Implementation of a service -gu as nature tourism , provided by local people trained in San Miguel View Project Detail
2003618140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24946 The Society for the Promotion of Colonia Juan Guti rrez integrates an interagency group (Executive View Project Detail
2004218140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 35000 The land area of influence are characterized by poor soils, with low organic matter nica, unstructu View Project Detail
2004318140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 29000 The project will conduct a series of environmental improvement actions that lay the groundwork for View Project Detail
2019318140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 35000 The project seeks to build and operate 20 health units and Community Statistics Sun in a school / r View Project Detail
2004018140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 34866 The project seeks to help restore ancestral pr Orchard Practice consumption through implementation- View Project Detail
2018918140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 14518 This project seeks to improve the quality of life for families in the neighborhoods of Las Piedras, View Project Detail
2019018140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 23600 The project aims to involve the Rural Development Society Az Bread and car producers in the policy View Project Detail
2019118140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 33000 This project aims to increase the ecological logic Buy food that is developed at the Farm School, f View Project Detail
2019218140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay The project aims to encourage and promote environmental education aimed at social n appropriation o View Project Detail
2019618140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 20000 This project proposes to reuse the waste canvas generated by an advertising company in the city of View Project Detail
2003818140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay The project will help raise awareness of the effects of environmental pollution n encouraging habit View Project Detail
2017118140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay The proposed environmental education of this project is to produce a set of courses, workshops sens View Project Detail
2017218140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 31612 Increased Production of milk associated with the Milk Producers Society of San Ram n (SPLSR) proper View Project Detail
2017318140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 26450 The project will implement the following technologies as in the whole of the cooperative housing: u View Project Detail
2017418140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 41395 The project proposes the realization of activities aimed at conservation in the Abra de Zabaleta, i View Project Detail
2017518140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 25300 The project aims to implement an integrated community n waste management system is to reduce its pr View Project Detail
2017618140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 19177 The project aims to promote the use of energy as alternatives to the generation trav s ny s biog us View Project Detail
2016418140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 12600 The project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in Southwest Florida Dep View Project Detail
2016518140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24602 It consists in the recovery of an area of native forest in Barrancas de Melilla , achieving a mere View Project Detail
2016618140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 50000 The objective of this project is to promote social participation and empowerment of CSOs and local View Project Detail
2016718140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 25000 Availability of seed crop landraces hort queues, agr colas, green manures, and medicinal and aromat View Project Detail
2016818140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 33534 The project aims to contribute to the recovery of the native vegetation of the coastal beach Albard View Project Detail
2016918140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24000 The project aims to contribute to the conservation of ecosystems and the rich cultural and historic View Project Detail
2017018140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24982 The project aims to trav s the consolidation of a "sustainable campus" at the headquarters of the t View Project Detail
2018418140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay The purpose of this draft Environmental education is to generate local capacities in the prevention View Project Detail
2018518140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 19773 The shrimp fishery of as fishing gear used as a trawl line with low selectivity, generating bycatch View Project Detail
2018618140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 25000 It aims to strengthen and support family farmers yj conventional Sauce for YOUNG , appropriate , im View Project Detail
2018718140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay Since July 2005, the City Council of Thirty- Three is developing a Plan of Territorial Food Soverei View Project Detail
2017718140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24950 The proposal is in home presorting waste solids in s 100 Santa Catalina neighborhood families , the View Project Detail
2017818140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24880 It consists of the installation of 8 pl biodigestores streaming appliances , industrial size , whic View Project Detail
2017918140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 5365 Effluent from the dairy and Queser as ( esti rcol and washing water) are an environmental pollution View Project Detail
2018018140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 23700 N consists of the creation of a protected natural area in the vicinity of the mouth of the R or Cua View Project Detail
2018818140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 27903 The project will contribute to improving the quality of life of the population n of the town of Are View Project Detail
2003718140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay The project Harvesting consciences jointly address a number of issues related to the environment an View Project Detail
2018118140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 6500 EL project involves the construction of a wetland to naturally purify and recycle wastewater from h View Project Detail
2018218140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 23028 It consists of the recovery , conservation and sustainable use of two coastal areas through strong View Project Detail
2004118140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 12150 The project aims to contribute to building a healthy and sustainable alternative, minimizing the us View Project Detail
2019518140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 15000 The project seeks to provide access to a balanced diet in the neighborhood Aires Puros (Montevideo) View Project Detail
2004518140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24890 To help improve the quality of life and the use of natural resources, rural residents of areas Luar View Project Detail
2004418140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 19194 Although Uruguay has ptimas Statistics character for the development of livestock in pastoral based View Project Detail
2003518140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 12300 Involves the recovery and subsequent conservation of lake ecosystem located in the Paseo de la Indi View Project Detail
2003918140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 20000 The project aims to contribute to the improvement of environmental conditions in Casavalle to trav View Project Detail
2018318140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 16000 In the department of Paysand a group of artisanal fishermen whose only means of livelihood is fishi View Project Detail
2019418140524 24-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 15000 The project contributes to reduce the consumption of traditional sources of energy as generators of View Project Detail
2019518140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay The project offer, through a play, a door for access to our cultural heritage. Promote rooting thro View Project Detail
2020518140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay The project aims to promote tourism of Bel n through the responsible and balanced use of natural an View Project Detail
2020618140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 20404 The project, located in the protected area, Lunarejo Valley, Department of Rivera, raises two main View Project Detail
2020718140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 21700 The "varges" are a type of particular wetland of the ba East of the Uruguay ados. They are a system View Project Detail
2020818140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 10460 The project aims to preserve the native forest of the grounds of the Calera in the Hu rfanas, today View Project Detail
2020918140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 50000 The project aims to contribute to strengthening the tourism portal management participatory Park em View Project Detail
2021018140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 34178 There are three dams hydropower electrical, in which there are no systems of passage of migratory f View Project Detail
2021118140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 5000 Its a Planning grant for processing n of a project implem gico whose overall objective is to streng View Project Detail
2021218140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 20000 This project proposes to develop a model of gesti n ecol gico camping Los Pinos Rinc Franque to, Be View Project Detail
2021318140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 26800 This project consists of a proposal to restore n of a sector of the native forest with an achivemen View Project Detail
2021418140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 35000 The project aims to promote a co-management n of Pando Park involving different local actors, with View Project Detail
2021518140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay The project seeks to consolidate an ecotur plastic circuit created between the Artigas 86 group and View Project Detail
2021618140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay The project aims to install an aquarium did species aut ctonas practical and offer a ride in boat o View Project Detail
2021718140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 25000 Consists of the consolidation of a network of producers org nicos and a live native and Creole seed View Project Detail
2021818140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 30960 The project aims to ecotur plastic development community based in the West countryside of Canelones View Project Detail
2018318140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 17329 Aut ctonas, made up of fish, molluscs, crust consists of n of Aquarium species acu ticas reserve cr View Project Detail
2018218140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 30000 The project seeks to improve and preserve the diversity and richness of biol magical native forests View Project Detail
2018118140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 35000 The project contribute to the conservation n, and revalorizaci n patches remnants of vegetation nat View Project Detail
2018918140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 14903 The project aims to put in activity the vessel n Ilusin n blue with implementing n for a timetable View Project Detail
2018018140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 10000 The project aims to reforest an area of beach on the coast of the R or Uruguay and space of use p p View Project Detail
2017918140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay The main objective of this project is to strengthen the development of ecotourism in the Natural Pa View Project Detail
2017818140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 20000 The project aims to contribute to the value placed on an area within the protected area Estuaries o View Project Detail
2018818140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 15000 The project aims to strengthen human capacities and f local sicas the LUNAREJO area (Golden Ball, b View Project Detail
2017718140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 15000 The project seeks to consolidate a new tur diagnostic product of nature, promoting the development View Project Detail
2018718140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 14990 The project aims to generate the sensibilizaci n and VRA heritage n of elements rico-culturales and View Project Detail
2018618140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 16250 The project seeks to recover a relict of native forest on the shores of R or Uruguay in the Departm View Project Detail
2018518140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 21200 This project seeks to contribute to mitigate the degradaci n of biodiversity (wetlands and natural View Project Detail
2018418140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 35000 The project aims to develop local capacities for the tourism portal management integrated coastal z View Project Detail
2017618140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay The project contribute to modify and decrease aggressive behavior to the environment, raising aware View Project Detail
2017518140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 24871 The project is located in the so-called north canyons, located on the northern end of the Departmen View Project Detail
2017418140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 27673 The project seeks to promote the care of the environment through the conservation of local natural View Project Detail
2019718140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 27489 Project seeks to establish design you agroecological areas integrated biodiverse, who officiate as View Project Detail
2019818140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 15060 Generate an attractive alternative to develop nature tourism, diversifying the offer and providing View Project Detail
2019918140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 22893 The project, located in the protected area (AP) Esteros de Farrapos and Islands of R or Uruguay (De View Project Detail
2020018140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 47582 The project aims to promote sustainable productive systems (magical agroecol) and the initiatives o View Project Detail
2020118140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 23000 This project seeks to contribute to the KeyCaps n from el palmar in the St. Louis area in the Depar View Project Detail
2020218140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 16716 Contribute to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of village Azn rez, valuing the envi View Project Detail
2020318140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 34337 The project aims to contribute to the conservation n ecosystems and heritage rico-cultural hist in View Project Detail
2020418140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 33750 The project aims to contribute to the improvement of environmental, social, econ mica stability and View Project Detail
2019318140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay This project proposes to provide training to or you and teachers of 6 schools of Zonal 9 communal C View Project Detail
2019218140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 25000 It contributes to improving the environmental quality of La Paloma and its environment, alleviating View Project Detail
2019118140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 22522 Achieve the recovery amount faster patch n or and creation n of an interpretive low difficulty trai View Project Detail
2019018140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 34965 Project work with 20 families of small you family producers in and around the city of Treinta y Tre View Project Detail
2019618140521 21-May-2014 Uruguay US$ 15813 Start Control mentioned invasive tica former species in an area of 10 hectares of areas where the p View Project Detail

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