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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1263316190921 21-Sep-2019 29-Oct-2019 Refer Document. development, manufacturing, assembly, qualification, testing and supply of multistage lubrication
1263216190921 21-Sep-2019 01-Oct-2019 Refer Document. annual maintenance contract of abb ups m20 20 kva modules
1263116190921 21-Sep-2019 28-Sep-2019 Refer Document. supply and installation of ifb washing machine eva aqua sx 6kg 800rpm
1247316190921 21-Sep-2019 11-Oct-2019 Refer Document. exhaust fans
1246916190921 21-Sep-2019 01-Oct-2019 Refer Document. calibration of cast iron wts
1244916190921 21-Sep-2019 09-Oct-2019 Refer Document. engagement of labourers for agriculltural activities
1244816190921 21-Sep-2019 10-Oct-2019 Refer Document. combined piezo-sensing and actuation system with data acquisition module
1244216190921 21-Sep-2019 09-Oct-2019 Refer Document. dust sampler
1234016190921 21-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 Refer Document. hiring of multi functional colour printer copier machine for a period of three years
1233916190921 21-Sep-2019 28-Sep-2019 Refer Document. electrode tungsten zirconated size 3mm dia and 150 mm long for tig welding tuncoweld or equivalent
1233816190921 21-Sep-2019 04-Oct-2019 Refer Document. providing storage cabinets and other works in the pantry
1233716190921 21-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 Refer Document. arresting roof leakages in various hangars
1232716190921 21-Sep-2019 18-Oct-2019 Refer Document. 2 nos of engine for armoured recovery vehicle .
1228816190921 21-Sep-2019 03-Oct-2019 Refer Document. out sourcing of medial service (lady medial officer) and psychological counselor
1227016190921 21-Sep-2019 10-Oct-2019 Refer Document. 1200 liters (minimum volume) propellant tanks
1226916190921 21-Sep-2019 08-Nov-2019 Refer Document. procurement of pressurisable ln2 dewars for lssc
1226816190921 21-Sep-2019 10-Oct-2019 Refer Document. esd safe shipping bags shipping boxes
1226716190921 21-Sep-2019 09-Oct-2019 Refer Document. technical service requirements for electronic fabrication
1225416190921 21-Sep-2019 10-Oct-2019 Refer Document. focal plane array with read out electronics
1225316190921 21-Sep-2019 10-Oct-2019 Refer Document. solder-in-style high tempertature emi filter
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