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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
373918190709 09-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 INR 1131314 construction of cc road
373818190709 09-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 INR 584999 construction of compound wall
373718190709 09-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 INR 560533 construction of cc drain and culvert
373618190709 09-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 INR 607548 construction of cc drain and culvert
373518190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 200000 pole and light work in goweribidhanure road
373418190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 319000 road development in ward 07 karrayappa layout
373318190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 4300000 a)de-silting resetting fencing and other development work of 3 kalayani b)ksrtc main road to linga
373218190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 2800000 security
373118190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 Refer Document. security
373018190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 17841574 improvements in selected reaches of road in yellapur taluk uttara kannada district
372918190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 44499496 recarpeting of road sh-34 at selected reaches from km. 604.17 to km. 687.82 in joida taluka of utt
372818190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 13327313 renovation of hitlkaragdde magod road from km 9.50 to 12.50 in yellapur taluk uttara kannada distr
372718190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 12724773 improvements of road from nh-63 to balgar road in selected reaches and gullapur-kodlgadde-kumbriko
372618190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 14611492 improvements of road from karwar-kaiga-ilkal road to jambalibena connectivity road and kalache app
372518190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 15591747 improvements of ummachagi panchayat kannenalli balegadde road in selected reaches and manchikeri-b
372418190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 319000 in ward 23 drain work
372318190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 3800000 a)arasana katte bund repair b)sidhara katte development work c)cholenahalli kere and sidhapurakere
372218190709 09-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 INR 1140000 santhemydhana and near sira gate highmast light erection work
183718190709 09-Jul-2019 14-Aug-2019 Refer Document. construction of kempegowda sose lakshmi devamma swimming pool
183618190709 09-Jul-2019 07-Aug-2019 INR 2364129 constructions of rcc retaining wall and compound wall work
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