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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
41918190320 20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. chlorophyll content meter
492818190320 20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. a r c for electrical jobs in project department 2019 for pdpp
636018190320 20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. digitisation of drawings/documents
716116190320 20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. supply of porcelain
769616190320 20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 INR 1424357 renovation of karikkuhy thodu from akkolil smasanam to tsunami flat in akkolil division no. 37 in
769716190320 20-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 INR 1423121 renovation of karikkuhy thodu near akkolil smasanam road in akkolil division no. 37 in kollam corp
1076718190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. special repair works on pulamanthole river bridge
29517190319 19-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 Refer Document. supply of portable automatic test system with integrated current and voltage secure of accuracy cl
34118190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 INR 500000 construction of toilet block
34218190319 19-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 INR 1808070 supply of construction material for construction of cattle shed (28 nos)
34318190319 19-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 INR 800000 building construction
34418190319 19-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 INR 1000000 flood damage work. urgent construction of drainage works to road
34518190319 19-Mar-2019 19-Mar-2019 INR 1999955 flood damage works -urgent construction of cc drain with cover slab
541052190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. arc for servicing of control and shutdown valves during annual turnaround
550118190319 19-Mar-2019 18-Mar-2019 Refer Document. lot no: 482/18 pcb grp :[pre-bid kfd timber 01] lot name: tw iii c, lot desc :lot type:tw iii ctot
58518190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 INR 1575000 installation of mobile toilet (toilet units)
58618190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. supply of smartphone
58718190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 INR 226458 mla sdf deposit work extension of 63mm pvc pipe line
58818190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 INR 1425000 installation of mobile toilet (vehicle chase)
58918190319 19-Mar-2019 21-Mar-2019 Refer Document. supply of ceftriaxone ip sterile inj 450kg
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