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Tenders For compactor

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
14218200224 24-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 United States Tender For Refuse Collection for USCG New London CT Academy
643416200222 22-Feb-2020 12-Mar-2020 India / RAJASTHAN Tender For rate contract for supply and delivery and relaterd services for truck mounted refuse compactor 14 cum capacity
975216200222 22-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 India / UTTAR PRADESH Tender For refuse compactor
981416200222 22-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 India / TAMIL NADU Tender For Movable File Storage System (Compactor)
1177116200222 22-Feb-2020 13-Mar-2020 India / UTTAR PRADESH Tender For SUPPLY OF COMPACTOR FILE STORAGE SYSTEMS - 3200X1700X2150MM , QTY -4 NOS
1221052200222 22-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 India / MADHYA PRADESH Tender For Movable File Storage System (Compactor)
1385516200222 22-Feb-2020 17-Mar-2020 South Africa Tender For Supply & delivery of various refuse compactors
1421916200222 22-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 South Africa Tender For Service Provider to Install Hydraulic Equipment on the Refuse Truck
1644052200222 22-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 India / BIHAR Tender For Laboratory Benches,Wooden Podium,Movable File Storage System (Compactor)
1648052200222 22-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 India / CHHATTISGARH Tender For Executive Table,Credenzas,Revolving Chair, chairs-office,Steel Tables,Mobile Storage Compactors
1705216200222 22-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 United States Tender For Provide and install two compactors for political wing
1779316200222 22-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 Canada Tender For Supply and Delivery of One New Compactor Roller
1815816200222 22-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 Canada Tender For ONE (1) LANDFILL COMPACTOR
1948316200222 22-Feb-2020 31-Mar-2020 United States Tender For Rental - Trash and Recycle Containers and Compactors
1197016200221 21-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 India / ANDAMAN & NICOBAR Tender For Movable File Storage System (Compactor)
1227616200221 21-Feb-2020 25-Feb-2020 India / West Bengal Tender For SUPPLY OF "4 TWIN DOUBLE BAY FILE COMPACTOR WITH INSTALLATION
1367016200221 21-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 India / ANDHRA PRADESH Tender For Supply and Installation of 02 Nos. 16 bodies/units (08 twin mobile units ) capacity of moveable/Mobile Compactor/mobistack
1407116200221 21-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2020 India / Maharashtra Tender For Operation & Maintenance of 46 Nos. of existing Stationary Compactors & 27 nos. of Watch & Ward chowkies located at different sites in City Western Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs of Greater along with transportation of stationry compactor.
1455816200221 21-Feb-2020 12-Mar-2020 India / Rajasthan Tender For Rate contract for supply delivery commissioning of truck mounted refuse compactor 14 cum capacity as per bid document
1658016200221 21-Feb-2020 25-Feb-2020 India / DELHI Tender For Shifting of Compactor and Cash Safe in New Office

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