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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
125617200530 30-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 4997504 Tender For construction of concrete revetment/road s slope protection of the mexico -angeles road, san miguel/ segment View Tender Detail
130917200530 30-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 174107 Tender For construction of canal lining at malvar st. & aglipay st. at 5 , sarrat, View Tender Detail
188417200530 30-May-2020 22-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 3874502 Tender For procurement of office supplies for the use of the sangguniang panlalawigan office and vice governor s office for the 2nd quarter 2020 View Tender Detail
421317200530 30-May-2020 02-Jul-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Supply of medicinal products used as part of chemotherapy to three locations View Tender Detail
661617200530 30-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 India / Gujarat INR 863200 Tender For Work of Loading, Unloading & Transportation of H2 & CL2 gas Cylinders. (Filled / Empty), from M/s GACL to GTPS & vice versa, on as and when required basis for 11-months. View Tender Detail
1022017200530 30-May-2020 24-Jun-2020 India / Andhra Pradesh INR 17194046 Tender For Replacement of Track circuits on steel girder bridges with Dual SSDAC/HASSDAC to improve reliability and safety on Bridges in ADSTE/NLR and ADSTE/Tele section of Vijayawada division. View Tender Detail
1067717200530 30-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 India / RAJASTHAN Refer Document. Tender For Bench Vice 6%u201D Jaw View Tender Detail
1164317200530 30-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 India / HARYANA Refer Document. Tender For COPPER STRIP CORROSION TEST APPARATUS View Tender Detail
2817200529 29-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 264651 Tender For supply of fuel for the use of the rp vehicles of the cswdo, city vice mayor and senior citizens office, city View Tender Detail
22417200529 29-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 150000 Tender For provision of supplies and materials for the repair of bayanihan hall and cr roofing in nature village,palui island,,sta.ana, View Tender Detail
94517200529 29-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 150000 Tender For purchase of three (3) sets of computer - office of the vice mayor View Tender Detail
129417200529 29-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 5500 Tender For repair and maintenance of strada gls 4x4 mt -vice mayor`s office (labor) View Tender Detail
325917200529 29-May-2020 22-Jun-2020 India / orissa INR 9013283 Tender For Hiring of 2 (Two) 10T trucks along with driver round the clock for (i)Transportation of materials from SSE/C & W Depot, Khurda Road to various C points and vice versa under SSE/C for a period of three years. (ii)Transportation of materials from SSE View Tender Detail
492217200529 29-May-2020 09-Jul-2020 Belgium Refer Document. Tender For Maintenance and repair of generators of hydraulic works of art in Walloon waterways View Tender Detail
550917200529 29-May-2020 25-Jun-2020 Portugal EUR 338324 Tender For Special school transport circuits for the academic year 2020/2021 View Tender Detail
556217200529 29-May-2020 24-Jun-2020 Greece EUR 1207200 Tender For Provision of high-cost drug courier services, from e.O.P.Y.Y. pharmacies to other locations and vice versa in points of the E.O.P.Y.Y., as defined for the transport of medicines from pharmacies of the E.O.P.Y.Y. directly to the insured. View Tender Detail
828217200529 29-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Pakistan Refer Document. Tender For Repair of Roof at Corridor of Vice Chancellors Secretariat and Painting of Corrugated Sheet at Roof of Old Academic Block City Campus View Tender Detail
828817200529 29-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Pakistan Refer Document. Tender For Repair of Roof View Tender Detail
850717200529 29-May-2020 29-Jul-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For Serial number readers 4 units View Tender Detail
850817200529 29-May-2020 21-Jul-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For Rubber roll of the printing machine about 1,321 rolls View Tender Detail
850917200529 29-May-2020 04-Aug-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For high speed arbitrary waveform generator View Tender Detail
852917200529 29-May-2020 05-Aug-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For Overhaul of the malware container air conditioning equipment View Tender Detail
864617200529 29-May-2020 31-Jul-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For The production of low profile 64 elements active electronically scanned sub array antenna for receiver View Tender Detail
864717200529 29-May-2020 06-Aug-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For Collocation service for cloud infrastructure equipment View Tender Detail
864817200529 29-May-2020 21-Jul-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For Trial product of stripe ovd foil (3) 80 rolls View Tender Detail
876017200529 29-May-2020 22-Jul-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For Original gold products View Tender Detail
876617200529 29-May-2020 16-Jul-2020 Japan Refer Document. Tender For Lease, offer of services etc, merchandising contract for network equipment for jogmec technology research center office of chiba, View Tender Detail
339851200528 28-May-2020 06-Jul-2020 Nigeria Refer Document. Tender For advocacy and awareness campaign against kidnapping, hostage taking and other social vices in owerri-ikeduru, imo state. View Tender Detail
374017200528 28-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 India / West Bengal Refer Document. Tender For 1) Vice for Shaper Machine. Quantity 01No. 2) V-Belt,B-72. Quantity 02Nos 3) V-Belt,C-85. Quantity 02Nos. View Tender Detail
525817200528 28-May-2020 29-Jun-2020 Spain EUR 126821 Tender For Life-saving and rescue services contract in the municipal swimming pools of San Vicente del Raspeig View Tender Detail
689317200528 28-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 India / MADHYA PRADESH INR 111340 Tender For Collection of burnt oil sample bottle of HEMM transportation and deposition at CMC,CWS, Jayant for debris analysis of all HEMMs working at Jhingurda Project and vice versa View Tender Detail
778517200528 28-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 India / Andhra Pradesh Refer Document. Tender For Regular handling and transport contract for handling of food grains View Tender Detail
843917200528 28-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 80981 Tender For PROCUREMENT OF OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT View Tender Detail
910517200528 28-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 199500 Tender For Supply and Delivery of Information Technology Equipment for the Vice Mayor and the Sangguniang Bayan Members View Tender Detail
926817200528 28-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 122816 Tender For PROCUREMENT OF VARIOUS HARDWARE SUPPLY View Tender Detail
928517200528 28-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 109500 Tender For Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment for the Office of The Provincial Vice Governor View Tender Detail
947017200528 28-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 87000 Tender For Purchase of Office Equipment-Vice Mayor View Tender Detail
17817200526 26-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 619728 Tender For concreting of access road leading to sanitary landfill brgy. gumaca, View Tender Detail
45717200526 26-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 57900000 Tender For construction/ repair/ rehabilitation/ improvement of various infrastructure including local projects - construction of bridge, brgy View Tender Detail
52717200526 26-May-2020 04-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 250000 Tender For rehabilitation of local road at brgy. (rotonda section) View Tender Detail
152117200526 26-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 3999955 Tender For rehabilitation of road with construction of drainage canal., m.h. del pilar st., east, View Tender Detail
173917200526 26-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 479500 Tender For purchase and delivery of office equipment, ict equipment and furniture and fixture use at sangguniang bayan office - legislation, secretariat and office of the vice mayor View Tender Detail
226917200526 26-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 110000 Tender For emergency purchase for 2019 novel coronavirus preventive measures protocol to be used for brgy. , sta. maria, View Tender Detail
356117200526 26-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 India / WEST BENGAL Refer Document. Tender For 1) Chaser Vice for thread chaser MachineM20. Quantity-01 Set. 2) Chaser Slider for thread chaser Machine M20- Quantity-04 Nos 3) Threading Bit. Quantity-04Sets 4) Plaining Bit. Quantity-04Sets. 5) Twist drill Bit(22mm). Quantity- 02Nos 6) Balancing View Tender Detail
656317200526 26-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 Italy EUR 243279 Tender For Urban Planning Service for Sustainable Mobility (PUMS) of the Municipality of Vicenza View Tender Detail
807017200525 25-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 India / KARNATAKA Refer Document. Tender For BENCH VICE HEAVY DUTY View Tender Detail
390117200516 16-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 India / Orissa Refer Document. Tender For appointment of regular Road Transport Contractor(s) for transportation of food grains View Tender Detail
390217200516 16-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 India / Orissa Refer Document. Tender For appointment of regular Road Transport Contractor(s) for transportation of food grains View Tender Detail
205017200515 15-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 United States Refer Document. Tender For Medical PPE in response to COVID-19 : (1) Medical Examination Gloves. (2) Medical Aprons (3) Medical Face Masks (N95 Respirator) (4) Medical Face Shields (5) Hand Sanitizer (6) Surgical Masks (7) Swab Viral Transport Kit (8) Viral Transport Swabs ( View Tender Detail

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