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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
182051150605 05-Jun-2015 Burundi 0 burundi- infrastructure resilience emergency project View Project Detail
188051150605 05-Jun-2015 Burundi 0 bi eight economic reform support grant View Project Detail
191051150605 05-Jun-2015 Burundi 0 bi-jiji and mulembwe hydropower View Project Detail
347051150528 28-May-2015 Burundi 0 making srh services work for next generation View Project Detail
391051150528 28-May-2015 Burundi 0 respect education at primary schools View Project Detail
191051150519 19-May-2015 Burundi 0 interconnection of electric grids of nile equatorial lakes countries View Project Detail
2000418150507 07-May-2015 Burundi Not Specified IFC proposes an investment of US$8 million in Senior B Notes of the BoP Impact Exchange Fund ("BIX View Project Detail
2003718140530 30-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49935 For 10 years, Kirundo Province in general and the common Bugabira in particular is experiencing a s View Project Detail
2476418140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 43322 In Ngozi province in general and in Gashikanwa District in particular, there is a problem of soil e View Project Detail
2476518140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 50000 Zone o reforestation project and work of protection of the basin Versant de Muhomero in common and View Project Detail
2476618140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 44452 Nyakazu area is located in Rutana Province, in the eastern region of Burundi. Nyakazu is a touristi View Project Detail
2476718140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 48514 The commune of Mubimbi locating in the region of the MIRWA are, it has indeed hills accident and d View Project Detail
2476818140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49641 Activities human g n rent so much pollution that it affects l environment a mani re g n rale, but p View Project Detail
2476918140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49717 The banks of the Lake Cohoha were distinctive ris es galleries d trees and native shrubs it is abou View Project Detail
2477018140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 43191 The Cankuzo province is located in the eastern region of Burundi and facing to a deforestation and View Project Detail
2474418140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 33388 The Butaganzwa District is located in Ruyigi province in the eastern region of Burundi. That region View Project Detail
2474518140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 43233 The Murehe natural reserve is located in Busoni Distrct, Kirundo province. The main threat of that View Project Detail
2474618140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 44787 The Kirundo province has now a big problem of drough, soil degradation and rural population poverty View Project Detail
2474718140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49935 The pr this project comes to cope with ill gales of Vyanda natural reserve are holdings. It has sev View Project Detail
2474818140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49685 A good number of the population of the commune of Giteranyi sp specially those of the hills of Caga View Project Detail
2474918140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 34680 Lake Rweru is one of the lakes in the North of Burundi. The waters of Lake Rweru are important sour View Project Detail
2475018140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 50000 D afforestation and desertification d pose a threat serious s biodiversity and are the major causes View Project Detail
2475118140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 50000 A very important portion of the surrounding municipalities of mont Mukinya d depends on goods and s View Project Detail
2475218140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49688 Lake Cohoha has lost all its natural vegetation v which occupied the banks and which connected the View Project Detail
2475318140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 50000 Re Ruvubu River is one of the rival res international which form the Nile. This rival re is e threa View Project Detail
2475418140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 43155 The Cankuzo province is located in the eastern region of Burundi and facing to a deforestation and View Project Detail
2475518140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49983 When creating the Ruvubu national park in 1988 population b n recipient of the project has t d plac View Project Detail
2475618140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 44667 The Kibira National Park has been partially destroyed during the socio political crisis which happe View Project Detail
2475718140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 47583 Rival re Akagera is part of network of water importance are regional, including the waters of the N View Project Detail
2475818140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 50000 The Ruvubu National Park has as main threats current l use of wood as a source of energy in the bri View Project Detail
2475918140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 47583 Br ve description du projet : La rivi re Akagera fait partie du r seau des eaux importance r gional View Project Detail
2476018140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49930 Gasave area is reproduction re with the Ruvubu National Park and its population constitutes a threa View Project Detail
2476118140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49836 The majority of the population of the commune of RUHORORO, especially hill MUHAMA d depends on l ag View Project Detail
2476218140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 49915 The Hill of Mpondogoto knows a dense d o l r forgotten population achieve a re jach. M me afforesta View Project Detail
2476318140519 19-May-2014 Burundi US$ 50000 For almost a decade, l d there is a surexplotation of the coastline of Lake Rweru, including search View Project Detail
2022318140515 15-May-2014 Burundi US$ 44762 The district of Busiga in Ngozi province is characterized by a high level of soil erosion as well a View Project Detail
2004018140407 07-Apr-2014 Burundi Not Specified EDF Works to construct the markets in Buterere and Karuzi and improve the peripheral markets in Kan View Project Detail
2000018140328 28-Mar-2014 Burundi Not Specified EDF Supply and commissioning of 10 ambulances and 15 4x4 emergency response vehicles for healthcare View Project Detail
2001518140328 28-Mar-2014 Burundi Not Specified EDF Supply, installation and commissioning of medical equipment for the hospitals in Gisuru, Musong View Project Detail
2002718130724 24-Jul-2013 Burundi Not Specified EDF Supply and commissioning of 9 ambulances, 2 workshop vehicles and 28 4x4 vehicles for monitorin View Project Detail
2002618130502 02-May-2013 Burundi Not Specified EDF Supply, installation, connection to the Regideso network and commissioning of electrical equipm View Project Detail
2004018130502 02-May-2013 Burundi Not Specified EDF Supply, installation and commissioning of medical equipment for the hospitals View Project Detail
139618121121 21-Nov-2012 Burundi 0 EDF medical equipment for hospital and health centres View Project Detail

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