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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
318051150723 23-Jul-2015 Ghana 0 4-in-1, water supply, efficiency, protection and sustainability View Project Detail
2000318150709 09-Jul-2015 Ghana Not Specified This Environmental and Social Review Summary(ESRS) is prepared and distributed in advance of the IF View Project Detail
221051150624 24-Jun-2015 Ghana 0 productivity and profitability of organic and conventional farming systems - a comparative analysis View Project Detail
493051150609 09-Jun-2015 Ghana 0 public financial management reform project View Project Detail
213051150602 02-Jun-2015 Ghana 0 promoting inclusive growth and development View Project Detail
383051150530 30-May-2015 Ghana 0 hydro chlorofluorocarbon phase-out management plan for ghana View Project Detail
385051150530 30-May-2015 Ghana 0 low emission capacity building (lecb) project View Project Detail
389051150530 30-May-2015 Ghana 0 china-ghana south-south cooperation on renewable energy technology transfer View Project Detail
394051150530 30-May-2015 Ghana 0 community resilience through early warning View Project Detail
398051150530 30-May-2015 Ghana 0 support for development and operation of cocobod`s ghana cocoa platform View Project Detail
402051150530 30-May-2015 Ghana 0 environmental sustainability and policy for cocoa production in ghana View Project Detail
298051150529 29-May-2015 Ghana 0 kpone thermal power plant (ktpp) View Project Detail
299051150529 29-May-2015 Ghana 0 vra wind power projects View Project Detail
305051150529 29-May-2015 Ghana 0 bui hydro power plant View Project Detail
308051150529 29-May-2015 Ghana 0 vra solar power project View Project Detail
311051150529 29-May-2015 Ghana 0 domunli thermal power project (dtpp) View Project Detail
242051150529 29-May-2015 Ghana 0 takoradi 2 thermal power project View Project Detail
314051150529 29-May-2015 Ghana 0 pawlugu multipurpose dam project View Project Detail
293051150526 26-May-2015 Ghana 0 ghana 1000 gastopower project View Project Detail
343051150521 21-May-2015 Ghana 0 vitol sankofa - early disclosure View Project Detail
411051150518 18-May-2015 Ghana 0 additional financing for energy development and access project View Project Detail
433051150518 18-May-2015 Ghana 0 ghana eiti - post-compliance ii View Project Detail
2000818150420 20-Apr-2015 Ghana Not Specified The proposed project involves an equity investment in a major bank in East Africa (the "Bank"). The View Project Detail
2001618150411 11-Apr-2015 Ghana Not Specified The proposed Project consists of a Tier II qualifying subordinated debt of US$20 million to Ecobank View Project Detail
2003118150409 09-Apr-2015 Ghana Not Specified The Sankofa and Gye Nyame gas fields ("Sankofa Gas Field") and the Sankofa East oil field are locat View Project Detail
2009918140916 17-Sep-2014 Ghana $ 500000 to support the Bank of Ghana and its stakeholders to strengthen and expand the credit information s View Project Detail
2011618140614 14-Jun-2014 Ghana US$ 1600 The NGO was to use PRA to gather baseline socio-economic data and biodiversity baseline data that c View Project Detail
2065918140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 45769 The Common Hippopotamus, Hippopotamus amphibius one of Africa s large mammals is globally endangere View Project Detail
2067218140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 31100 The project addresses problems of loss of biodiversity in the Enchil district due to establishment View Project Detail
2062118140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 5726 Nyagbo-Konda and Gagbefe are situated in the middle dry deciduous forest zone of Ghana and in a hil View Project Detail
2057018140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 3000 The project showcased ecotourism as an alternative use of Ghana s diverse natural resources for the View Project Detail
2058918140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 42436 The River Ponpon and the Falls that occur along its length including the Boti Falls occur in the Dr View Project Detail
2036418140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 12000 The Karugbunto, Bulampuso, Jangbarigape, Biboposo (No.1) Biboposo (No.2) and Gandalsipe areas of th View Project Detail
2043218140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 20000 PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2.1 Background of Project Area The West Mumprusi district in the Northern regio View Project Detail
2033118140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 25000 BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT To allocate funds directly into the rural communities and their CBO has b View Project Detail
2019718140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 32200 Problem definition Over the years, farm outputs/yields have declined considerable due to increasing View Project Detail
2020018140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 25000 The Golinga (100 hectares) is one of the two major irrigation schemes in the Northern Region of Gha View Project Detail
2069818140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 40000 The project addresses the problem of loss of biodiversity in coastal marine ecosystem of Ada distri View Project Detail
2070518140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 36600 The project seeks to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization of semi-arid nat View Project Detail
2072518140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 20000 The proposed project is the stretch of land bordering Lackham and Wudomiabra in the Bowiri Amanfrom View Project Detail
2074318140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 25000 The project seeks to offer assistance and support to realize a sustained livelihood and wellbeing o View Project Detail
2075018140515 15-May-2014 Ghana US$ 21200 Problem Identification Apart from the global climate change crisis, population explosion, limited l View Project Detail
2006418140430 30-Apr-2014 Ghana Not Specified EDF Technical assistance to the establishment of the national accreditation body View Project Detail
2000818140218 18-Feb-2014 Ghana Not Specified DCI Equipment for water weed harvest and large-scale composting plant close to Kpong (Volta River) View Project Detail
2003618130904 04-Sep-2013 Ghana Not Specified EDF Technical assistance to the National Media Commission View Project Detail
53718121212 12-Dec-2012 Ghana 0 the technical assistance to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) for the provision of experti View Project Detail
30118121004 04-Oct-2012 Ghana 0 Supply of laboratory and metrology equipment for testing and calibration laboratories View Project Detail

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