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Free Tenders (Active Tenders) Updated on 13/04/2017

Active Tenders

  1. GTZ Tenders Tender for Investment plans for SAPCCs
    Tender Ref. no. : 344218170131
    (Active Till : 10th May, 2017)
  2. GTZ Tenders Tender for designing of communication material for stakeholder awareness for Solar Power Irrigation Systems (SPIS) in India. Reference Number : 83254651
    Tender Ref. no. : 345118170131
    (Active Till : 31st May, 2017 by 17:00hrs)
  3. GTZ Tenders Tender for marketing support of fresh fruits and vegetables by FPOs in Karnataka. Reference Number : 83253098.
    Tender Ref. no. : 344118170131
    (Active Till : 5th May 2017 by 17:30 hrs.)
Archive Tenders
  1. Tender for assignment on Corporate - Start-up partnership to pilot innovative solutions focused at BoP population- STRATEGIC ALLIANCE.
    Tender Ref. no. : 381518170131
    (Active Till : 8th March, 2017 By 17:30hrs)
  2. Tender for Assignment on Training Support for Village Level Health Educators and Asha Ammas under Project Hope.
    Tender Ref. no. : 402218170131
    (Active Till : 6th March, 2017)
  3. Tender to establish the baseline data for the project sites to be used to prepare the micro plan and monitoring system of the sites.
    Tender Ref. no. : 382218170131
    (Active Till : 10th March 2017)
  4. Tender for Terms of Reference for supporting Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on identifying areas and setting up guidelines/standards for large biogas plants
    Tender Ref. no. : 500016161109
    (Active Till : 23rd December 2016)
  5. Tender for Terms of Reference (ToR) for engaging a suitable firm consultancy for incubating Rural Energy Enterprises
    Tender Ref. no. : 12317160830
    (Active Till : 27th November 2016 by 17:30hrs)
  6. Tender for Strategic Alliance – Corporate Engagement in Start-up and Social Enterprise Incubation
    Tender Ref. no. : 83817161102
    (Active Till : 24th November 2016 by 16:00hrs)
  7. Tender for Purchase of Air Purifiers, Tender Number : 91102774
    Tender Ref. no. : 17917160830
    (Active Till : 21st November 2016)
  8. Tender for Technical support in assets creation and community led asset management practices (CLAMP) for Models of Environment Benefit works under MGNREGA in Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh
    Tender Ref. no. : 83717161102
    (Active Till : 18th November 2016 by 17:30hrs)
  9. Tender documents for Capacity Development And Technical Support For Implementation Of Model Environment Benefit Works Through MGNREGA In Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh
    Tender Ref. no. : 11217161025
    (Active Till : 17th November 2016 by 17:30hrs)
  10. Tender documents for Developing a Roadmap for Public Support Programmes for Clean Cooking in India by 2025. - IGEN Access
    Tender Ref. no. : 12717160830
    (Active Till : 16th November 2016 by 17:30hrs)
  11. Tender for Consultancy Services to Support for Capacity Building of 300 Officials from Regional Rural Banks & Providing Tech. Assistance
    Tender Ref. no. : 63117160916
    (Active Till : 7th November 2016 by 17:30hrs)
  12. Tender Notice For To engage a Consultancy firm for “conducting short-term field research studies to inform management planning of two coastal wetlands in Gujarat” under the Conservation and Management of Existing and Potential Coastal and Marine Protected Areas Project under the IndoGerman Biodiversity Programme.
    Tender Ref. no. : 1308816160929
    (Active Till : 21st October 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  13. Tender Notice For Facilitating Convergent Planning and Implementation of MGNREGA to Leverage Environmental Benefits through Sustainable NRM in Rajasthan for 2016-17
    Tender Ref. no. : 384518160928
    (Active Till : 19th October 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  14. Expression of Interest - for Development of online training module for Anganwadi workers, supervisors in Madhya Pradesh, India -FANS
    Tender Ref. no. : 27317160917
    (Active Till : 14th October 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  15. Tender Notice for Web based loan monitoring software (phase 2) under the Project “Umbrella Programme for Natural Resource Management (UPNRM)”
    Tender Ref. no. : 300818160902
    (Active Till : 20th September 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  16. Tender Notice for Conducting Research Study on Planning Process for Convergent ‘Annual Action Plan & Labour Budgeting-2017- 18’ preparation under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA in Rajasthan
    Tender Ref. no. : 110617160819
    (Active Till : 7th September 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
    Tender Ref. no. : 69817160802
    (Active Till : 6th September 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  18. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST for Sustainable and Environment-friendly Industrial Production (SEIP)
    Tender Ref. no. : 1014716160728
    (Active Till : 11th August 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  19. Tender for Selection of Manufacturer(s) for Fabricating Solar Absorber Base & its Supply to Project Site Inquiry Number: 91100512
    Tender Ref. no. : 118017160711
    (Active Till : 08th August 2016)
  20. Tender for Procurement of Office Car (4WD SUV with Automatic Transmission) Inquiry Number: 91100189
    Tender Ref. no. : 1287316160627
    (Active Till : 18th July 2016)
  21. Open Tender for Hiring of Internet Services for GIZ Buildings in Delhi
    Tender Ref. no. : 100517160618
    (Active Till : 20th July 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  22. TENDER NOTICE FOR Mapping of existing capacity building programs for women entrepreneurs in India
    Tender Ref. no. : 110816160607
    (Active Till : 28th June 2016 by 16:00 hrs)
  23. TENDER NOTICE FOR Strategic Alliance – Corporate Engagement in Start-up and Social Enterprise Incubation
    Tender Ref. no. : 100016160531
    (Active Till : 24th June 2016 by 16:00 hrs)
  24. TENDER NOTICE FOR Assessment of Results under the Project “Climate Change Knowledge Network in Indian Agriculture (CCKN-IA)”
    Tender Ref. no. : 510318160513
    (Active Till : 27th May 2016 by 17:30hrs)
  25. Tender Notice for Individual Consultants / Expert Only ON Energy Security Considerations into National Planning -GIZ Afghanistan
    Tender Ref. no. : 88417160416
    (Active Till : 13th May 2016 by 17:30hrs)
  26. Tender Notice For Consultancy Services for Creating Communication Products
    Tender Ref. no. : 84417160302
    (Active Till : March 29, 2016, by 17:30 hrs)
  27. Tender Notice For A Feasibility Study on the Sustainable Financing of the Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Park at Airoli in Thane Creek, Mumbai, Maharashtra for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Protected Areas (CMPA) project in, India
    Tender Ref. no. : 48917160125
    (Active Till : 19th February 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  28. Tender for Procurement Insulation Material (Bonded Mattresses, Ceramic Fibre Blanket and Preformed Fibrous Pipe Section) Inquiry Number: 91094796
    Tender Ref. no. : 11717151110
    (Active Till : 08th February 2016)
  29. Tender Notice for Consultancy Services for Co-management of Coastal and Marine Resources Supporting Biodiversity Conservation in Palk Bay
    Tender Ref. no. : 967818151223
    (Active Till : 15th January 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  30. Tender for Market based approach for revival of existing under utilised off grid projects with the participation of private players and local communities
    Tender Ref. no. : 60117151217
    (Active Till : 11th January 2016 by 17:30 hrs)
  31. Tender notice For Expert support for the assessment of the greenhouse gas mitigation potential of the nitric acid sector in India
    Tender Ref. no. : 70917151127
    (Active Till : 18th December’ 2015 by 17:30hrs)
  32. Tender For Technical support through engaging the services of Consultancy firm for site selection for undertaking consumer awareness campaign and for developing a relevant toolkit for improving the market intelligence leading to promotion of solar powered irrigation technologies under ‘The Access to Energy for Rural Areas of Indo-German Energy Programme’.
    Tender Ref. no. : 16817150624
    (Active Till : 5th November 2015 by 17:30 hrs)
  33. Tender For Strategic Alliance – Corporate Engagement in Start-up and Social Enterprise Incubation
    Tender Ref. no. : 109717150916
    (Active Till : 23rd Oct 2015)
  34. Tender For Innovation Promotion in MSME
    Tender Ref. no. : 92717150916
    (Active Till : 12th Oct 2015)
  35. Tender for Procurement Cast Iron Shots for Solar Thermal Power Plant. Inquiry Number: 91092452
    Tender Ref. no. : 94417150611
    (Active Till : 06th Oct 2015)
  36. Tender Notice for Engaging a consultant for establishing market linkages for the products of the Swaraj Group, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand
    Tender Ref. no. : 95617150731
    (Active Till : 15th Sept 2015 by 17:30 hrs)
  37. Tender Notice for Baseline of Targeted Public Distribution System(TPDS) in "Madhya Pradesh” Under Food and Nutrition Security, Enhanced Resilience (FaNS)
    Tender Ref. no. : 103817150727
    (Active Till : 17th Aug’2015, by 17:30hrs)
  38. Tender Inquiry for Framework Agreement on Printing Services.
    Tender Ref. no. : 106717150723
    (Active Till : 12th August 2015)
  39. Tender for Procurement of Seamless Pipe for water and steam application (IBR and non IBR grade) for Solar Thermal Power Plant.
    Tender Ref. no. : 109117150627
    (Active Till : 18th August 2015)
  40. Tender for Procurement Valves & Fittings for Solar Thermal Power Plant.
    Tender Ref. no. : 109317150627
    (Active Till : 14th August 2015)
  41. Selection of Consulting & Chartered Engineer Firm Only, for conducting Inspection, Verification and Certification of materials procured for IndiaOne - 1 MWel Solar thermal power plant at the project site in Mount Abu, Rajasthan
    Tender Ref. no. : 106817150714
    (Active Till : 3rd Aug 2015, by 17:30hrs)
  42. Tender for Procurement of Power and Control Cable for Solar Thermal Power Plant.
    Tender Ref. no. : 278716150514
    (Active Till : 09th June 2015)
  43. Tender for Supply and Installation of Air Purifiers.
    Tender Ref. no. : 58417150507
    (Active Till : 27th May 2015)
  44. Tender for Procurement of Structural Steel Components (Rod, Flat, Plate, Angle & TMT Rebar)
    Tender Ref. no. : 100017150209
    (Active Till : 26th Feb 2015, by 17:30hrs)
  45. Tender for Procurement Grey Cast Iron Receivers.
    Tender Ref. no. : 105516150115
    (Active Till : 4th February 2015)
  46. Tender for Procurement of Structural Steel for constructing Solar Thermal Power Plant.
    Tender Ref. no. : 237717141210
    (Active Till : 23rd January 2015)
  47. Exploring business opportunities for UPNRM in North Eastern Region (Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland)
    Tender Ref. no. : 262117141111
    (Active Till 19th Nov 2014)
  48. Rapid Assessment of Technical Design via-a-vis environmental benefits in the shelf of works of MGNREGA
    Tender Ref. no. : 209317140927
    (Active Till 14 October 2014, by 17:30hrs)
  49. Innovative Financial Products and Services available for Self Help Groups (SHGs) and their member
    Tender Ref. no. : 257817140911
    (Active Till 29th September, 2014 (5.30 PM))
  50. Design & development of GIZ - IGSSP website and Social Media Profiles
    Tender Ref. no. : 15517140724
    (Active Till 23th August 2014)
  51. Self Help Group Bank Linkage Programme (SHG BLP), A Business Model for Banks”under GIZ RFIP
    Tender Ref. no. : 325717140707
    (Active Till 23rd July 2014)
    Impact evaluation of Single Window Service Centres for Unorganised Workers
    Tender Ref. no. : 34317140623
    (Active Till 14th July’2014 by 17:30hrs)
  53. Consulting Services For ‘Public Procurement Policy for MSE 2012: Enhancing MSE’s Access to Public Procurement’
    Tender Ref. no. : 184417140610
    (Active Till 4th July, 2014 (5.30 PM))
  54. consulting services for ‘Design and Development of Human Resources Management System (HRMS) for the Office of DC-MSME, Government of India’
    Tender Ref. no. : 125217140501
    (Active Till 23rd May, 2014 (5.30 PM))
  55. Consultancy Services for End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) Assessment in India
    (Active Till 25 April 2014, by 17:30hrs)
  56. Tender for Group Medical Insurance and OPD Services
    (Active Till 4th April 2014)
  57. Social Venture Incubators through Capacity Building and Mentoring
    (Active Till March 12th 2014)
  58. Tender for Support to SIDBI Equity & Risk Capital Department for developing National Innovation Finance Programme (NIFP)
    (Active Till 6th March 2014)
  59. Tender for Consultant Service for Nokia-GIZ DPPP Create to Inspire Program – Youth Component
    (Active Till 27th January 2014)
  60. Procurement and installation of solar water pumps as per the attached specification for replacing diesel pumps in Vaishali district of Bihar
    (Active Till 17:30hrs on November 22, 2013)
  61. Performance Monitoring System Tender for Trigen Pilot Plant at JPNATC, New Delhi
    (Active Till 17:30hrs on November 18th 2013)
  62. To Purchase Laboratory Testing Equipments (Electrical) for GIZ ESRA Project, Afghanistan.
    (Active Till 17:30hrs on October 14th 2013)
  63. To Purchase Dairy Equipments for GIZ NaWi Mazar, Afghanistan as per the attached specification.
    (Active Till 17:30hrs on July 24, 2013)
  64. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Invite Expression of interests (EOI) for Travel Management Services CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Travel Management Services F.A.Q
    (Active Till 17:00Hrs. of 28 May 2013)
  65. Procurement of Equipment and Tools for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Training Programs in different parts of the country.
    (Active Till 4:00 pm on December 7, 2012)
    (Active Till 4:00 pm on 19th November 2012)
  67. 1. Tender for Providing Support to Advisory Committee on Integrated Septage Management
    ( Active Till 05/10/2012)
    ( Active Till 03/09/2012)
  69. Request For Proposal For Enabling Effective Implementation Of Public Procurement Policy For MSEs, Office Of DC MSME, Ministry Of MSME
    ( Active Till 31/07/2012), at 16:00 Hrs.
  70. Purpose of Bid: Procurement of Dairy Equipments for GIZ - NaWI Project in Afghanistan Download FAQ
    ( Active Till 18/01/2012), at 17:00 Hrs.
    ( Active Till 30/11/2011)
  72. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL for Organisational and structural review of MSME, Development institutes, Office of DC MSME, Ministry of MSME Download FAQ
    ( Active Till 09/09/2011)
  73. Procurement of Ancillary equipment for GIZ - TRIGEN Project in New Delhi
    Active Till 12/09/2011
  74. Procurement of Information Technology material for GIZ - SSPK Project in Bangalore
    Lot 1 : Desktop, Laptop, Mouse, Printer, Scanner, UPS, External Hdd (back up), Software : Windows operating System, MS Office – 2010 Professional or Windows 7, Norton Anti Virus (1 year, Individual), 1 year AMC for all equipments
    Lot 2: Mobile Phones, Web Cam, Broad Band Cards, External Hdd (back up
    ) Download FAQ
    Active Till 16/08/2011
  75. GTZ invites bids from eligible bidders for an “Evaluation Study of MSME Tool Rooms” under MSME Financing and Development Project jointly implemented with Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
    (Active Till - 11/04/2011 )
  76. GIZ Invites bid from reputed and experienced consultancy firms for “Measurement of customer satisfaction & credit gap mapping in select MSME clusters” under MSME Financing and Development project, jointly implemented with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).
    Active Till - 04/03/2011
  77. GTZ Invites Expression of Interest to bid for Venture Capital and SME's: Impact Assessment of SIDBI Venture Capital Limited (SVCL) managed funds".
    Active Till 11/01/2010
  78. The German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and S tandardisation, Testing and Quality Certification Directorate (STQC), Ministry for Communication and Information Technology are conducting an eGovernance project called “Economic development through eGovernance”.
  79. Corrigendum for Construction of sheds for housing generators, oil expellers/decorticators etc. and for storage of biomass in villages in Korba district of Chhattisgarh (Lot-A and Lot-B) and in Kolwan in district Pune of Maharashtra (Lot-C) under the Indo-German bilateral cooperation project “Renewable energy supply for rural areas”. Extended upto 31/08/2009
  80. Construction of sheds for housing generators, oil expellers/decorticators etc. and for storage of biomass in villages in Korba district of Chhattisgarh (Lot-A and Lot-B) and in Kolwan in district Pune of Maharashtra (Lot-C) under the Indo-German bilateral cooperation project “Renewable energy supply for rural areas”.
    Posted on 09/07/2009 (Active Till 21/08/2009)
  81. GTZ Invites Expression of Interest For "Testing and Quality Certification Directorate (STQC)"
    Posted on 28/02/2009 (Active Till 12/03/2009)
  82. German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) Invites the interested and authorized parties to bid for Supply, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Equipment & Machinery for Rural Energy Supply System in a cluster of villages in Korba district of Chhattisgarh
    Posted on 01/12/2008(Active Till 29/12/2008)

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