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Ref NoPosting DateDeadline LocationShort Description
283518170218 18-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of one lot nfa chorale costume
264518170218 18-Feb-2017 22-Feb-2017 Philippines sports uniform
262518170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Philippines procurement of uniforms for the zpraa meet officials/technical working group
260618170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Philippines procurement of polo shirt w/ printing
254118170218 18-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Philippines purchase of barangay uniforms
239318170218 18-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Philippines costumes/attires for use of bulawan festival
239118170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Philippines purchase of fire olympics uniform
234018170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Philippines garments
229718170218 18-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Philippines clothing (emergency situation)
212118170218 18-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Philippines procurement of t-shirt for gad seminar (women`s month celebration 2017)
199818170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of uniforms for negosyo center business counselors
192418170218 18-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of 350 pcs 2017 women`s month advocacy shirt
189618170218 18-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Philippines tailoring
182718170218 18-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Philippines garments
165018170218 18-Feb-2017 03-Mar-2017 Philippines purchase of brgy. uniform
770016170217 17-Feb-2017 22-Feb-2017 Philippines for training and assessment supplies of dressmaking nc ii (20 trainees) san agustin,
765016170217 17-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 Philippines tent
756616170217 17-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Philippines 1 installation of sheer curtains etc.
753116170217 17-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 Philippines purchase of polo shirt white with print - senior citizens of brgy. san felipe east
730616170217 17-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 Philippines supply & delivery of long sleeve shirt with collar & print (16 site)
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