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1226016170624 24-Jun-2017 26-Jun-2017 Philippines piece air cleaner element,
1223216170624 24-Jun-2017 13-Jul-2017 Philippines double cab , brand new-rescue unit 4x4 with complete accessories, at least 2498cc, 5-speed, 5 seat
1220516170624 24-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 Philippines 1 pc clutch disc 6d15
1220416170624 24-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 Philippines 2 pcs for machine shop
1218516170624 24-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 Philippines purchase of one (1) unit asian utility vehicle
1215416170624 24-Jun-2017 29-Jun-2017 Philippines 4-pcs tires 235/75 r15
1213916170624 24-Jun-2017 27-Jun-2017 Philippines 4 pcs con-rod
1208016170624 24-Jun-2017 26-Jun-2017 Philippines 1 unit radiator assy.
1514916170623 23-Jun-2017 26-Sep-2017 India/Jammu & Kashmir design procurement manufacture inspection shop assembly testing painting transportation site stora
1460816170623 23-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 India/Gujarat purchase various kind of sports items
1460716170623 23-Jun-2017 04-Jul-2017 India/Maharashtra servicing and repair and attending electrical defect of eot crane of capacity 100/15 ton installed
1439616170623 23-Jun-2017 04-Jul-2017 India/Maharashtra supply of spare parts for rack and pinion type elevator installed
1430616170623 23-Jun-2017 05-Jul-2017 India/Jharkhand construction of road
508918170623 23-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of 1 unit 4x2 sports utility motor vehicle (brand new)
507418170623 23-Jun-2017 18-Jul-2017 Philippines fire fighting truck
507018170623 23-Jun-2017 18-Jul-2017 Philippines customized rescue ambulance pcdrrmo
503318170623 23-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 Philippines repair and maintenance of motor vehicles
500218170623 23-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 Philippines purchase of various spareparts for the maintenance of lgu vehicle & heavy equipment.
490518170623 23-Jun-2017 17-Jul-2017 Philippines purchase and delivery of rescue vehicle
489918170623 23-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 Philippines vehicle repair and maintenance
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