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1217616170526 26-May-2017 30-May-2017 India/Chhattisgarh dismantling & demolition work with loading & un loading
1217516170526 26-May-2017 15-Jun-2017 India/West Bengal providing of arboriculture for map phase ii at dakshineswar and salt lake under ge -north
1217416170526 26-May-2017 05-Jun-2017 India/Madhya Pradesh work of loading, blanking cropping, slitting, shearing unloading and stacking of punching on press
1217216170526 26-May-2017 06-Jun-2017 India/Maharashtra providing courier service at sebis office located
1217116170526 26-May-2017 26-May-2017 India/Chhattisgarh construction of pond west wear work
1216916170526 26-May-2017 19-Jun-2017 India/Gujarat consultancy service for independent engineer for 4 laning of mahuwa kagavader section nh-8e form k
1216816170526 26-May-2017 29-May-2017 India/Maharashtra special repair of quarters room
1216716170526 26-May-2017 06-Jun-2017 India/Jharkhand renovation govind high school garhwa for the year 2017-2018
1203316170526 26-May-2017 30-May-2017 India/Haryana laying of irrigation pipe line
1203216170526 26-May-2017 19-Jun-2017 India/Gujarat supply of tablet and capsule, injection, miscellaneous, surgical item, disposable delivery kit
1194816170526 26-May-2017 15-Jun-2017 India/Andhra Pradesh procurement of power from grid connected distributed solar pv plant though competitive bidding pro
1194116170526 26-May-2017 31-May-2017 India/Jharkhand hariharpur water supply scheme
1168616170526 26-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 India/Gujarat providing and finishing wall with water proof paint on brts bus shelter at different location on b
507916170526 26-May-2017 30-May-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of materials (lubricants & tire for hilux adn1712)
506816170526 26-May-2017 30-May-2017 Philippines 2,563.00 liter diesel, 215.00 liter gasoline
505816170526 26-May-2017 29-May-2017 Philippines diesel fuel3,000 ltrs.
502216170526 26-May-2017 26-May-2017 Philippines gasoline, premium3,000liters
502116170526 26-May-2017 26-May-2017 Philippines fuel, diesel4,000liters
1228716170525 25-May-2017 29-May-2017 India/Delhi additional alteration to billet no 8 in rcc at force station
1228616170525 25-May-2017 26-May-2017 India/Orissa facility management of integrated port operation system pos and port community system
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