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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
430918181119 19-Nov-2018 27-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 220990 rehabilitation of multipurpose center fence
427618181119 19-Nov-2018 11-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 1000000 construction/repair/rehabilitation/improvement of various infrastructure including local projects:
425518181119 19-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 333042 construction of open canal
425118181119 19-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 400000 construction/improvement of farm to market road at diaman, maria aurora, aurora
424218181119 19-Nov-2018 03-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 474213 rehabilitation of multi purpose hall
424118181119 19-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 100000 road maintenance
423918181119 19-Nov-2018 11-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 19800000 construction of multi-purpose building, continuation of building,
423318181119 19-Nov-2018 27-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 32000 installation of streetligts
422418181119 19-Nov-2018 11-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 19800000 local infrastructure program: construction of road
421218181119 19-Nov-2018 29-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 68500 building repair
420918181119 19-Nov-2018 11-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 49500000 local infrastructure program: continuation of city hospital (satellite itrmc
420818181119 19-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 93000 repair of senior citizen center at taysan,bats-190
418818181119 19-Nov-2018 27-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 750000 dredging/desiltation of angono river (san isidro)
418618181119 19-Nov-2018 07-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 3219072 construction of multi-purpose hall
416818181119 19-Nov-2018 06-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 200000 rehabilitation of waterlines (different sitios)
416018181119 19-Nov-2018 06-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 200000 construction of extension of shoulder at upper coc bridge with railings
415918181119 19-Nov-2018 27-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 750000 dredging/desiltation of angono river (sitio labahan)
414418181119 19-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 251200 preventive maintenance and calibration of biosafety cabinet for official used of raddl
414018181119 19-Nov-2018 04-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 201383 rehabilitation of line canal alongside of bogtong elementary school at purok 1
411518181119 19-Nov-2018 10-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 350000 brgy. street concreting urban subd., brgy. poblacion, kananga, leyte
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