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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
57418190121 21-Jan-2019 12-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 2185000 construction of multi purpose building,
57318190121 21-Jan-2019 12-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 890106 rehabilitation/ improvement of tapinit flood control
57018190121 21-Jan-2019 28-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 301000 repair of hanging bridge,
56818190121 21-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 513175 improvement of fmr from kahulugan to san miguel via salubsob, barangay barangay 26,
56618190121 21-Jan-2019 20-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 187593000 rehabilitation and concreting of concepcion palasan to manggalang kiling farm-to-market-road with
56418190121 21-Jan-2019 12-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 2195000 construction of curve gym
56218190121 21-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 90000 preventive maintenance of kirloskar chillers
56118190121 21-Jan-2019 06-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 4732462 concreting of streets, barangay 18-a,
56018190121 21-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 120000 preventive maintenance of york chillers
55618190121 21-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 14527488 construction of multi-purpose building, brgy. tabao proper, valladolid, negros occidental
55518190121 21-Jan-2019 12-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 9998708 upgrading of road with lined canal
55418190121 21-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 137200 preventive maintenance of mitsubishi escalators
55318190121 21-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 941335 construction of one lane road at purok 7 (375), barangay barangay santiago,
55218190121 21-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 111000 preventive maintenance of koyo elevator
54918190121 21-Jan-2019 12-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 11498646 concreting of 1km provincial road
54818190121 21-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 808238 construction of multi-purpose hall, brgy. 22, barangay 22,
53618190121 21-Jan-2019 30-Jan-2019 Philippines PHP 752276 road concreting at salubsob, barangay kipuntos,
53518190121 21-Jan-2019 12-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 2359688 proposed 150 mm x 188 l.m. upvc pipeline expansion cebu south road, lawaan, talisay city pr no. 26
52718190121 21-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 39358746 retrofitting/strengthening of bridge quezon bridge (b00368nr) along jct. murcia cansilayan - atipu
52018190121 21-Jan-2019 11-Feb-2019 Philippines PHP 14699953 retrofitting/strengthening of permanent bridges
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