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201918170620 20-Jun-2017 27-Jun-2017 Japan fuel oil a, about 378kl light oil,
11117170619 19-Jun-2017 27-Jun-2017 India/Maharashtra supply of sports equipment
11017170619 19-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 India/Madhya Pradesh supply ct & cvt assy
10917170619 19-Jun-2017 24-Jun-2017 India/Bihar supply of gerbera cut flower
10817170619 19-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 India/West Bengal auction sale of vehicle
1570716170617 17-Jun-2017 01-Jul-2017 India/Maharashtra supply of sa240 tp 304l under tpi total quality: 46642kg approx on one time purchase basis
1570616170617 17-Jun-2017 14-Jul-2017 India/Karnataka retrofitment and reconditioning of snk router cnc machine with fanuc oi mf control
1570416170617 17-Jun-2017 14-Jul-2017 India/Karnataka design fabrication supply transport erection commissioning and trial run modular paint booth down
1189716170614 14-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 India/Maharashtra supply and retrofitting of existing 7.2 /12 kv, 1250 amps and 12 kv, 2500 amps circuit breakers at
1978016170613 13-Jun-2017 04-Aug-2017 Japan original gold products.
1117716170613 13-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 India/Chhattisgarh renovation & modernization of supply and services supervision of erection testing & commissioning
1117616170613 13-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 India/Delhi procurement of mud mats for jagdishpur-haldia-bokaro-dharma pipeline project
1108416170613 13-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 India/Madhya Pradesh construction of room and go-down and repair of 1000ton capacity go-down
1108316170613 13-Jun-2017 29-Jun-2017 India/Orissa execution of work of lift irrigation project sanctioned under bkvy in turnkey basis
1108216170613 13-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 India/Madhya Pradesh repair and painting, distempering work of go-down tares
1108116170613 13-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 India/Tamil Nadu construction of hostel for under graduate student women in government stanley medical collage
1980216170612 12-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 India/Uttaranchal replacement of casted/damaged poles
1980016170612 12-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 India/Uttaranchal operation and maintenance of pared ground
1979916170612 12-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 India/Madhya Pradesh providing outsourcing services viz. security, conservancy and gardening in vidyalaya during 2017-1
1979816170612 12-Jun-2017 27-Jun-2017 India/Chhattisgarh construction of extra rooms
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