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40617171122 22-Nov-2017 27-Nov-2017 India/Chhattisgarh sormow and balance work of residential and non residentialwork
40517171122 22-Nov-2017 15-Dec-2017 India/Rajasthan cleaning work of roads and corners in plant area
40417171122 22-Nov-2017 18-Dec-2017 India/Uttaranchal tender replacement of sealing of damaged internal terrace, electrical wiring, fixing mate and reno
40317171122 22-Nov-2017 28-Nov-2017 India/Assam conservation of melso maidam archaeological site under sopd g 2017-18
40217171122 22-Nov-2017 27-Nov-2017 India/Bihar repair work of internal portion of first floor
40117171122 22-Nov-2017 02-Dec-2017 India/Tamil Nadu civil electrical internal mechanical including fire fighting hvac mechanical ventilation, structur
40017171122 22-Nov-2017 27-Dec-2017 India/Bihar auction sale of immovable property- land, building
39917171122 22-Nov-2017 15-Dec-2017 India/Rajasthan hiring of 11 diesel jeep hard top 2013 or new model
39817171122 22-Nov-2017 21-Dec-2017 India/Tamil Nadu auction sale of property-land and building
39717171122 22-Nov-2017 25-Nov-2017 India/Bihar provision of swimming pool work at residence no - 1
39617171122 22-Nov-2017 27-Nov-2017 India/Delhi repair maintenance operation various e & m services
39517171122 22-Nov-2017 24-Nov-2017 India/Chhattisgarh hiring of vehicle
39417171122 22-Nov-2017 22-Dec-2017 India/Madhya Pradesh auction sale of immovable property
522217171121 21-Nov-2017 04-Dec-2017 India/Tamil Nadu purchase of 40000 mts of s-30 grade sugar for public distribution system season 2016-17 and 2017-1
522117171121 21-Nov-2017 04-Dec-2017 India/West Bengal arrangement of greeneries green city mission by constructing median strip
522017171121 21-Nov-2017 15-Dec-2017 India/Maharashtra supply of electro pneumatic converters along with spares for unit 1 and 2 of 210mw
521917171121 21-Nov-2017 23-Nov-2017 India/Bihar barricading work on campus and other place
149317171121 21-Nov-2017 27-Nov-2017 Philippines oil filter
101417171121 21-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of 1 lot rolling trash bin 120 l with rubber wheel and holster 500 units php5,
101217171121 21-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of 209 units polyethelene water storage tank flat bottom 1000 liters with rota
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