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100018171011 11-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2017 India/KARNATAKA developing street market management system for gandhi bazar market green logistics project
1466816171017 17-Oct-2017 05-Dec-2017 Brazil sale of property, jurisdiction to the brazilian navy, under the responsibility of the captaincy of
1466716171017 17-Oct-2017 05-Dec-2017 Brazil rental of land in the areas of the 19th hunters battalion for outdoor advertising, consisting of 0
1466616171017 17-Oct-2017 17-Nov-2017 Brazil implementation of the water supply system saa
1466516171017 17-Oct-2017 17-Nov-2017 Brazil construction of the pavilion of the 15th cia com mec
1466416171017 17-Oct-2017 16-Nov-2017 Brazil retractable sticks kits with retractable extension system, three stages, with reinforced axes
1466316171017 17-Oct-2017 16-Nov-2017 Brazil work of construction of the command and support squadron pavilion
1466216171017 17-Oct-2017 13-Nov-2017 Brazil supply electronic device type tv (tv) of led of 42 `.
1466116171017 17-Oct-2017 10-Nov-2017 Brazil supply of grease and lubricating oil.
1466016171017 17-Oct-2017 09-Nov-2017 Brazil hiring of lunch, snack and dinner services
1465916171017 17-Oct-2017 09-Nov-2017 Brazil acquisition of permanent materials: swivel chair, stringer, bunk bed, etc.
1465816171017 17-Oct-2017 06-Nov-2017 Brazil acquisition of record material
1465716171017 17-Oct-2017 06-Nov-2017 Brazil acquisition of suitcases with tools
1465616171017 17-Oct-2017 06-Nov-2017 Brazil acquisition of foodstuffs
1465516171017 17-Oct-2017 06-Nov-2017 Brazil acquisition of equipment application server with windows server licensing
1465416171017 17-Oct-2017 06-Nov-2017 Brazil elaboration of engineering technical reports, to perform a construction inspection to evaluate the
1465316171017 17-Oct-2017 03-Nov-2017 Brazil execution of external painting of the classroom buildings
1465216171017 17-Oct-2017 01-Nov-2017 Brazil repair of the electrical installations of the 24th military service district
1465116171017 17-Oct-2017 01-Nov-2017 Brazil execution of renovation around the 5ysm block university restaurant
1465016171017 17-Oct-2017 01-Nov-2017 Brazil attends acquisition of tooling.
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