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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
409118181119 19-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 444000 school supplies and materials for people`s day
408318181119 19-Nov-2018 12-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 300000 fireworks display
102118181119 19-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 256464 supply and delivery of supplies for coco sugar packaging
372618181117 17-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 58025 supply and delivery of philrice box
272018181117 17-Nov-2018 21-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 999000 procurement of food packs for peoples day (province of lanao del sur)
157518181117 17-Nov-2018 23-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 8800700 supply and door-to-door delivery of teachers kits and learners kits for schools affected by ty omp
32418181117 17-Nov-2018 07-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 33512045 procurement of packaging materials
699418181116 16-Nov-2018 20-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 258000 hdpe bottles (1li & 200ml)
484118181116 16-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 304000 supply & delivery of packaging materials
428718181115 15-Nov-2018 05-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 192500 550 pcs heavy duty utility pail
898618181114 14-Nov-2018 21-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 275512 supply & delivery materials under banana chips processing and marketing (timpuyog ti pudtol multi-
1136816181101 01-Nov-2018 23-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 5000000 procurement of plastic crate
711116181101 01-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 1200000 invitation to bid for the supply & delivery of 60,000 pieces empty sacks for the central visayas c
850416181031 31-Oct-2018 26-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 122512809 invitation to bid for ballots packaging services for the official ballots for the 2019 automated n
591052181024 24-Oct-2018 27-Nov-2018 United States Refer Document. geotechnical engineering personnel augmentation

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