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1040618141220 20-Dec-2014 23-Jan-2015 India/TAMIL NADU through rail renewal (secondary)-1.500km with 52kg cl.ii rails mcrd loop line rd.1 from 23.550 to tenders
1040518141220 20-Dec-2014 30-Jan-2015 India/KARNATAKA manufacture and supply of metal liners to rdso and (b) manufacture and supply of com tenders
1040418141220 20-Dec-2014 23-Jan-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA repairs to drain in cutting from ( i)kms. 150.25 to 150.75 (up & dn track=1000m) (ii) from kms.173 tenders
1040218141220 20-Dec-2014 20-Jan-2015 India/BIHAR 132 kv double pole sf-6 circuit breaker as per rdso specn. no.ti/spc/psi/hvcb/0120[june 2014] ver. tenders
1039818141220 20-Dec-2014 09-Feb-2015 India/BIHAR 25 kv single pole vacuum interrupter as per rdso specification no.ti/spc/psi/lvcbin/0120 [dec.2013 tenders
1039518141220 20-Dec-2014 23-Jan-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA 6-quad cable tenders
1039418141220 20-Dec-2014 16-Jan-2015 India/BIHAR tower bolt stainless steel 75 mm to drg no.llh/sk-11/2002, alt-1 type-3 inch. qnty.- 2014 numbers tenders
1039318141220 20-Dec-2014 16-Jan-2015 India/BIHAR 800 ma x-ray machine. details as per specification attached. ., quantity unit -01 no. tenders
1038718141220 20-Dec-2014 08-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH acrylic hydrophobic iol 20 d with sterile disposable injector with each lense tenders
1038618141220 20-Dec-2014 08-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH acrylic hydrophobic iol 21 d with sterile disposable injector with each lense. tenders
1038518141220 20-Dec-2014 12-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH acrylic hydrophobic iool 20.5 d with sterile disposable injector with each lense. tenders
1037718141220 20-Dec-2014 28-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH allotment of catering stalls at bhabhu road, sasaram, dehri-on-sone and road stations for a period tenders
1037518141220 20-Dec-2014 06-Feb-2015 India/BIHAR aluminium conductor galvanized steel wire reinforced conductor size in sqmm:50, ai. wire size in m tenders
1037218141220 20-Dec-2014 21-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH amc of auto announcement system at and stations for three years tenders
1037118141220 20-Dec-2014 19-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH amc of eot crane gantry of different shops in loco workshop tenders
1036618141220 20-Dec-2014 28-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH annual comprehensive & schedule maintenance for newly annual comprehensive & schedule maintenance tenders
1035818141220 20-Dec-2014 23-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH annual maintenance contract of solid state interlocking (ssi) system installed at 9 stations (mkp, tenders
1035718141220 20-Dec-2014 16-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH annual maintenance contract of train information display boards installed at or & bnda stations of tenders
1035118141220 20-Dec-2014 05-Jan-2015 India/BIHAR appointment of halt agent at singhaul halt between tilrath and begusarai stations. tenders
1035018141220 20-Dec-2014 28-Jan-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH appointment of halt contractor at mani halt & ghusia halt. tenders
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