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1698316160930 30-Sep-2016 03-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN improvement in lighting arrangement at platform, station building, yard and circulating area by us
1698216160930 30-Sep-2016 04-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN poh kit qty.1108 sets
1698116160930 30-Sep-2016 23-Dec-2016 India/RAJASTHAN modified hdpe lavatory chute qty.2233 nos
1698016160930 30-Sep-2016 02-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN rubber spring assembly qty.145 nos
1697916160930 30-Sep-2016 04-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN gadj station- provision of escalators facilities by providing 2 nos. escalators at gadj station.
1697816160930 30-Sep-2016 08-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN re-fl-md section-electrical work in c/w providing 48 nos. type-ii brick masonry staff quarters on
1697716160930 30-Sep-2016 09-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN packing ring 22 mm qty.8509 nos
1697616160930 30-Sep-2016 28-Oct-2016 India/RAJASTHAN colour light led subsidiary signals lighting unit qty.2539 nos
1697516160930 30-Sep-2016 28-Oct-2016 India/RAJASTHAN relay ac immune plug in type style qbca-1 qty.385 nos
1697416160930 30-Sep-2016 08-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN annual maintenance contract for 25kw & 4.5kw errus, stesalit make provided in ac & tl coaches for
1697316160930 30-Sep-2016 03-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN electrical work in c/w improvcement of circulating area near metro station in front of grp thana/m
1697216160930 30-Sep-2016 08-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN 110 v 120 ah vrla smf battery set qty.816 set
1697116160930 30-Sep-2016 28-Oct-2016 India/RAJASTHAN suspension hanger pin alongwith split cotter qty.1868 nos
1697016160930 30-Sep-2016 08-Nov-2016 India/RAJASTHAN electrical work in c/w providing 48 nos. type-ii brick masonry staff quarters on various station i
1696916160930 30-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India/Punjab covering for lhb coaches
1696816160930 30-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India/Punjab set of cover for berth pillar for lhb scn asp coaches
1696716160930 30-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India/Punjab wall mounted heavy duty grease and oil hand cleaner
1696616160930 30-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India/Punjab led based luminaire light
1696516160930 30-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India/Punjab sanitation work in administrative building in rcf, (zone work 2016-17).
1696416160930 30-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India/Punjab primer for lhb coaches
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