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945816150828 28-Aug-2015 10-Sep-2015 India/DELHI rfp for selection of financial consultant and transaction advisor for the work 3rd line. Share
944516150828 28-Aug-2015 08-Sep-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH annual repair and maintenance of staff quarters of core at Share
944416150828 28-Aug-2015 03-Sep-2015 India/TAMIL NADU overhauling-reconditioning of 3 nos of 12.5-13.5 mva 110-27 kv traction power transformers Share
944316150828 28-Aug-2015 03-Sep-2015 India/RAJASTHAN hiring of three non ac passenger vehicles (tavera/scorpio/ertiga/xylo/mobilio) Share
944216150828 28-Aug-2015 03-Sep-2015 India/RAJASTHAN work of trenching & laying of underground signalling cables/ power cable, casting of foundations, Share
944116150828 28-Aug-2015 04-Sep-2015 India/ORISSA modification of 33 kv ht overhead power line crossing (02 nos) and 11 kv ht overhead power line cr Share
938116150828 28-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 India/DELHI railway signalling cables of various sizes Share
927316150828 28-Aug-2015 01-Sep-2015 India/RAJASTHAN quotation for pay and use at sirohi road railway station. Share
925916150828 28-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 India/Punjab panel for door frame portal for bangladesh coach Share
925816150828 28-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 India/Punjab drill chuck (1.5-10 mm) 1/2"x20 unf is:2243-1971 Share
925716150828 28-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 India/Punjab vaccumme cleaner Share
925616150828 28-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 India/Punjab three core flat cable 25 Share
925516150828 28-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 India/Punjab led tube rod wattage 16 watts Share
921316150828 28-Aug-2015 01-Oct-2015 India/Maharashtra irieen-heavy repairs to existing ac sheet roof of tl&ac and loco lab. Share
921216150828 28-Aug-2015 30-Sep-2015 India/Maharashtra irieen -heavy repairs of roof in hostel. Share
921116150828 28-Aug-2015 28-Sep-2015 India/Maharashtra upkeep & maintenance of institute, hostel & sports complex at irieen for 02 years. (excluding civi Share
896216150828 28-Aug-2015 07-Sep-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH tender notice for vehicle hiring. Share
972618150827 27-Aug-2015 04-Sep-2015 India/MADHYA PRADESH quotation for indore reservation side cycle / scooter / motar cycle parking for 03 months or tende Share
972518150827 27-Aug-2015 16-Sep-2015 India/GUJARAT provision of availability based tariff ( abt) meter along with check meter for energy metering at Share
972418150827 27-Aug-2015 06-Oct-2015 India/GUJARAT interlocking of lc gates with tvus more than 20000 & due to long block section (total 11 nos) [lis Share
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