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1034116150731 31-Jul-2015 04-Sep-2015 India/KERALA setting up of substation with 2 nos. of 250kva, 22kv/433v distribution transformers at podanur. Share
1034016150731 31-Jul-2015 04-Sep-2015 India/KERALA provision of submersible pumps in various railway stations, led light fittings on platform and lt Share
1033916150731 31-Jul-2015 26-Aug-2015 India/TAMIL NADU replacement of corroded worn out rails along with bed blocks Share
1033816150731 31-Jul-2015 26-Aug-2015 India/TAMIL NADU repairs to 60t traverser Share
1033716150731 31-Jul-2015 26-Aug-2015 India/TAMIL NADU cleaning and maintenence of existing sewer lines and strom water drains and water pipe lines Share
1033616150731 31-Jul-2015 26-Aug-2015 India/TAMIL NADU renewal of damaged windows,renewal of damaged flooring and brick work Share
1033516150731 31-Jul-2015 26-Aug-2015 India/TAMIL NADU provision of 4 nos of bore wells Share
1033416150731 31-Jul-2015 31-Aug-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA supply of small track machines Share
1033316150731 31-Jul-2015 31-Aug-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA comprehensive repair vhf sets of motorola & kenwood make of pune division. Share
1033216150731 31-Jul-2015 31-Aug-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA replacement of old train indicators, coach guidance system & its accessories at platform no. 1, 2 Share
1033116150731 31-Jul-2015 27-Aug-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA upkeep, maintenance & provision of subsidized meal/food to the running staff at running room at gh Share
1033016150731 31-Jul-2015 12-Aug-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA the work of annual maintenance and operation contract (amoc) of bio-toilets in coaches of pune div Share
1032916150731 31-Jul-2015 14-Aug-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA pest & rodent control in railway passenger coaches maintained at coaching depots and rodent contro Share
1032816150731 31-Jul-2015 13-Aug-2015 India/MAHARASHTRA amc of rmpu of different makes fitted on lhb coaches Share
1031816150731 31-Jul-2015 04-Aug-2015 India/Maharashtra provision of 20 kw capacity wind plus solar hybrid system at chenab bridge site, kauri on katra-dh Share
1031616150731 31-Jul-2015 06-Aug-2015 India/Karnataka modification of seating arrangements at 2nd floor, east wing, belapur bhavan. Share
1031516150731 31-Jul-2015 06-Aug-2015 India/Karnataka provision of 20 kw capacity wind plus solar hybrid system at chenab bridge site, kauri on katra-dh Share
1027716150731 31-Jul-2015 04-Aug-2015 India/WEST BENGAL repairs & maintenance of civil engineering assets in new jalpaiguri unit (section rqj kne) of rail Share
1027616150731 31-Jul-2015 05-Aug-2015 India/RAJASTHAN providing day & night security services for the office and premises of railway electrification, ma Share
1027516150731 31-Jul-2015 04-Aug-2015 India/UTTAR PRADESH spares parts for single phase generator engine honda Share
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