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2175318160212 12-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 India/ANDHRA PRADESH lubricant oil ultra 10w for zf gear box.
2175218160212 12-Feb-2016 22-Feb-2016 India/TAMIL NADU solid resilent tyre of size : 7.50 x 20 to suit godrej part no. 02710617 for godrej 5 ton forklift
2175118160212 12-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 India/ORISSA 3kva digital inverter make- microtek ,luminous or similar.
2175018160212 12-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 India/ORISSA gate lamp cfl type model no cfpt 25/35/45 bc/eco 1x25 wcfl df with 45 watt cfl make-c or similar.
2174918160212 12-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 India/WEST BENGAL ammonia liquid.
2174818160212 12-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 India/CHHATTISGARH radiator for mark - iii 4 wheeler tower wagan suitable for cummins engine mode no. n743 make-: cum
2174718160212 12-Feb-2016 23-Feb-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA socket m2 or m2 rl 40 mm 1.1/2 as per table no. 6.1, isi marked to is:1879/1987 reaffirmed 2005 3.
2174618160212 12-Feb-2016 23-Feb-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA grass for cooler box khus required as per size. 3 feet x 2 feet note required for r.a . coaches co
2174518160212 12-Feb-2016 23-Feb-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA hexagon head bolt with thread m10, nominal length 50 mm and property class 4.8, conformi
2174418160212 12-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 India/ORISSA supply and fixing of glow sign board size 12 x 24 feet for divisional railway hospital name board
2174318160212 12-Feb-2016 23-Feb-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA mitutoyo make digital out side micrometer l.c.0.001 mm size 150-175 mm-order no.293-252 accuracy p
2174218160212 12-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 India/ORISSA decorative type light fitting model no 4 mled food light acapfcw or equivalent.
2174118160212 12-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 India/ANDHRA PRADESH gear lubricant oil hp 90 multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil to is:1118-92/ap-1-gl-r with 4 bal
2174018160212 12-Feb-2016 04-Mar-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA 6 pin emergency socket - female - flat type as per rdso spen. no. irs- tc-42/87 with amdt. no. 2
2173918160212 12-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 India/CHHATTISGARH powder coated laminated public caution board of size 310mm length 250mm width x 1.6mm thick of m.s
2173818160212 12-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA complete set of densified thermal bonded polyster block for gscn [wider way type] coaches to rdso
2173718160212 12-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA leather apron.
2173618160212 12-Feb-2016 17-Feb-2016 India/MAHARASHTRA potassium ferricyanide lr 0.5 kg. per pack to be filled in 20 pack .
2173518160212 12-Feb-2016 12-Feb-2016 India/GUJARAT eccentric prod for limiting valve of ep brake unit type ld 2 to wsf pt. no. j 72579/1 ref no. 6a r
2173418160212 12-Feb-2016 12-Feb-2016 India/GUJARAT magnetic ink in paste form red in colour as per is 6410 oil based with corrosion inhibitor 500 gm
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