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2238416170119 19-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 India/Haryana development of scheme for ground improvement by replacement of liquefiable strata by compacted mix
1770316170119 19-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra replacement of transformer yard doors of dhruva & providing new grill door for cirus pal . [minor
1770216170119 19-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra ss pipe welding , radiography examination in process cell no-2 & 3 [minor fabrication]
1770116170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra fabrication of printed circuit boards [minor fabrication]
1770016170119 19-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra manufacturing, assembly, qualification and supply of water-cooled iron solenoid magnet assembly [m
1769916170119 19-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra supply of led flood lights & led slim tube lights . [minor fabrication]
1769816170119 19-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra fabrication, inspection & supply of mounting table assembly along with accessories [minor fabricat
1769716170119 19-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra installation and maintenance of 3 electrode ion source. [minor fabrication]
1769616170119 19-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra supply, installation and guarantee of partitions, flooring sheets and window blinds. [minor fabric
1769516170119 19-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra replacement of the keyboard pwa for planet 50n monitor installed in ward iic, barc hospital [minor
1769416170119 19-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra dismantling and safe disposal of existing pit type vertical salt bath furnace, design, fabrication
1769316170119 19-Jan-2017 09-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra attending annual civil maintenance complaints at barc staff colony, warehouse & gso complex
1769216170119 19-Jan-2017 13-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra amc for house keeping and cosmetic maintenance work in animal house facility, rb [minor fabricatio
2066716170118 18-Jan-2017 08-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra comprehensive annual maintenance contract for the digital public address system at df1 barc, for 4
2066616170118 18-Jan-2017 08-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra supply of 13.5v, 10 amps smps power supply (40 nos) as per specifications in annexure-i [minor fab
2066516170118 18-Jan-2017 08-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra providing non comprehensive annual maintenance contract for the addressable type fire detection an
2066416170118 18-Jan-2017 07-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra sale of by-product/waste (aqueous hydrofluoric acid)
2066316170118 18-Jan-2017 03-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra fabrication and supply of blended magnesium chips as per the required specification and particle s
2066216170118 18-Jan-2017 02-Feb-2017 India/Maharashtra for phospho peptide mapping (ptm) of proteins.
2066116170118 18-Jan-2017 30-Jan-2017 India/Maharashtra procurement of raw material, machining, heat treatment, testing of material, fabrication, assembly
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