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Living Standard Measurement and Rural Income Generating Activities Study for Peanut Farmers at Junagadh, Gujarat


Gujarat is one of the main peanut growing regions in India. Despite being a potentially rewarding crop, the area under cultivation of peanuts in India, in general and Gujarat has come down. With most peanut farmers being smallholder farmers in rainfed regions of India, yields are some of the lowest in the world and hence the incomes are not up to the standards of the farming sector. Gujarat state is characterized by erratic and uncertain rainfall coupled with large inter-annual rainfall variability. As groundwater alone accounts to more than 80 per cent of irrigation source, it is no coincidence that the gross mismanagement of the resource has lowered the water table in many parts of the state and has the escalated cost of cultivation. Apart from all these natural or inherited challenges, low key awareness on non-monetary inputs and limited technology adoption among the farmers is also is a cause of worry in Gujarat. As the base year for doubling farmers’ income is fixed to be 2016-17, it is vital to see the farmers’ income levels in Gujarat to develop strategies for income enhancement.


The specific objectives of the work are as follows:

  1. To measure the current gross income of the small-holder farmers, both farm and non-farm activities.
  2. To calculate the share of the income from peanut crop specifically.
  3. To derive a standard for living income for the small-holder farmers in context to applicable living standard of the Saurashtra region, specially to the desired life style and well-being of agricultural households.
  4. To understand the role of women in income generating activities among households of small-holder farmers.
  5. To recommend additional rural income generating activities (both farm & non-farm) but other than peanut farming.
  6. Additionally, to understand the scope of introducing drip irrigation system in peanut farming corelating it to improvement of incomes

The detailed documentation with regards to this call for proposals includes:

  • Terms of Reference for the Assignment
  • Grid for Assessing the Eligibility of Firms
  • Technical Evaluation Grid
  • Bidding Conditions
  • General Terms & Conditions of Contracts


: 30th January, 2020
: 08th February, 2020
: 11th February, 2020

: 17th February, 2020

GIZ reserves the right to cancel/modify this tender and / or reject a bid document including subsequently a technical and financial proposal, without assigning any reasons.