German Development Cooperation
German Technical Cooperation Tender for Supply of Multifunctional Photocopier Machines

Inquiry Number: FWC/GIZ/07/2019

Dear Sir/ Madam

Sealed and separate bids are invited on or before last date for submission of bids from eligible suppliers for Supply of Multifunctional Photocopier Machines.

We are pleased to send the following documents for your reference:

  1. Invitation to Tender - Scope of work and bidding conditions
  2. Technical & Price Submission – Annexure “A” and “B”.
  3. Document Submission – Annexure “C”
  4. General Terms and Conditions

We look forward to receive your offers.

With best regards,

Procurement Department
GIZ Office, New Delhi


: 3rd September, 2019
: 9th September, 2019
: 13th September, 2019

:20th September 2019 (Friday) or before 05.30pm


GIZ reserves the right to cancel/modify this tender and / or reject a bid document including subsequently a technical and financial proposal, without assigning any reasons.