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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
219918190322 22-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 993000 1 lot supply, delivery and installation of signages, atm acrylic frame panels,
122418190322 22-Mar-2019 25-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 1000000 supply and installation of various road signages
103918190322 22-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 85814 fabrication and installation of 36 pieces of stainless letters signage and stainless isat u logo
72018190322 22-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 5000 installation of early warning system
52818190322 22-Mar-2019 25-Apr-2019 Philippines PHP 892340 supply, delivery and refurbishing of metal and wooden signage stand
278818190320 20-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 741955 procurement of other supplies re-bid
234718190319 19-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 780500 1 lot supply, delivery & installation of atm sunshade, atm acrylic frame panel, signages, glass pa
218518190319 19-Mar-2019 25-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 57991 supply, delivery and installation of main gate panaflex signage
173418190319 19-Mar-2019 25-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 450000 supply, delivery and installation of pre-fabricated fiberglass markers
379518190315 15-Mar-2019 08-Apr-2019 Philippines PHP 160000 fabrication and installation of anti-smoking billboard
235818190314 14-Mar-2019 03-Apr-2019 Philippines PHP 1516890 installation/application/construction of new traffic signs (71x) (informative/directional signs)
234318190314 14-Mar-2019 03-Apr-2019 Philippines PHP 1012200 installation/application/construction of new traffic signs (71x) warning signs and chevron
54918190309 11-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 64150 tarpaulin printing services
433818190306 06-Mar-2019 27-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 1999952 provision of lighted signages at zamboanga international airport
1051518190305 05-Mar-2019 26-Mar-2019 Philippines PHP 7700000 procurement of installation of led lightings at barangay i
447918140522 22-May-2014 N/A Slovakia Refer Document. road signs

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