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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
196318200123 23-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 250000 supply and delivery of tarpaulin and signages for use of deped sdo for clraa hosting s.y. 2019 -20
182318200123 23-Jan-2020 27-Jan-2020 Philippines Refer Document. tarpaulin materials
158518200123 23-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 56000 all weather stickers
72718200123 23-Jan-2020 29-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 912000 1 lot supply, delivery and installation of signages, atm acrylic frame panels & atm enclosure at s
1823816200122 22-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 88000 marble blocks/stone engrave with nia & office of the president logo for cy 2019 projects of noso
1771416200122 22-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 50000 supply labor services, tools and materials for the installation of sra -lgarec signage
1757016200122 22-Jan-2020 27-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 10000 supply and delivery of 18" acrylic tesda logo
1745616200122 22-Jan-2020 27-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 225004 supply/delivery/fabrication/installation of stainless siganages and repair of existing main gate a
1726916200122 22-Jan-2020 24-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 23500 sintra board 3ft x 2ft; tarpaulins 8ft x 6ft and 3ft x 8ft; thank cards for giveaways; riboon red
1693916200122 22-Jan-2020 26-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 5000 1 lot signage 1
1675016200122 22-Jan-2020 04-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 5000 crossing puting bato to fronting payod store
1672316200122 22-Jan-2020 30-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 400000 procurement of business plates
1522716200121 21-Jan-2020 20-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 4793346 purchase of indoor and outdoor signage materials
1596016200121 21-Jan-2020 24-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 61204 construction of signages along access road to laguindingan airport
1499016200121 21-Jan-2020 24-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 96000 labor & materials for the purchase of signages
1541416200121 21-Jan-2020 11-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 3600000 purchase of 10,000 pcs business plates for use of business permits and license division under city
1518516200121 21-Jan-2020 10-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 80000 stainless steel with lights
1468016200121 21-Jan-2020 24-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 7500 sticker/decals printing and installation for dilg -am funded ldrrm vehicle (800cc suzuki)
1453016200121 21-Jan-2020 23-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 127000 purchase & delivery of table signages of mayor`s office & 24 brgy. chairman
1785816200120 20-Jan-2020 27-Jan-2020 Philippines PHP 700000 purchase of other property, plant and equipment
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