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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
1117052190822 22-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 India/ WEST BENGAL Refer Document. uv-vis spectrophotometer
1116052190822 22-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 India/ WEST BENGAL Refer Document. gas chromatography including tcd, fid and other accessories
60718190822 22-Aug-2019 12-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 2335000 provision of deped school furnitures elementary & kinder: (gscs, calamba, poblacion, basak, hilait
26618190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 120000 supply and delivery of furniture for icrops
23318190822 22-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 71500 purchase of furniture & fixture
21018190822 22-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 362450 supply, delivery, and installation of specialty work items for sss san jose, occidental mindoro br
14418190822 22-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 525000 supply and delivery of 50 pcs steel rack
277518190821 21-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 401248 supply & delivery of furniture & fixtures for use of nolitc
271218190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 280000 r & m - furniture and fixture
266518190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 179000 purchase of furnitures & fixtures to be used for staff meetings and client appointments in the off
266118190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 255000 demonstration table stainless
258518190821 21-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 999470 purchase of plastic chairs with arm for zamboanga del sur provincial government college use
224218190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 550000 supply and delivery of plastic tablet chairs of sdssu tandag campus
218918190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 167500 supply and delivery of furniture of sdssu tandag campus
218518190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 73600 supply and delivery of 1 pc long table and 16 pcs wooden chair
208318190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 100000 procurement of tables and mono block chair
207218190821 21-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 100000 purchase of table
203718190821 21-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 100000 purchase of chairs
201318190821 21-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 80206 furniture and fixtures (plastic)
194518190821 21-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 71207 purchase of roll-up blinds for de`s office, library, conference room & ade`s office, -cam. sur 3rd
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