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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
213018190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 87000 procurement of engine oil and service labor for change oil
199118190821 21-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 498000 purchase of eight hundred thirty (830) pcs. mono block plastic chairs
190618190821 21-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 140000 plastic drum
120918190821 21-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 168340 supply of plastic jacket/folder and plastic divider
76318190821 21-Aug-2019 05-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 452000 procurement of plastic chair
114318190819 19-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 150000 purchase of plastic drums for use as garbage bins of city enro, lgu
113418190819 19-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 66600 plastic products
59718190819 19-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 100000 20 pieces of plastic pallet 48 x 40
635417190817 17-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 155000 procurement of monoblock chairs and long plastic table
618917190817 17-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 200000 purchase of monobloc chair
448917190817 17-Aug-2019 05-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 99909 supply and delivery of chairs for claudia morata villarias memorial school
351517190817 17-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 71000 plastic bag/neg
308917190817 17-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 10000 additional chairs
121118190816 16-Aug-2019 03-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 100000 purchase of plastic drum-brgy. tapul,,cebu
114518190816 16-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 408848 supply of fuel & lubricants for repair of so. talaytay malibatuan mrdp fmr
169918190810 12-Aug-2019 02-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 4200000 fabrication and delivery of one thousand two hundred (1,200) pieces of plastic monobloc chair with
61718190810 12-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 1000116 purchase of 2,137 pieces of monoblock chairs to be distributed to different barangays in various d
64218190809 09-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 1240000 procurement of 100 rolls low density polyethylene (ldpe)
254518190807 07-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 8740000 procurement of 2,000,000 pieces of security plastic seal
236018190802 02-Aug-2019 22-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 1429750 supply/delivery/installation of plastic arm chairs for isulan campus
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