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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
96617200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 210000 food and catering services
94517200406 06-Apr-2020 13-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 40000 meals and snacks (covid activities)
94217200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 134865 supply and delivery of food for dietary supplementation feeding program for pregnant mothers at lgu midsayap,
94117200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 180000 supply and delivery of goods for dietary supplementation feeding program of 6 -23 months preschool children at lgu midsayap,
92417200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 56000 procurement of labor siphoning/removal of septic tank waste
90917200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 180000 procurement of labor siphoning of septic tank
89217200406 06-Apr-2020 27-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 21333250 notice of procurement of trucking services for the intra and inter -regional transfer of grains of nfa region vii for the calendar year 2020
85317200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 632900 procurement of meals and snacks for frontliners and employees (emergency purchase)
80117200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 256100 supply and delivery of meals and snacks
80017200406 06-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 68000 supply and delivery of meals and snacks
172517200404 04-Apr-2020 28-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 4213094 provision of janitorial services for people s television network, inc. (ptni)
171917200404 04-Apr-2020 27-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 33813634 notice of procurement of warehouse handling (and allied) services for grains for nfa region vii for calendar year 2020
168717200404 04-Apr-2020 21-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 249390 supply and delivery of catering services for the conduct of map validation & gathering of data gaps to all s in for ncip
159317200404 04-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 75000 purchase of meals & snacks for mho on physical therapy & rehabilitation training
158717200404 04-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 60000 catering services (catholic womens league)
158417200404 04-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 135000 catering services (davraa meeting for move dates)
158117200404 04-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 85000 catering services (pfda consultative meeting)
157617200404 04-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 84000 catering services (city traffic office meeting)
157117200404 04-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 90000 catering services (1st quarter meeting city mayors office)
152817200404 04-Apr-2020 13-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 96000 fabrication of basketball stand with board - brgy. bucal
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