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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
347317200407 07-Apr-2020 28-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 1228122 procurement of medical and dental equipment
347217200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 45000 light cure temporary filling material (dental use)
346517200407 07-Apr-2020 10-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 129760 supply and delivery of various laboratory supplies
346117200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 12000 disposable bib (dental use)
345617200407 07-Apr-2020 10-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 96000 hydrogen peroxide plus silver solution - swiss -made, broad spectrum disinfectant; odorless, colorless, flavorless for high level disinfection; 99.95% instantly biodegradable; dispenses as an aerosol m
345417200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 8000 disposable paper cup (dental use)
344417200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 4800 cotton ball -absorbent (dental use)
344117200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 500000 posting: purchase of medicine and medical supplies used in rhu
343617200407 07-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 13240 pathology supplies - (3rd) xylene chemically pure 2.5 liters
343417200407 07-Apr-2020 21-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 109205 procurement of goods: drugs & medicines for the use of cho (dental program for 1st quarter)
343017200407 07-Apr-2020 10-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 930000 polysulfone low flux dialyzer
342717200407 07-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 147000 procurement of blood transfusion set and suction tubing set for the use of dopmc
342317200407 07-Apr-2020 21-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 168266 procurement of goods: drugs & medicines for the use of cho -pharmacy (rabies prevention & conctrol program for 1st quarter)
342217200407 07-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 248000 procurement of 4 sets customized cataract set for the use of dopmc
341617200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 506000 medical oxygen
341217200407 07-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 200000 procurement of medical supplies for the use of doph lupon
341117200407 07-Apr-2020 10-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 72000 azithromycin for quotation
341017200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 640000 posting: purchase of drugs and medicine used in rural health unit
340917200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 6000 lidocaine 5% topical anesthesia (dental use)
340717200407 07-Apr-2020 15-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 389588 procurement of medicines for use in outreach program
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