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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
53618190822 22-Aug-2019 09-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 1560000 procurement of 26 units of desktop computers
51718190822 22-Aug-2019 02-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 40000 procurement of office equipment use for mayor`s office
51518190822 22-Aug-2019 02-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 20000 procurement of office equipment use for dilg office -it equipment 2019
51318190822 22-Aug-2019 02-Sep-2019 Philippines Refer Document. 3 pcs. ceiling fan
51118190822 22-Aug-2019 02-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 30000 procurement of office equipment use for bac office
47418190822 22-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 25988 purchase of stand fan, plastic and office table , and water dispenser
47118190822 22-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Philippines Refer Document. purchase of various office supplies
36818190822 22-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 75000 procurement of technical and scientific equipment
36218190822 22-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 70000 office equipment
35718190822 22-Aug-2019 28-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 178300 supply & delivery of various office equipment
34418190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 78947 purchase of school supplies for the project angel tree program
31818190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines Refer Document. packaging of cdp/ldip
30918190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 80000 hologram security label
29718190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 84000 supply and delivery of industrial fans for mess
29518190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines Refer Document. office supplies for aip and ldip formulations - mpdc used
28718190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 33500 purchase of supplies and materials for mayor action network (man) - m.o used
28318190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 199983 procurement of various office equipment(mayor`s satellite office)-mo,lopez
25918190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 55000 supply and delivery of it equipment for cswd office
25418190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 60000 supply and delivery of swivel chair
25018190822 22-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 90000 supply and delivery of office supplies
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