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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
259518191011 11-Oct-2019 16-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 989980 packaging materials for stockpile
176418191011 11-Oct-2019 15-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 76000 self adhesive resealable plastic envelope
124518191011 11-Oct-2019 18-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 838500 supply and delivery of packaging/ processing supplies, tools and equipment
616716191009 09-Oct-2019 16-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 71500 1 unit electric meat mincer stainless steel voltage: 220v hp 1/2 cycle: 60 35,000.00 \ 2 unit impu
321818191009 09-Oct-2019 14-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 90000 package for brand development
105018191009 09-Oct-2019 14-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 66000 supply and delivery of vacuum seal bag at bfar 5 fish processing plant
101718191009 09-Oct-2019 14-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 75000 supply and delivery of thermal glass bottle at bfar 5 fish processing plant
94718191009 09-Oct-2019 15-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 425600 supply and delivery of packaging & supplies for pcc
83218191009 09-Oct-2019 14-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 971750 procurement of non food items under the 2nd tabang program of barmm helps
972618191008 09-Oct-2019 15-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 34412 supply and delivery of packaging materials under coffee processing and marketing
945218191008 09-Oct-2019 15-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 275512 supply and delivery of packaging materials under banana chips processing and marketing
624016191007 07-Oct-2019 15-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 9670 1 pcs frame, wooden, a4 size, landscape 6 - 2 pcs sash with print, wrap around style 15 3 set flow
421218191005 05-Oct-2019 18-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 250000 eye care supplies and materials
351017190927 27-Sep-2019 16-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 24400000 provision of cy 2019 palay and rice brand new empty sacks of nfa region vi
631118190925 25-Sep-2019 14-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 2787000 procurement of various equipment and supplies for the packaging and labelling innovation center (2

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