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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
318051150715 15-Jul-2015 Belize 0 creating a sustainble sugarcane industry in belize View Project Detail
321051150715 15-Jul-2015 Belize 0 preliminary studies for the rehabiliation of the caracol road View Project Detail
323051150715 15-Jul-2015 Belize 0 sustainable tourism program ii (stp ii) View Project Detail
370051150703 03-Jul-2015 Belize 0 empowering santa teresa, solar energy for a village in southern belize View Project Detail
287051150530 30-May-2015 Belize 0 implementation of the esci in belize city View Project Detail
254051150530 30-May-2015 Belize 0 strategic planning to strengthen agricultural trade and food safety View Project Detail
256051150530 30-May-2015 Belize 0 solid waste management project ii View Project Detail
365051150519 19-May-2015 Belize 0 belize marine conservation and climate adaptation project View Project Detail
2002018140530 30-May-2014 Belize US$ 1250 Planning grant to develop a proposal that will create livelihood opportunities for residents of Por View Project Detail
2001918140530 30-May-2014 Belize US$ 12000 The goal of the project is to demonstrate to the surrounding communities of the Rio Bravo Conservat View Project Detail
2001818140530 30-May-2014 Belize US$ 5000 Improve the welfare of coastal fishing communities and increase conservation, protection and sustai View Project Detail
2059118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 39883 The primary goal of the proposed project is to empower communities to take management responsibilit View Project Detail
2060118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 48000 Although the CBS-WCG has had notable achievements in biodiversity, conservation, and sustained comm View Project Detail
2000918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 1250 Planning Grant to prepare project aimed at implementing the National Biodiversity Strategy and Acti View Project Detail
2133918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 Sarteneja, a traditional fishing community on the coast of Belize, is considered one of the primary View Project Detail
2134018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 45000 This project addresses two related problems: the decline of commercial fishing stocks in and around View Project Detail
2134118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 The goal of this COMPACT project is: To increase effectiveness of sustainable marine resource use m View Project Detail
2134218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 45500 The overall goal of this project is to empower northern fishing communities for economic and social View Project Detail
2134318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 This project is designed to improve the effectiveness of conservation and sustainable use initiativ View Project Detail
2134418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 The goal of the project is to enhance the sustainable development of the Community Baboon Sanctuary View Project Detail
2134518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 The project goal, to invest in a secure economic future through livelihood diversification in Sarte View Project Detail
2134618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 The goal of the project is to build the capacity of key stakeholder Communities of the Belize Barri View Project Detail
2134718140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 46972 The project is aimed at developing the capacity of TASTE in its role as co-manager of the SCMR. Thr View Project Detail
2134818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 The STGA seeks to strengthen its capacity to promote Sarteneja s tourism potential, and facilitate View Project Detail
2134918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 47750 The landfall of Hurricane Dean along the East Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on 21 August 2007 resu View Project Detail
2135018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 : To create sustainable livelihoods in Toledo for fishing families. Specific Objectives: To empower View Project Detail
2135118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 3015 The goal of the project is to enhance the sustainable use and management of environmental resources View Project Detail
2135218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 5000 PLANNING GRANT: 1) USES: To conduct consultations with village residents including leaders in seven View Project Detail
2135318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 10000 The Objective of this project is to promote awareness of the need to conserve biodiversity. This wi View Project Detail
2135418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 10000 The goal of the project is to raise awareness about biodiversity through the coordination and promo View Project Detail
2135518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 40000 The purpose of this project is to produce a publication targeted at policy makers, fishermen, tour View Project Detail
2135618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 3100 The propose grant will enable the Toledo Maya Women s Council (TMWC) in partnership with Rio Blanco View Project Detail
2135718140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 25000 The goal of the project is to conserve the biodiversity within the Five Blues Lake National Park. T View Project Detail
2135818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38560.95 The goal of the project is to contribute to the sustainable management of biodiversity and sustaina View Project Detail
2135918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38100 The goal of this project is to help conserve the biodiversity of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve Sy View Project Detail
2136018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 49775 The Antillean or West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) is native to the western tropical View Project Detail
2136118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 49798 The project is aimed at supporting community-based biodiversity conservation through human and tech View Project Detail
2136218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 48750 The goal of this project is to build community linkages and alternative livelihood opportunities wi View Project Detail
2136318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 505 Planning grant to develop a proposal to provide traps, shades, and training to the active members o View Project Detail
2136418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 646.46 Planning grant to develop a proposal that seeks to collect baseline data on changes in numbers and View Project Detail
2136518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 934.34 Planning grant to develop a project to demonstrate to the traditional users of the Belize Barrier R View Project Detail
2136618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 1263 Planning grant to develop a proposal that proposes to train fifteen (15) fishermen from the five co View Project Detail
2136718140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 25253 It is the group s main objective to protect and conserve the Mayflower area and to promote local co View Project Detail
2136818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 20000 The principal goal of this project is to empower the local community of Medina Bank, and specifical View Project Detail
2136918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 32758 The aim of this project is to develop sound mechanisms for invoving 8 comuunities in the actual lon View Project Detail
2137018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 40000 The goal of this project is to Strengthen STACA s technical, institutional and functional capacity View Project Detail
2137118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 25012.38 The goal of this project is to create livelihood opportunities for stakeholders of the Moho River W View Project Detail
2137218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 47750 Hurricane Dean which made landfall along the East Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on 21 August 2007 View Project Detail
2137318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 18383.84 The overall goal of this project proposal, in terms of the COMPACT Project Strategy , is to support View Project Detail
2137418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 1263 Planning grant to devleop a proposal to provide environmental education about the Sapodilla Cayes M View Project Detail
2137518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 40404.04 The project will increase the capacity of the Sibun Watershed Association (SWA) to identify and add View Project Detail
2137618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 1010 Planning grant to develop a proposal to enhance on-going work to 1) co-manage Spanish Creek Wildlif View Project Detail
2137718140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50505.05 The objective is to develop a strategy that will demonstrate constructive ways of involving Belizea View Project Detail
2137818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38100 The project goal is to conserve the forests and the biodiversity in and around the Cockscomb Basin View Project Detail
2137918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 25253 The proposed project is in support of a Belize Indigenous Training Institute (BITI) medicinal plant View Project Detail
2138018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38990 Laughing Bird Caye National Park is utilized for activities such as tourism, recreation and researc View Project Detail
2138118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38250 The goal of this project is to increase the effectiveness of conservation NGOs and CBOs for improve View Project Detail
2138218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 37150 Port Honduras, a one hundred sixty square mile marine reserve designated in 2000, makes up the coas View Project Detail
2138318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 6250 Friends for Conservation and Development is a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Belize, View Project Detail
2138418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 6250 The Programme for Belize (PfB), established in 1988, is a well-established non-profit, non-governme View Project Detail
2138518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 44729.50 The Sarteneja Fishermen Association (SFA) is a community-based membership organization, with a memb View Project Detail
2138618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 46845 An important part of SEA s mission is to create stewardship and improve the management of the three View Project Detail
2138718140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 12560 The project addressed a wide range of interrelated activities. It provided support for manatee and View Project Detail
2138818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 7121.20 This project is designed to enable the World Heritage Site Sub-Committee/COMPACT Local Consultative View Project Detail
2138918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50505.05 The objective of this project is to engage the stakeholders in a process that will empower them to View Project Detail
2139018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 The goal of the Strengthening of the Beekeeping Industry in Toledo project is to conserve biodivers View Project Detail
2139118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 5000 The purpose of the planning grant is to complete a preliminary market study, research workshop cost View Project Detail
2139218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 11100 The project s objectives are to: 1. Enhance the support of research, data gathering and the prepara View Project Detail
2139318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 30500 The goal of the project is to conduct an environmental education programme targeting the villagers View Project Detail
2139418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 19022.50 The Community Stewards Project Next Steps Initiative will continue to empower and support 12 Commun View Project Detail
2139518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 27463 The goal of the project is to install permanent reef moorings to reduce anchor damage in areas of t View Project Detail
2139618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 14204 The objectives of the project are: 1. To protect the Aguacaliente Lagoon as a critical habitat for View Project Detail
2139718140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 24782 The main purpose of the proposal is to promote the development of St. Margaret s Village through th View Project Detail
2139818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 30962 Although the Port Honduras Marine Reserve (PHMR) is not currently a part of the Belize Barrier Reef View Project Detail
2139918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 26040 To create an awareness of conservation measures in the fishing industry by training fishermen in th View Project Detail
2140018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 49864 This project focuses on developing coordinated strategies, mechanisms, and collaborative partnershi View Project Detail
2140118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 45900 The Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve is a part of the BBRRS-WHS and the effective management of this View Project Detail
2140218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 5761.50 This proposal focuses on raising awareness of issues related to the traditional fishing sector and View Project Detail
2140318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 2500 The goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of the residents of Aguacate village through View Project Detail
2140418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 6250 Belize (SHI Belize) came into existence in 1999, following the expansion of its mother organization View Project Detail
2140518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 41288 The primary goal of this project is to increase appreciation, awareness and stewardship of the natu View Project Detail
2140618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 6250 The Belize Audubon Society (BAS) is the oldest environmental non-governmental organization in Beliz View Project Detail
2140718140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 49357.50 This project will demonstrate that the Flowers Bank Community can, on a sustainable basis, secure t View Project Detail
2140818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 19192 The goal of the project is to implement a mass manatee conservation education campaign and surveill View Project Detail
2140918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38283 The highly endangered Scarlet Macaw, which has recently been determined to be a subspecies quite di View Project Detail
2141018140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50505.05 This project seeks to conduct a management audit and needs assessment for each protected area withi View Project Detail
2141118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38450 This project seeks to capitalize on the thriving tourism industry in Hopkins and need for preservat View Project Detail
2141218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 1263 Planning grant to develop a proposal to strengthen the institutional capacity of Itzamna Society to View Project Detail
2141318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 39957.50 The goal of this project is to build the administrative and financial capacity of the TTGA to enabl View Project Detail
2141418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 49990 This proposal, Working Towards the Sustainable Management of the Commercial Fisheries Resources of View Project Detail
2069218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 1263 Planning grant to develope a proposal to strengthen the management of the Community Baboon Sanctuar View Project Detail
2066118140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38514 Toledo District is a special place, ecologically and culturally distinct within Belize and Central View Project Detail
2068818140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 38425 The CBS was establish in 1985 as a private protected area to protect one of the few, healthy popula View Project Detail
2056218140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 50000 The Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve (SCMR) consists of 14 named cayes and two unnamed ephemeral isla View Project Detail
2062418140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 36441.92 The Rancho Dolores Environmental and Development Group is a newly registered community based organi View Project Detail
2063618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 33851 During the community consultations carried out with the GEF/SGP planning grant it was observed that View Project Detail
2063918140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 30964 The Zoo proposes a program of school visits, including the presentation of a specially developed pr View Project Detail
2012318140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 39909.93 The goal of this COMPACT project is to increase awareness of the marine environment of the BBRRS-WH View Project Detail
2141518140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 46624 This proposal titled Expanding Awareness: Education for the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve and Beli View Project Detail
2141618140515 15-May-2014 Belize US$ 1600 The Sarteneja Fishermen Association (SFA) wishes to apply for a grant to assist in the development View Project Detail

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