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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
490051150609 09-Jun-2015 Benin 0 benin emergency urban env. 2nd add. fin. View Project Detail
220051150609 09-Jun-2015 Benin 0 benin emergency urban env. 2nd add. fin. View Project Detail
289051150519 19-May-2015 Benin 0 investment grant for the access to electricity in the atlantique province in benin View Project Detail
2006318140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 36000 The problem I observed and environmental risks in the town of s Ifangni result in: (1) the destruct View Project Detail
2000818140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 47000 The town is Agonv has the resources ( flora and fauna ) are overexploited by icts population , Malt View Project Detail
2001018140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 25000 Strong pressure is conducted on trees by people to manufacture wood d work which is sold outside th View Project Detail
2000318140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 47000 The rural solar electrification d project consists of training of rural women b ninoises my solar s View Project Detail
2003318140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 24000 Project s remarks part of pr the villages of Togbin Avl k t situ biodiversity preservation in a wet View Project Detail
2006118140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 27000 Withholding water from N Dali-centre is part d a set d infrastructure install es in the ann 1990s b View Project Detail
2006218140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 28000 The studies diagnostic men are in the municipality of Tori Bossito r slow v that the commune is ful View Project Detail
2003418140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 30000 The galloping population growth and the rapid multiplication of laundries and bookstores in major c View Project Detail
2006418140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 45000 Promotion of biogas project domestic for cooking and lighting in l district of Hou do, common d Abo View Project Detail
2007018140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 25000 Defence and land reclamation project poor s mucuna database part of the modernization of l agricult View Project Detail
2007118140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 27000 With s difficult faced by the communities based in their daily struggle for development d, they d d View Project Detail
2005518140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 28000 D pressure of Lama is essentially constitutional e d black green-soil clay. What are soils having a View Project Detail
2000718140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 40000 The pr share of this project is Increasing the knowledge of the people of the village Adour koman s View Project Detail
2003018140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 24733 The pr feel l am development project of for t e s of the village Kik l in the commune of Bassila. I View Project Detail
2006718140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 23000 The agroecosystem my mangroves are home to a wide spectrum of diversity biological v g tale and ani View Project Detail
2000518140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 The conservation of biodiversity by r clearance of the land in the e vall de rivi re B ffa (tributa View Project Detail
2006918140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 30000 The project focuses on the question of the d degradation of the natural environment which is due us View Project Detail
2002818140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 50000 Due climate change l mission of gases greenhouse through renewable energy and d land in our s local View Project Detail
2005118140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 28000 Vegetables l contribute more of internal security food and nutrition of the urban populations and r View Project Detail
2005418140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 30000 Suffering me environmental central S - AVA is the pollution of Lake NOKOU and rivi re S. Then we ca View Project Detail
2000918140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 40000 The degradation of the mangroves d is ph name do g n achieved in the poor countries of the world an View Project Detail
2002518140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 The high production of palm oil in the commune of Sak t n is not without consequence on the biologi View Project Detail
2006018140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 30000 B nin, mara ch re production constitutes a significant employment in urban environments, p roadbed View Project Detail
2002718140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 22485 Each year, a quantity excessive d chemical inputs is e used by the dear mara; These products create View Project Detail
2004918140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 L shaft karit is a natural resource of North B nin d great importance in the life social, cultural View Project Detail
2000618140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 PROBLEMS - matic : Sustainable Site cascades Tanougou Actors - cl s : Farmers, Artisans, Divers , G View Project Detail
2006818140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 17000 Wood is the main source of d e energy used by the majority of the population of our country, the ni View Project Detail
2001118140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 30000 D an fa is g n rale b nin, the notions of protection and safeguard the environment or biological di View Project Detail
2002618140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 29000 Avec les difficult s que rencontre les communaut s la base dans leur gigantesque combat de d velopp View Project Detail
2000018140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 37000 In l Atacora, almost all of the population (98%) lives mainly from rural activities. The strong pro View Project Detail
2002918140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 The low e vall Mono, the lagoon c ti re, mouth of Roy and the lagoon Gbaga extending west to Togo f View Project Detail
2005318140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 40000 Main natural resources of the nin in g n ral B and the community areas of conservation of the biolo View Project Detail
2000418140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 49998 L one of the challenges for a sustainable development d is the protection of biological diversity a View Project Detail
2003518140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 24616 The project is n of the will of the people to face the problem me r current from the degradation of View Project Detail
2006518140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 11243 L inventory of problems my POPs to the nin r v B s li the:-risk of contamination of populations by View Project Detail
2006618140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 The handicap is a sant situation that affects the birth or l adulthood accidentally or by disease s View Project Detail
2008318140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 40000 Today the environment is increasingly threatened. One of the more aggravating factors is the use of View Project Detail
2008418140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 22485 The for Igbodja t is part of the rare forest heritage still intact. Its proximity with the for ts c View Project Detail
2005018140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 50000 The program of Micro Financing Fund l Global Environment Facility (SGP/GEF) is par excellence the b View Project Detail
2005218140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 In the region or m - r Plateau, high pressure fonci re due the high of the population densit is con View Project Detail
2002418140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 35000 The submitted draft of which a portion of the funding is assur by l European Union through the PSCC View Project Detail
2000218140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 24685 Effects s combin increasingly harsh climatic conditions and the saturation of agricultural land in View Project Detail
2003218140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 30000 The Allada-Z - Toffo area contains a multitude of neighborhoods pr caires filled sustainable sani View Project Detail
2005918140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 25000 The population of district in the municipality of Grand Popo Adjaha d s devoted hunting with dogs d View Project Detail
2000118140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 49924 In public R B nin, 75% of domestic energy are s assur by the wood and 14% by charcoal (DSA, 1992). View Project Detail
2003118140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 40000 D despite these many s potentialit to plan energy solar tick, the rate of electrification of the ni View Project Detail
2005618140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 22485 The submitted project "restoration of l agroecosystem, reforestation of watersheds and the banks of View Project Detail
2005718140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 28000 The situation in the e of the Niger River vall, area border between public B nin and Niger R, is es View Project Detail
2005818140517 17-May-2014 Benin US$ 30000 Palm oil non s selected observer typically high densit in agrarian landscapes of the common d Aplah View Project Detail
2008118131213 13-Dec-2013 Benin Not Specified EDF Specific studies and technical assistance to improve transport services on the Benin/Niger rout View Project Detail
2013218131130 30-Nov-2013 Benin Not Specified EDF Specific road studies within the transport sector in Benin View Project Detail
2001618131109 09-Nov-2013 Benin Not Specified EDF Preparation of the tender dossier and supervision services for the construction and equipment o View Project Detail
2002418130926 26-Sep-2013 Benin Not Specified EDF Technical assistance for the project to support good economic governance View Project Detail
839018130124 24-Jan-2013 Benin 0 EIB - Owners engineer for the implementation of the (CLSG) interconnection project View Project Detail
290118121101 01-Nov-2012 Benin 0 EDF overseeing and inspecting rehabilitation work on the national interstate road View Project Detail
9065318120905 05-Sep-2012 Benin 0 EDF supply of equipment for fitting out the datacenter View Project Detail
393816120518 18-May-2012 Benin 0 EDF supply of computer and office equipment for the good governance joint support project in the f View Project Detail
267516120511 11-May-2012 Benin 0 EDF contract for technical assistance to the Ministry of Decentralisation Local Governance Adminis View Project Detail

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