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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
406051150624 24-Jun-2015 Pakistan 0 sindh barrages improvement project View Project Detail
397051150624 24-Jun-2015 Pakistan 0 rehabilitation of guddu barrage View Project Detail
340051150612 12-Jun-2015 Pakistan 0 construction of a 2 to 2.5mtpa cement production plant View Project Detail
477051150609 09-Jun-2015 Pakistan 0 disaster and climate resilience improvement project View Project Detail
298051150521 21-May-2015 Pakistan 0 karot hydro - early disclosure View Project Detail
404051150518 18-May-2015 Pakistan 0 punjab skills development View Project Detail
374051150518 18-May-2015 Pakistan 0 rainee canal project View Project Detail
391051150518 18-May-2015 Pakistan 0 neelum jhelum hydroelectric project View Project Detail
2000218150427 27-Apr-2015 Pakistan Not Specified The project comprises of a senior loan, with a tenor of up to 10 years, of up to US$150 million to View Project Detail
2000318150421 21-Apr-2015 Pakistan Not Specified The proposed project comprises a common equity investment of up to US$75 million in Habib Bank Limi View Project Detail
2000618150420 20-Apr-2015 Pakistan EUR 2237182.00 The Project activities will be carried out in three stages: Assessment, Design and Implementation a View Project Detail
2003418140922 22-Sep-2014 Pakistan $ 3776800 The focus is on sustainable market development achieved by addressing fundamental barriers to marke View Project Detail
2051918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 SUKHI s objective is to work in poverty alleviation enhancement through different interventions foc View Project Detail
2052018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49671 Objective 1: To document and highlight the extent of Trash fishing in the area in relation to the S View Project Detail
2052118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 42057 In the absence of adequate urban mass transport systems in Pakistan, three wheeler rickshaws and mi View Project Detail
2050918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 1682 The project aims to set the frameworks, institutions and systems in place for protection and manage View Project Detail
2051018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 42731 The areas of lower Indus Delta including Badin is facing serious problem of deforestation. There we View Project Detail
2216618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 14857.53 Ali Pur Farash, has been selected to install a pilot system. Although, Ali Pur Farash is located in View Project Detail
2216718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 24957 The proposed project relates to promotion of community based eco-tourism for conservation of Khewra View Project Detail
2216818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 5584 ABES Teacher Empowerment Centre will publish its quarterly magazine School Dost as the project acti View Project Detail
2206518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49981 The overall objectives of the project To Establish a yard for the manufacturing of 300,000 Compress View Project Detail
2206618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 41810.70 Project contributes to the operational program 9 of SGP on Integrated Land and Water multiple focal View Project Detail
2206718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 46933 A collaboration for rescuing stranded river dolphin from Punjab to Sindh. The project will establis View Project Detail
2206818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 822 RCOO proposes to start an Environment Conservation and Urban Forestry Program for this area, by int View Project Detail
2051118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 31844 Protection, conservation and sustainable use of key species, Ibex and Urial through community parti View Project Detail
2051218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 1652.89 Project objectives: Planning grant for developing a proposal Activities to be carried out under pro View Project Detail
2051318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 Project objectives: 1. To establish an Community Based Umbrella Training Station conserving the Bio View Project Detail
2051418140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 16399 Incremental Housing Development Scheme, KKB-3 for low-income people on 60 acres of land is a part o View Project Detail
2051518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 4580.31 Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in size (approximately 350,000 sq. km) but smallest View Project Detail
2051618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 8158 The project is located in Jhangar valley Punjab. The duration of the project is one year and alread View Project Detail
2051718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 2589 Jamia Qamar ul Islam Trust is operating a religious institution, which imparts religious education View Project Detail
2051818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49617.41 Margallah Hills National Park (MHNP) was established in 1980 for protection, conservation and manag View Project Detail
2203818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 9777 Caritas Pakistan is working for the total human development at the gross root level. Mission of Car View Project Detail
2200518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 Thatta District is one of the focus districts of UNDP GEF SGP Pakistan for 2006-2009. The proposed View Project Detail
2200618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 24805 The Dera Ghazi Khan is located in a strip between the river Indus and the Koh-Suleman range of moun View Project Detail
2200718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 5603 The location of the project is in the suburbs of Sanghar city, mainly concentrating on ten villages View Project Detail
2200818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 12220 Reduction in green house gases emissions leading to global warming and conservation of scarce fores View Project Detail
2203918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 1512 To develop project proposal for providing irrigation facility for reforesting the community land. P View Project Detail
2204018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 1732 The main objective in launching this project is to ensure that the Green and Olive Ridley Turtles, View Project Detail
2204118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 32598 The project is an emissions reduction project by enhancing the efficiency of biomass fuel utilisati View Project Detail
2204218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 27720 Hudiara drain originates from Batala (District Gurdaspur - East India, Punjab) and after being join View Project Detail
2204318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 227 To aware the NGOs and CBOs of air pollution and assist them in developing proposal for GEF/SGP fund View Project Detail
2204418140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 4000 The first Provincial grantee NGO workshop, this event launched GEF/SGP in Punjab to a widespread pu View Project Detail
2204518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 2963.11 Planning grant was approved to develop a comprehensive project project. The location of the project View Project Detail
2204618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 5506 Several innovative projects have been supported by UNDP`s GEF Small Grants Program that have potent View Project Detail
2200918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49939 Project Objective and Proposed Activity Nature of the proposed activity Building Energy Efficient H View Project Detail
2201018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49875 To promote wise use of water resources and adopt watershed management techniques to recharge the gr View Project Detail
2201118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 7925 GEF - SGP and ESCORTS have been working partners since 1995. ESCORTS Foundationh has credibility in View Project Detail
2201218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49949 Pakistan has been divided into 10 agro-ecological zones (AEZs): Indus Delta, southern irrigated pla View Project Detail
2201318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 45449 There are various pests such as mites, whitefly, fruitfly, leaf miners, borers, termite, San Jose s View Project Detail
2201418140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 32201 INTRODUCTION 1. Tirah Valley, the project area is situated in Khyber Agency of FATA. The project ar View Project Detail
2201518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 22769.38 Activities proposed in the project are mainly focus on forestation, conservation and rehabilitation View Project Detail
2204718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 the city generates approximately 400 MT per day of solid waste. It is also estimated that not more View Project Detail
2204818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 2017 To develop a project proposal by involving local communities for the conservation of Baluchistan Bl View Project Detail
2204918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 36852.66 The project aims to address the issue of pollution load of the Hudiara Drain. It envisages a strong View Project Detail
2201618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 14286 The project aims to provide training in social forestry at community level to NGOs and CBOs, to dem View Project Detail
2201718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 22979 Objective 1: Promotion of Energy Efficient Technologies through installation of communal solar ligh View Project Detail
2201818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 41855 To mobilize community to protect wildlife and promote sustainable use of wildlife resources. The pr View Project Detail
2201918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 24094 In Pakistan there are 130 districts, the district Badin is most backward area declared by governmen View Project Detail
2205018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 45400 To promote eco-tourism in Potohar region and train locals as tourists. The project envisages to ach View Project Detail
2205118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 2177 The society is a community organization. It is a cooperative society of women. SEWA Ladies Cooperat View Project Detail
2205218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 453 To evaluate the activities of Social forestry project (PAK/94/01) implemented by OPP through GEF/SG View Project Detail
2205318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 3679 To promote tree plantation in urban areas by mobilizing students.Arboriculture has become very nece View Project Detail
2205418140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 24000 To document the process and key lessons emerging from (a) Conservation of Biological Diviersity wit View Project Detail
2205518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 29500 Project operation area is District Umerkot, lower Sindh, which is situated partially in desert of o View Project Detail
2205618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 21177 The coastal areas of Sindh Province, and its people, are highly challenged by poverty and environme View Project Detail
2202018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 The project will demonstrate that learning through the element of environment brings about an inter View Project Detail
2202118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 6987 Immediate objectives are I) combating land erosion (due to change in river course) ii) conversation View Project Detail
2202218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 46724 Overall goal of the project is to conserve biodiversity, arrest land degradation and reduce polluti View Project Detail
2209518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49371.90 Indus Development Organization (I.D.O) is non-government, non-for-profit organization founded by so View Project Detail
2209618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 12030 The project aims at identification of medicinal plants and their ethnobotanical use and promoting w View Project Detail
2209718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 48041.68 The overall objective of the proposed project is to conserve energy and reduce poverty by means of View Project Detail
2205718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 2796 CPO proposes to start an Environment Conservation and Urban Forestry Program programme for this are View Project Detail
2205818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 Project objectives: To promote alternate lighting solutions to the fishermen community of Taulka Ja View Project Detail
2205918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 37523 The proposed project aims to achieve improved health status, increased protection of forest and enh View Project Detail
2202318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 12364 Project objective is to reduce green house gas emissions leading to global warming. Activities to b View Project Detail
2202418140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 23801 The project aims at checking global warming by promoting sustainable energy consumption patterns an View Project Detail
2202518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49357.28 Overall objectives of the project To establish an innovative and technology based Brick kiln in Dis View Project Detail
2209818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 32524 Objective 1: Increasing water holding capacity of Chorhady lake through rehabilitation of banks. Ac View Project Detail
2209918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 822 The project will help conserve the overall environment of the village Kot Mohammad Amir. It will al View Project Detail
2210018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 39923 The proposed intervention would reduce the usage of fuel wood, improve indoor air quality, health o View Project Detail
2210118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 22353.50 The proposed intervention will be supportive to reforestation and decrease environment degradation View Project Detail
2210218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 17541 The project is designed to develop educational and training materials in Urdu for GEF/SGP partners View Project Detail
2202618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49976 Project objectives: 2. Enhance ecologically sound planning, management and implementation skills of View Project Detail
2202718140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 53333 The snake bitten patients do not get any immediate treatment and usually die on the spot. If some l View Project Detail
2202818140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 The project aims to reduce stress on the Indus delta water body through successful demonstration of View Project Detail
2206018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 2000 To prepare a comprehensive project proposal for the promotion and demonstration of appropriate buil View Project Detail
2206118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 1333.33 Narreri Lagoon Situated at extreme proximity of sea, a land of about 16000 acres surrounded a delta View Project Detail
2206218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 25586 Our organization has planned to plant 15000 plants on an area of 65 acres. Neem, Baber will be main View Project Detail
2206318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 11317 As there exists a market failure in context of Viral Hepatitis hence the main victims of the diseas View Project Detail
2206418140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 48249 Project Objective The primary objective of the project is to develop sustainable programs and activ View Project Detail
2210318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 50000 Project objectives: Over all objectives of the project will be: Reduction in green house gas emissi View Project Detail
2210418140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 2287 Youth Commission For Human Rights was organized by a group of young University graduates in Septemb View Project Detail
2210518140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 6667 The objectives of the project centered around increasing the capacity of individuals and NGO s to i View Project Detail
2210618140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 31994.33 The overall objectives of the proposed project are: 1. To conduct Baseline of 20 Villages in order View Project Detail
2202918140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49905.48 The project mainly focuses on involving communities in conservation, rehabilitation and re-plantati View Project Detail
2203018140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 10458 The project is mainly located in the Jhangar Valley, Peshawar. The Population and other biotic pres View Project Detail
2203118140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 28840 Using Street theater, the project will mobilize farmers for rational use of pesticides and will cre View Project Detail
2203218140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 20003 The proposed intervention will be supportive to reforestation and decrease environment degradation View Project Detail
2203318140519 19-May-2014 Pakistan US$ 49132 Pakistan is faced multi-dimensional problems from worst form environmental degradation to ever risi View Project Detail

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