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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
444051150708 08-Jul-2015 Costa Rica 0 nama support project (nsp) low-emission coffee costa rica View Project Detail
397051150703 03-Jul-2015 Costa Rica 0 zero emissions strategy View Project Detail
344051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 reaching for scale: integrating red pilots into public policy View Project Detail
348051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 support for institutionalizing technology assessment in health in costa rica View Project Detail
353051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 improving governmental implementation of main priorities View Project Detail
362051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 banco bac san jose msme financing partnership View Project Detail
365051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 border integration program of costa rica View Project Detail
333051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 sustainable management of ecosystem`s services View Project Detail
337051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 program of renewable energy, transmission and distribution View Project Detail
2001918150411 11-Apr-2015 Costa Rica Not Specified The proposed investment (the "Project") consists of a $10 million loan to Mutual Cartago de Ahorro View Project Detail
2003918140916 17-Sep-2014 Costa Rica Not Specified The project consists of a loan of up to US$50 million to Banco Davivienda (Costa Rica), S.A. (the " View Project Detail
2007418140530 30-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1000 Planning Grant: Strengthening the Environmental Association Pejibaye View Project Detail
2032818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20070 Tourism Association and development of production unique York Org n, is located in the Talamanca, d View Project Detail
2027518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 16840 The watershed Foundation of Lim n (FCL) was legally established in Costa Rica in 1997 (Ced. Jur dic View Project Detail
2027618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19954 The Association for the protection of forests and watersheds (ASEPROBOSCU) will fund a or 2005. The View Project Detail
2027718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 To help mitigate the problems of unemployment, poverty, loss of land, imbalances of the agroecosite View Project Detail
2030318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The strengthening of the work of environmental Opinion project aims to raise awareness, educate, an View Project Detail
2030418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 4700 This website arises in Spanish to give service to organizations, institutions and academies in Lati View Project Detail
2030518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 3000 This project has as its primary objective to bring together in an espaico of Schwaiger n decision m View Project Detail
2028718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 INTRIGUE develops its activities in the n Baja and Alta Talamanca region, an area of high wealth bi View Project Detail
2028818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 3000 The Association of neighbors of Lorena Santa Cruz, founded in 1996, has been leading a process with View Project Detail
2028918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 The project is located within the buffer zone of the reserve of the La Amistad biosphere, which hou View Project Detail
2029018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Association of eros mixed n Piang Purruja ( APIAPU ) Constitute is in the 1998 consolidated ran View Project Detail
2029118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Association for the sustainable development of the region n n quantum Atl ( ASIREA ) founded in View Project Detail
2027818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The territory ind Ujarr gena s account for the most part with forest cover, this for reasons of cha View Project Detail
2027918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 By m s 14 years Yiski has been generating written, to date information four texts and works educati View Project Detail
2030618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 13000 The overall objective of the project is the realization of twelve regional meetings, covering the w View Project Detail
2030718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19485 The Ind gena Cab territory Chirrip car is cre in the or through the law 6172 1976. It has an extens View Project Detail
2030818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Proposed by the Association of producers of Cedral, specifically the administration of the Presiden View Project Detail
2032918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 17871 This project aims to reforest 66 has protected Rea (sec n forestry law No. 7575) in collaboration w View Project Detail
2033018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 8589 The high frequency of forest fires in this region, in the few dry, undermine the acu fero Sardinal, View Project Detail
2033118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1000 donation for the planning of a project. View Project Detail
2033218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Organic Producers Association of Base Stone of San Rafael North P rez Zeled n , was created jur View Project Detail
2033318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 955 conformation of a cooperative community autogesti n directed by Young, to strengthen the organizati View Project Detail
2033418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 5000 Environmental Review is born in the wake of the perceived need to inform the population about the C View Project Detail
2029218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Fishing in Golfo Dulce is registered trademark of pre - Columbian times , When the king ind Borucas View Project Detail
2029318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 In the n cant , there is human materials and a substantial businesses part of the means of producti View Project Detail
2029418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 23000 This project aims to support the efforts of a group of 18 families in the community of Santa Elena View Project Detail
2033518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 17845 The Association of Producers and Piedra Buena Vista Rivas , who was born in 1992 as an informal gro View Project Detail
2033618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 In the year 1991 ASOFEP born, addressing the need for the community to seek sources of income. The View Project Detail
2030918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 11000 The main objective of this project is to contribute to knowledge and education about the biodiversi View Project Detail
2031018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1400 He is created with the aim of designing and putting into implementation of the new web site of the View Project Detail
2031118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20060 The Association of Integral Development of the District of Biolley (ADI), together with the Council View Project Detail
2031218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Since we started with ten masters butterfly project in mind expand our services to visitors we grad View Project Detail
2031318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Improvement project quality Product Tur stico Calateas House is focused on expanding the capacity , View Project Detail
2035218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The sustainable development of Rural San Jos, (ADESSARU) Association has as main site prop "Contrib View Project Detail
2035318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The conservationist community Association of Rural tourism (Act) is an association formed by organi View Project Detail
2035418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 26000 This project is presented by the ROASTED Maderal community organization formed in the or 2000 to pr View Project Detail
2035518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 24250 The project consists of two areas: the prevention and control n and extinction of forest fires, atr View Project Detail
2035618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 For 8 years, has worked ASEPALECO coordinated and collaboratively with communities and public and p View Project Detail
2033718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The premise posed by PPD / GEF : people will have the ability to protect its natural resources when View Project Detail
2033818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 7619 The project aims to contribute to the conservation of natural resources and protection of the biodi View Project Detail
2033918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Rescuing traditional native seed crops that are in far extenci n due to the effects of the Green Re View Project Detail
2034018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The project on the establishment and consolidation of the Local Council and support the implementat View Project Detail
2029518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 25000 High rates of deforestation Achieved Between 1950 and 1980 to you in Costa Rica , led a process of View Project Detail
2029618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 This project seeks to establish the infrastructure and conditions b SICAS to promote economic activ View Project Detail
2029718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 22615 Management of primary forest with n reproduction of ornamental and medicinal plants, timber harvest View Project Detail
2029818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 The community of South Turrubares where the group ECOSUR is located , is the broker Biol logical Pa View Project Detail
2035718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 High rates of deforestation reached between 1950 and 1980 to you in Costa Rica led to a process of View Project Detail
2035818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 2770 Costa Rica has an extraordinary opportunity for social development, with 97% of SME type businesses View Project Detail
2035918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19994 APPTA is an organization registered in the Register PUBLIC, section of associations in File 2930, w View Project Detail
2031418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 5991 The Comprehensive Development of Rural Area of the Gulf of Nicoya is a program interfaculty Nationa View Project Detail
2031518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 9125 The approach socio Economic and current socio-environmental basin R or Tempisque, does not favor a View Project Detail
2031618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 training, accompaniment and support to the Guaymi ind gena Book group in the Region of Conte Burica View Project Detail
2031718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19783 This project seeks Conservation and protection of forest h dricos and resources of the area, and im View Project Detail
2031818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 5000 The Foundation Friends of the University for Peace is a non - governmental, private and non-profit View Project Detail
2004718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The community of port Jes s is located in the District of La Mansi n, cant n of Nicoya, Guanacaste View Project Detail
2008518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19906 The Project is located in the Ind Book gena Boruca , Province of Puntarenas , Cant n of Buenos Aire View Project Detail
2008618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20590 Objetivo General: Proteger 750 has de bosque en territorios Indigenas, gestionando para elllo el ot View Project Detail
2037718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1000 No donation for project planning to run on Drake Plans for community management of the Biological R View Project Detail
2037818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 16282 The Case of the Mangrove Association of Playa Blanca, La Palma de Jim nez (ASOMANGLE) Association i View Project Detail
2037918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 10000 AFAPROSUR, is a non-profit, 218 covered the law, operating since January 1999 and personer to jur d View Project Detail
2031918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The project is located in the community of Bijagua, Within the buffer zone of the Tenorio Volcano N View Project Detail
2032018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Project Development of Productive Chains Rural Community Tourism in Juanilama Pocosol as a stra View Project Detail
2032118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 8430 As a concern of the need for job opportunities the idea of ecotourism management waterfall, located View Project Detail
2032218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 22000 In 1997 a group of women from the community were organized Biolley with the challenge of fighting t View Project Detail
2032318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20051 In the area of Tortuguero Conservation great efforts are being made to mitigate the p loss of natur View Project Detail
2034118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 The northern area of the Valle de El General, including the highlands of the foothills of the Talam View Project Detail
2034218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Association has among its sites Chirrip prop: To promote the organization and development of wo View Project Detail
2034318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 10000 The project aims at obtaining revenue for the purchase of fabrics and other materials required by i View Project Detail
2034418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 16218 The artisan women Association Ecol gica naci makes three to you as an organized a group of womens r View Project Detail
2034518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 25000 This project is presented by the Association Pro aqueduct of the community of sweet name of San Mat View Project Detail
2034618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 150029.64 This project proposes the development and execution of a series of activities with pa s vision to r View Project Detail
2034718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 15.70 The project aims t tulo: decrease the degradation of the land in the basin of the Jes s sea to thro View Project Detail
2038018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 4547 A trav s project is to build a digester in the pigsty to reduce pollution from wastewater n and n f View Project Detail
2038118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20729.16 ASOPROFOR is composed mainly of women organization that was formed 12 years ago to improve the cond View Project Detail
2038218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 6108 The main prop site of this project aims to strengthen the project of the Association of Progressive View Project Detail
2038318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 50000 Since its inception in 1993 to date, as Peque Program Grants in Costa Rica has financed about 500 p View Project Detail
2038418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 The project infrastructure for visitors attention na improve, and and members of the Association to View Project Detail
2038518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 11000 The project seeks to initiate a comprehensive environmental recovery n Bah to the Ballena Marine Na View Project Detail
2038618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 17227 The Association of Women for Environmental Services, Agriculture and Microenterprise Find Las Pavas View Project Detail
2036018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The project aims to facilitate the consolidation of the Movement of Farmers Org mechanics in Costa View Project Detail
2036118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 2000 The green iguana has been traditionally used by the community as a food base for the manufacturing View Project Detail
2036218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Arenal Conservation area Tempisque has great environmental wealth , represented by primary fore View Project Detail
2036318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 14380 The main objective of the project is the improvement and control of environmental degradation to tr View Project Detail
2036418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 23735 The community of Monte Rey is formed by about 31 families, for a total of approximately 130 people. View Project Detail
2036518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19708 The main objective of the association is to reduce the use of synthetic ticos agroqu monkeys causin View Project Detail
2038718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 50000 Since its inception in 1993 to date, the program Peque as Gifts in Costa Rica has financed about 45 View Project Detail
2038818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1000 This project will be implemented in the bottom of the Black Microcuenca Rio Coto Brus cant n. This View Project Detail
2038918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Implement a Community initiative for Conservation and sustainable use of extractive natural resourc View Project Detail

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